Bob Reina Spreads His Vision To Change Lives

Bob Reina, CEO & Founder of Talk Fusion, has always followed one simple statement his whole life. With great success comes greater responsibility. He has let this statement govern his entire life, and now that he is the head of a very successful business, he’s able to do more than ever.

Reina got his start as a police officer, a place he used his compassion to always see the best in people. When trying to send a video email one day, Reina discovered that it wasn’t possible. This led him to find a way to make it happen, and create his highly successful company, Talk Fusion.

Bob Reina has done his fair share of donating to causes that touch his heart. Reina made a huge record-breaking $1 million donation to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, and has been involved in numerous life-saving measures for countless animals. Reina doesn’t just open his heart, and wallet, for animals, he has been a generous donator to an Indonesian orphanage.

Reina doesn’t just stop at donating, he drives his visions to change lives through his actions, and through his company. With associates in over different countries, Reina has been able to share his actions and vision with people around the globe and hope to inspire them to make a change. Some associates are able to find financial freedom and meet financial goals through Talk Fusion’s unique employment opportunity, but Reina does even more.

In order to help share the spirit of giving and touching lives, Talk Fusion allows each associate to give one Custom Account, the highest and best account the company offers, to the charity of their choice. This account can help these groups raise additional funds, awareness, and spearhead new ways to reach the community.

Weather it is through personal donations or finding ways to involve his entire company, Reina has found a way to touch many lives. According to Biz Journals, from animals, to Indonesian orphanages, to Nepal earthquake victims, Bob Reina spreads his help and love around the globe. Now, through his company and his associates, he instills that vision and message into even more people around the world.

Chris Burch Achieves Fame And Fortune

One of the common dreams of people before the resign to a mediocre life is that of fame and fortune. Chris Burch has made a lot of achievements in his lifetime and has inspired plenty of people who have aspirations. Chris Burch has also met with celebrities and helped them launch companies and brands. Ellen Degeneres comes to mind. However, he has done plenty of other activities in order to gain attention and be a good example to others. One of the most creative things he has done is write on various topics. This is where he has let a lot of his creativity shine. He has also shown that he loves what he talks about.


Chris is a writer who uses plenty of different platforms to share his ideas. He has a blog of his own that he uses in order to share his ideas on different topics such as technology and the future. One major goal he has is to bring encouragement to other people so that they will either pursue their own goals or make the most out of the jobs they are working. Chris’s writings give people a lot to think about. His blog and articles are very easy to find online. He is also willing to listen to ideas that others have.


Other things he has done to share in his success is go on many different interviews. After all, it takes a lot of courage to actually get in front of the camera and express his ideas towards millions of viewers. His interviews are filled with plenty of ideas that are easy to understand. With all of the activities he takes part in, it is safe to say that Chris Burch keeps himself busy. As of right now, he runs Burch Creative Capital which is his investment firm.

Mike Baur Makes The Digital World Understandable To Digital Entrepreneurs

There are many factors that are involved in the success of companies regarding the Internet. While traditional brick and mortar locations operate in a certain manner, companies with websites on the Internet have certain things that must be done to be successful on the Internet. The wave of technology innovations that came about over the past few decades have made a significant impact on the capabilities of the Internet.


It use to be that the Internet held companies back regarding what the companies wanted to do because the technology was not advanced enough. However, today the Internet tends not to limit companies. The limitation comes from the companies. The Internet can provide what companies can successful plan to achieve.


With many companies, the success on the Internet is different than the success in brick and mortar locations. This difference is important because some companies make the mistake of trying to treat the Internet in the same manner as a brick and mortar location. The two are very different in many major respects. The Internet is about attracting visitors to come and participate on company websites. On the other hand, brick and mortar locations are about letting people know what the company provides and where the company is located.


For digital entrepreneurs, the understanding of how companies can be successful on the Internet is vitally important because digital entrepreneurs focus on the Internet regarding the companies that they operate. In the age of the Internet, there are numerous companies that provide assistance to digital entrepreneurs. One of the companies that digital entrepreneurs can turn to concerning assistance is the Swiss Startup Factory.


Mike Baur, who is one of the partners at the Swiss Startup Factory, has accomplished a lot in the time that the company has been in existence. He has helped the company to be recognized as one of the best startup companies in Switzerland. Also, the company is gaining good exposure outside of its local area.


Mike Baur lets digital entrepreneurs know that the Swiss Startup Factory provides a wide variety of ways to help digital entrepreneurs learn how to start and operate successful digital companies. Some of the ways that the Swiss Startup Factory helps its clients is by providing training programs, mentorship programs, and consulting services.


As a vital member of the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur brings a lot of experience to the company. He has over 20 years of experience in the private banking industry.

Keith Mann Wants To Make A Difference

There are many people who want to make a difference in the lives of young people. One of the best ways that people can make a difference in the lives of young people is by helping them to further their education. This can be accomplished in two ways. People can help by providing encouragement or financial assistance. Both ways are powerful. Words can impact young people in a manner that many people do not realize. Words can provide a feeling of support to young people and also make them feel that someone cares.

Financial assistance is powerful in the sense that it helps young people where they have a need. Helping to provide assistance through giving money can help take young people a long way to concerning education. For young people who want to go to college, it takes money to pay for college. While encouraging words can help in many aspects, providing money to help pay for college is powerful. However, the best way that people can help young people regarding education is to provide encouragement and financial assistance.

This is what Keith Mann is doing for young people in his community. Keith Mann is the founder of an executive search firm, Dynamic Search Partners. The firm provides executive search services that help companies fill open positions within the companies. In addition to being the founder, Keith Mann is also the chief executive officer.

Recently Keith Mann started a scholarship for high school students who graduate from an Uncommon High School that is located in Brooklyn. The scholarship is valued at $5,000. One scholarship will be awarded each year to a graduating senior from a Brooklyn Uncommon High School.

Keith Mann believes strongly in education. This is why he started the scholarship for graduating seniors along with the constant encouragement he provides to young people. He stresses the importance of doing well in school, attending college, and earning a college degree.Keith Mann has over a decade of experience in the executive search industry. He has earned an excellent reputation in the business community, and he has established Dynamic Search Partners as a viable firm for helping companies to find the right candidate to fill key job openings.

Goettl Air Conditioning Merge With Southwest Residential HVAC Firms To Propel Growth

During hot times, cooling the inside of buildings becomes an urgent need. Therefore, buildings are fitted with air conditioners to impose the relaxed atmosphere.Goettl Air Conditioning is an air conditioning company that was started in Arizona in 1939. The company was later acquired by Ken Goodrich in 2013 who also relocated it to his hometown in Las Vegas in 2016 April.


Not long ago, PR Newswire released a report indicating how the collaboration of Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air has worked to promote its growth. The Residential HVAC companies have joined to diversify their Markets have led to the addition of approximately twenty employees and not less than fifteen trucks. The report that was published by PR Newswire showed that Las Vegas was going to principally serve the residential customers while Paradise Air would attend to the multi-family and hire home market.


Goettl Air-Conditioning owner, Ken Goodrich said that the addition of the two companies; Paradise Air Market and Las Vegas Air would help Goettl Air-Conditioning to continue making positive steps in the southwest region. He also added that they were excited that the addition of the giant companies was going to add to their customers’ benefits.


According to Goodrich, the two HVAC family enterprises have joined to uphold each other’s strong point and ensuring the continuity of the mission to provide quality air conditioning services all over Las Vegas.


Stephen Gamst who is one of the partners at Las Vegas Air outlines some of the reason that made the idea to merge with Goettl Air-Conditioning attractive. According to him, the merger would promote the well-being of both the customers and the employees. It was stirred in him that the synergy of Goettl team and Las Vegas Air would produce greater strength and thus it was more sensible for the two to come together.


Gamst also got the inspiration to merge the two businesses from his experiences with Ken Goodrich as he was growing up. He used to see Goodrich at the parts store when they were with his father. Being brought up with almost similar values, HVAC was in their genetic composition and therefore Gamst knew they would always produce something tremendous if they came together.


During the press release, Goodrich noted that the merger of Goettl with Paradise Air, The Sunny Plumber, and Las Vegas Air has led to an increase in the number of services that were being offered. For instance, the services by Las Vegas Air were only limited to HVAC. With the formation of the merger, customers can now get plumbing services. Similarly, Goettl Air Conditioning only dealt with HVAC Residential Market clients, but with the merger, their services have been expanded to cater for multi-family as well as strip malls.

Lori Senecal: A Woman Who Made Her Own Success

Lori Senecal was someone who did not fit in with the normal group. For one thing, she was not loud like the other people in her life. She was more quiet. She is also someone who was not very comfortable with the social dynamics. She has never managed to climb to the top and gain most of the attention. She has instead gone her own way and has participated in activities that did not require group participation. She has went for gymnastics. Lori has eventually grown into her own identity. This has inspired her to choose greater goals. This has eventually brought Senecal into the field of marketing.

Marketing was an interesting choice because it is driven by big personalities. People have to be loud, persuasive and overall charismatic in order to succeed in the realm of marketing and advertising. Lori Senecal has instead relied on her efficiency and diligence to make it to the top in her field. One thing that Lori believes is that it is important for one to constantly step outside of her comfort zone. As a matter of fact, this is something that she has trained herself to do.

Senecal is an introvert. She is someone who needs time to herself in order to recharge. She is also someone who is more about business when it comes to running her company. When Lori Senecal has joined one of the businesses as a CEO, she has made a lot of changes to the company in order to make it run in a more efficient manner.

In an interview, Lori Senecal has stated that it is not good to wait for leadership opportunities. It is better to create these opportunities. This is one admirable trait about Lori.

Lori is an example of someone who does not wait for something to come her way. Many entrepreneurs and successful people are those who have taken their time to actually create the life they want. People who have sat around and waited for their life to turn into something they want it to be often find themselves living a life that they are not satisfied with.

Becoming a Model with Brown Modelling Agency

Becoming a model can be one of the most rewarding and frustrating professions you can participate in. No number of classes or seminars can ‘make’ you a model. But if you’re ready to work hard, this article will give you some tips on getting started in the modelling business.

Modelling agencies send out modeling recruits to find the next models. They frequent popular places for young people throughout the country. There are several ways to try and get with an agency. Most agencies will host casting calls where you can audition. You can usually find out when an agency is hosting these events by contacting their office. You can also send your photo and cover letter directly to the agency. An extensive portfolio is not necessary, especially if you’re just starting out you’ll have few photo shoots under your belt. Keep the photos simple, and professional looking. A modelling agency is looking for models with personalities. Looking genuinely happy and smiling in the photos is just as important as having good looks. Clients want to see your natural beauty, so make up should be minimal and your clothing not distracting.

You can submit your information to agents either online or in person by visiting Brown Agency’s office. You should research the agency prior to sending your information. You should know what areas they specialize in and who the agents are. Referrals can also help you find the right agency. Build your network of contacts that can contact the agency and give them a positive referral of you.

What do you do when a modelling agency wants to meet you? Take this meeting seriously like you would with any other job interview. Be yourself and relax. This is an opportunity for you to show the agent your personality. Dress and look nicely when you meet with them and bring your best photos. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when appropriate and listen to any advice or criticism that they have. If you don’t get the job, don’t give up. Look at the advice that the agent gives you and use it to improve your performance for next time.

What makes a good model? It may sound self-explanatory, but you should enjoy having your picture taken. Stay relaxed but be professional. Most photographers enjoy working with models who take an active role in the process. Each photoshoot will have a different story/idea that they’re focusing on and you should be prepared to make the story work.

Brown Modelling Agency is a full-service modeling agency with offices in Austin and Dallas Texas. Their fashion models have been featured in runways such as Austin Fashion Week, New York Fashion week and countess others. Some of their clients have included L’oreal, Toyota, Louis Vuitton, and other companies. If you’re an aspiring model, you can find additional information about applying as a model on the Brown Agency website.

Chris Burch On How To Marry Fashion And Technology

Chris Burch is the Founder of Burch Creative Capital. He is a serial entrepreneur. He talks about the tech fashion trends of the future in an article on Chris says that fashion and technology have grown together over the years. He states that the two rely on each other to grow and gain popularity. Chris says that technology becomes fashionable depending on its popularity. He says that fashion designers have used technology in coming up with fashionable designs. He states that technology can be utilized in a good way to protect humanity. Chris Burch says that it is fascinating how fashion and technology have grown together.


Chris gives the example of how the boom box evolved from the 70’s. He says that technology was used to develop it to a Walkman and later to an iPod. Chris says that it is now fashionable to carry an iPod and that is attributed to technology and fashion working together. He compares the past and the present and states that there are a lot of untapped opportunities when it comes to fashion and technology. He says that a Dutch fashion designer known as Anouk Wipprecht combines fashion and technology to come up with her avant-garde designs. She designed the DareDroid which is a drink-making dress.


Chris Burch started his career at Itchica College as an undergrad with an extensive business background in many different industries including technology, fashion, and real estate. He began Eagles Eye apparel together with his brother. The company grew to an estimated value of 165 million dollars. They later sold it. He is the current principal of Burch Creative Capital which has a great portfolio like Cocoon9, Ellen DeGeneres, Poppin, and Nihiwatu. Chris was formerly a board member of the Continuum Group and Guggenheim Capital. He has been involved in the growth of numerous luxury and technology brands like Jawbone, Voss Water, Faena Hotel+ Universe, and Poppin.


The entrepreneurial success of Chris started in 1976. He has been a budding entrepreneur with success after success ever since. Chris became one of the first investors at Internet Capital Group after selling the company that he had founded with his brother. Chris focuses his ability on seeking the nexus that exists between implementation and innovation. He applies his extensive experience and skills with his intuitive knowledge of consumer behavior. Chris Burch has gained a reputation as a successful entrepreneur. He attributes this to hard work and commitment.



John Goullet Achievements at DIVERSANT

John Goullet is a respected businessman who works as a principle at an institution known as DIVERSANT.John Goullet is also one of the most influential people in the information technology industry. He has been in the competitive industry for several decades, and he has brought several changes.

John Goullet established Info Technologies in the year 1994, and he has served as the chief executive officer for several years. At first, Goullet served as a computer consultant, but he decided to venture into IT staffing later on. As the CEO of Info Technologies, Goullet focused on understanding the corporate climate and the information technology needs of the clients. He would also match personalities and work styles of different professionals to the right companies.

Under his leadership, Info Technologies become successful, earning the trust of many clients in the country. The company earned a lot of revenue in a few years, and it was recognized in several platforms. The award winning company registered very high profits under the leadership of the businessman. John Goullet decided to sell the company to Diversant in 2010.

In a recent interview, John Goullet said that he decided to start an IT staffing firm more than twenty-four years ago. After being in business for twenty-two years, Goullet felt that it was time to make dream come true. Individuals who had succeeded in the past motivated him to start his first company.

According to the interview, the businessman starts his day at the gym where he spends at least one hour. He makes his way to the office by eight in the morning and leaves work before six in the evening. When he has a dinner appointment with clients, he makes sure that he attends so that he can understand his clients better.

Goullet has been in the information technology department for several years, and this means that he perfectly understands the market. He uses his expertise to bring new ideas into life, making sure that his clients and investors are completely satisfied. Under his leadership, DIVERSANT has done very well, and it has become the biggest American African owned business enterprise.

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Is Insomnia Ruining Your Personal Relationships?

Do you become stressed when you lay down in bed? Of course, that is exactly the opposite of what you want to accomplish for resting. You should feel relaxed.If you have arrived at this “stressful sleeping juncture,” then it is probably due to past problems with insomnia. Man is a creature of habit. You have probably tried to lay down; “you want to count sheep,” but instead you might “count how much you owe on your bills.”If you “toss and turn,” you might wake up, exhausted. But, there is hope. Avi Weisfogel IdeaMensch believes he may have a solution to your sleeping problems.

“Insomnia Strains Relationships”

You might not even know how your sleeplessness has damaged your personal relationships. Are you more likely to shout at a loved one? Have you developed a “short temper” with your loved ones?Because your body has not recovered during the sleep phase, you might be emotionally strained. Your nerves are “stretched to the breaking point.” You need high-quality sleep to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. If you have insomnia, then this could be straining your relationships.

“Insomnia Reduces Productivity”

Are you yawning, every couple of minutes, at work? Your brain cells also need time to recover, during sleep. When you have insomnia, you might also suffer from more headaches.You might try to compensate by drinking more coffee or eating more food, but that is not the solution. When you can’t think, you can’t process ideas, as fast. Insomnia can greatly reduce worker productivity.

“Sleep Apnea Fixed”

Avi Weisfogel IdeaMensch has connected the dots, showing that Sleep Apnea may be the cause for some sleeping problems. Sleep Apnea involves your nasal or throat passages becoming blocked by tissue. When you can’t breathe, you can’t sleep. Your body panics and forces you awake, so you can deal with this emergency.

Due to his experience fixing teeth, Avi Weisfogel DDS has been able to understand how the body’s “breathing channel blockages” can impact sleep. He might have the answer. Get the help you need with the Sleep Apnea Expert Avi Weisfogel.