Avi Weisfogel Has Become Much More Than Just Your Regular Dentist

Avi Weisfogel has a lot to point to in his dentistry practice including a high patient satisfaction rating and even given the Best Dentist award in New Jersey for his quality work. But he’s turned his career to something else now which is helping patients with sleep apnea find a way to get a good night’s rest using better techniques and comfortable oral appliances. His company where he consults with patients and other dentists is Dental Sleep Masters. He also is the founder of Healthy Heart Sleep and Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient and has been working to fund more research into sleep deprivation and its causes.


Weisfogel began his practice in dentistry after completing his bachelor’s at Rutgers University and receiving his DDS from NYU’s College of Dentistry. He first started practicing at an office in Edison, NJ and then founded an office in Old Bridge where he practiced most of his dentistry career. Even though Weisfogel was known as one of the best dentists in the area, he was never totally satisfied with his job as he told the Ideamensch website in an interview. He did take a particular interest in patients that he saw coming in that appeared to have a lack of sleep and soon started discovering that discomfort in the mouth and in the airways could affect it. He started exploring appliances and recommending dieting and exercise for those with weight problems.


Avi Weisfogel also uses his passion for smiles to help those around the world with mouth disorders and cleft palates. The group he set up a GoFundMe campaign for is Operation Smile, founded by a doctor and his wife who traveled the world and sought to help treat young children in the continents of Africa and Asia that could not afford to be treated in local hospitals. Weisfogel has also held several charity events in the greater New York City area and is a passionate hockey lover and supporter of the New York Rangers. You can find out more about Avi Weisfogel’s ideas and his passions on his social media pages including his twitter which is @avi_weisfogel.

Jose Henrique Borghi – Most Influential Figure In Brazilian’s Advertising Space

The world of marketing and advertising is highly competitive as more and more companies try to fight each other out to win the significant market share and gain public attention. The publicity and marketing agencies have a tough time to devise campaigns that would help the companies achieve their business objectives and make an impact on the target audience. However, you do not need to worry about such factors when you have Jose Henrique Borghi working on your Ad campaign.

Jose Henrique Borghi is considered to be the marketing and advertising guru in Brazil and is the man behind some of the most famous ads ever created. With the experience of over 25 years in the industry, Mr. Jose aims to deliver only the best to his clients. One of the most famous ads he created, which is still referenced in the advertising world is for the wildlife conservation named “The Mammals of Parmalat.” It is an ad that still moves people from the world over and is considered a masterpiece in the advertising world.

As one of the master creators of some of the best ads in the industry, he has won a lot of awards recognizing his achievements and excellence in the advertising sector. He has earned a lot of awards over the years, including 12 Clios Award, 11 Awards at One Show, 15 Awards at the New York Festival, 20 Awards at Cannes, 7 Awards at London Festival, and more.

He currently serves as the CEO at Mullen Lowe Brazil, which is one of the top advertising agencies in Brazil today and handles marketing and advertising for many firms in the country and abroad. He has a worked for many other top advertising companies, including Talent, FCB, Standard Ogilvy, and DM9DDB. With the experience of over 25 years in the industry, he has delivered a lot to the advertising world and continues to surprise his clients with his unconventional approach towards each project.

Fabletics: Athletics Leisure by Kate Hudson

Fitness can apparently be about fashion too said, Kate Hudson, as she started this company that has taken the sportswear industry by storm. The selling technique is great, the offers are great, and the way that these clothes are designed is also great. These clothes were designed with the image of women in mind. You can also look sexy and fabulous while working out.


Welcome to the world of awesome sportswear that amazes every time. What you are going to get here is the best of sportswear that will make you look fabulous when you are working out, and the best part is; all of it is chosen according to your preference and taste. You will love these clothes.


Athleisure after Three Years


Women have always been forced to wear clothes that did not exactly appeal to them when they went out to the gym or just for workouts and then Kate thought it would be a good idea to design clothes that were sportswear and fabulous at the same time.


That is how Fabletics was born, and now after three years and a record for being a bestseller on Amazon, they have managed to build a company that is valued at $250 million. This was a gap that no one had thought to fill.


The Killer Business Approach; Reverse Showrooming Technique


Kate Hudson is a businesswoman who has come up with the idea that changed the way that one introduces themselves to the market and how to get customers. It is called reverse showrooming in the technical terms.


The process is simple as it works by getting the people you want to see what you have and the n let the allure of your work do the rest.


  • Once you join, you get a free membership that will last you approximately five days. You will get all the choices that you may need to be sent to your email.


  • You will then be given the option of either signing up or skipping the whole thing. That will give you time to think because you will have five days of online window shopping.


  • After that, the statistics that have been collected indicate that about 30% will sign up, and later, 25% will come back to sign up.


Beating the Overpricing Companies


When it comes to marketing, there are companies that have been in the business for long, and we assume they are the best and unbeatable. That is why they overprice anything, and we still buy it anyway.


At Fabletics, they have decided to provide the same best quality accessories and clothes at a price that is normal and affordable even packaging them in kits that you can buy in bulk to have more choices at great prices that you will love.


Fabletics Offers You


  • High-end quality clothes
  • A fabulous look
  • Prices that are unbeatable
  • A free five-day show on the net


In Conclusion


There is no other place like Fabletics. You can always bank on them to give you the best of everything. Kate Hudson has changed it all.

The Importance of Comparative Law in Ensuring Better World Order

Comparative law is a field of law that studies the relationship between legal systems. This involves studying laws of more than one system and comparing them. The results of comparing different laws give researchers a chance to analyze the various legal cultures. Comparative law also studies different existing legal systems in the world including Chinese law, Canon law, Jewish law, Hindu law, common law, civil law and Islamic law.

Comparative law plays a crucial role in understanding foreign legal systems. With the increase in globalization, democratization, and complexity of the international and private law, comparative constitutional law has become more popular. The role plays by comparative law cannot be underestimated. It plays a significant role in advocating for international harmony and unifying laws that are essential in ensuring an excellent world order. Legislators across and courts across the world are now borrowing and incorporating foreign law into their legal systems. The harmonious trade between nations across the world has been attributed to the role of comparative law.

Comparative law is believed to have originated from Europe in the 18th century. It has several branches including comparative constitutional law, comparative civil law, comparative administrative law, comparative commercial law, and comparative criminal law. Comparative law intends to perfect the existing legal systems, get an in-depth knowledge of the legal system and contribute the unification of the system.

Sujit Choudhry in Brief

Sujit Choudhry is an internationally recognized authority on comparative law. He is also the founder and director of the Centre for Constitutional Transitions, the world’s first university-based institution that generates and disseminates knowledge aimed at building various legal systems. Choudhry holds law degrees from Oxford, Toronto and Harvard University, hop over to his linkedin.com page. Over the years he has earned a lot of reputation, which enabled him to receive the Trudeau Fellowship award, which is equivalent to the MacArthur awards. Sujit devotes his time in doing research with the aim of addressing fundamental methodological questions in comparative constitutional law. Hit this link.

Click http://constitutionaltransitions.org/director/#Choudhry for more.

Based on crunchbase.com, Choudhry has served in different organizations. Currently, he is a member of the United Nations Mediation Roster and has also worked with the World Bank as a consultant. He is also globally recognized for the role he played as a foreign constitutional expert in the building of constitutions of various nations including Egypt, South Africa, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Libya, and Ukraine; try to read more on ifit-transitions.org. While in Canada, Sujit was a member of the governing Toronto Advisory Panel, Legal Aid Ontario. He also served as a law clerk to the Chief Justice of the Canadian Supreme Court. Sujit Choudhry is also a prominent author. He has authored over 90 book chapters, articles, working papers, and reports.

Josh Verne Describes His Career In Business On Podcast

Josh Verne is a businessman from Pennsylvania. He began his career by working at a local furniture store in Philadelphia. Eventually, Josh Verne turned that local furniture store into a nationally recognized brand. Josh Verne spent more than 15 years working at Home Line Furniture before he sold the business.


The next venture of Mr. Verne was an online crediting site called Work Pays Me. It allowed people on a paycheck to use their paycheck as a guarantee to repay credit taken out to purchase items. Josh Verne, once again sold the business after developing it. He now works at FlockU.com, which is a peer to peer content sharing site geared as college students. It markets products directly to its base through the use of targeted marketing.


Tips Of Josh Verne To Apply In Business


If you are an entrepreneur who has employees or are a manager who oversees employees then you need to bee a leader and not a boss says Josh Verne. Leaders earn the respect of their employees and peers. Bosses demand it from them. A leader listens and works alongside his fellow workers. He also does what is best for the team and business. The boss ignores what his workers and peers say and only does what is in his own best interests. By being a leader you can be much more productive and ultimately more profitable in your business or company.


Another tip from Josh Verne is to be a better listener. You can start by talking less and listening more. It is that simple. You will be amazed by how much more info you can take in when simply start to listen more often to those around you.


Cotemar Flourishing Under the Changing Energy Sector Landscape in Mexico


The changing landscape of the Mexican energy industry looks like it will be tough for companies that won Round 1 tenders. It already seems like they may face challenges in making their investments profitable in an environment where there was only one supplier, customer, operator, and partner. For Pemex, the challenge will be to learn how to co-exist with the new entrants into the market.


New companies like Cotemar already own wells. The challenge for them will be resolving land conflicts inherited from Pemex. One such area of conflict is Veracruz, which is under Cotemar. Other challenges will include how to deal with infrastructural theft as well as the threat of organized crime. Despite these difficulties, there is hope for a positive outcome in the revolution of the Mexican oil sector.


The energy sector revolution must take into consideration three goals that include increasing output, guaranteeing national interests of tax collection, and offering attractive incentives to companies willing to invest in the sector.


About Cotemar


Cotemar is a 100 percent Mexican firm that operates in the oil and gas sector of the country’s economy. The company’s services include maintenance and construction, offshore oil fields development, transportation of personnel and supplies, catering, and accommodation.


The company has at least 37 years of experience in the provision of services to Pemex. The company has put in a lot of effort to ensure that it meets the needs of its primary customer, Pemex. It regularly revamps its services throughout the value chain of the oil sector. By combining highly skilled employees with useful indicators, it has managed to stay ahead of the game.


Cotemar was started in 1979 with the aim of offering services to the energy sector. It has since excelled in that role to become the leading provider of services related to offshore oil extraction. By 1981, Cotemar had strengthened its position as a market leader. It had a fleet of vessels for use in the transportation of equipment and personnel.


By 1985, Cotemar had penetrated the rig business. It acquired an accommodation rig that could provide food and housing services. In 2015, the company entered the oil exploration business; this was after the government began to lessen its grip on the Mexican energy sector. Cotemar won the Cuichapa Poniente area contract in the Moloacan municipality in the state of Veracruz. Today, the principals of integrity, reliability, humility, and innovation guide the company in all its services

A Review Of UAE’s Leading Real Estate Developer, Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is a United Arab Emirates billionaire and businessman. He is the founder of DAMAC Properties, a real estate residential developer. Sajwani founded the firm in 2002. He capitalized on the Dubai government’s ruling, which allowed nonnatives to own property in the Emirate. Hussain Sajwani bought land in the undeveloped parts of the city. He managed to sell his first residential building, a 38-story property, six months prior to starting construction. Since then, Sajwani has put Dubai on the world map by constructing different properties.

DAMAC Properties partnered with Trump to build two golf courses in Dubai. Their partnership started before Trump became president. The two exceptional businessmen have developed a relationship that goes beyond business. The first Trump branded golf course, the Trump International Golf Course, opened in February 2017. The second development, Trump World Golf Course, designed by Tiger Woods is expected to be opened in 2018. After he was elected as the President of the United States, Trump praised Hussain Sajwani saying that he was an amazing man.

Hussain Sajwani started his career by working in the food industry. Owing to extensive experience in the construction industry, Hussain has worked with different companies, including Bechtel, a construction giant and the U.S. military. Hussain Sajwani has stakes in the food service industry. DAMAC Properties has continued to provide people with affordable properties. Presently, DAMAC Properties is considering undertaking an initial public offering (IPO). One of the potential venues for the IPO is the London Stock Exchange.

Hussain Sajwani is a strong supporter of philanthropic activities. Recently, he gave a cheque of AED two million in support of a Ramadhan campaign. The initiative sought to provide millions of underprivileged children with clothing. His highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashi Al Maktoum played an instrumental role in ensuring success of the program. His Highness is the vice president, prime minister, and ruler of Dubai. The proprietor of DAMAC Properties made the donation as part of his firm’s continued support of the government’s efforts to enhance the standard of living worldwide. Hussain Sajwani noted that the young people are the leaders of tomorrow. To this end, Hussain posits that they should be offered with a favorable environment to grow and learn. This way, the children will have a better start in life. https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/people/15249401-hussain-ali-habib-sajwani



Choosing The Tone Of The Ad With Jose Borghi

One thing about advertising is that there is a lot of room for people to be creative in the type of ad they want to put out to people. For one thing, one does not just have to advertise the products or the services that are being sold. One can also come up with many different projects. Some of the more creative commercials for Mullen Lowe include ads that have story lines or even messages that companies find some kind of way to relate to the company or the services that are offered. One could also come up with a genre that works well with their company.

In order for companies to have their best shot at this, it is important for them to leave it to the expert. Jose Borghi is one expert that knows how to bring about the best moods when it comes to the commercials. Among the tones he could use for his ad are action oriented, scary, cutesy, humorous, serious, exciting, romantic, and many other tones. Often times, these tones are very effective in getting the response that businesses want. For instance, when it comes to a comedic ad, one can focus on a message of the company and out it in circumstances that may seem unconnected. For instance, Geico’s good news ads.

One thing that it takes for any of these approaches to work is creativity. Jose Borghi has the creativity needed in order to put together ads that will gain the attention of audiences without causing them to roll their eyes or cringe. One thing Jose Borghi is good at is using the right amount of creativity in order to avoid making a business look desperate or like it is trying too hard. He makes ads that show a healthy amount of confidence brought forth from the company.


Success Has Not Changed Bob Reina

For a lot of people out there, when they reach a certain level of success, it might change them and it might not change them in the best of ways. As a matter of fact, it might change them in the worst possible ways. They could become greedy, selfish, and only focused on themselves. These people have not met Bob Reina.

He talks about how with great power there is great responsibility. This is not just all for him. It is for everyone out there. In a selfish world, Reina believes in his heart of hearts he was put here to help people.

The way he helps people is with Talk Fusion, the all-in-one video communications service which offers video newsletters, video emails, video chats, and video conferences. It has everything and more for people out there that are looking to jump start their career and jump start their life.

They have an IT team that knows what it is doing and takes its job very seriously, much like Bob Reina does with his work at Talk Fusion as founder and CEO. It is hard to believe the company has been around for ten years, but in those ten years, they have made their mark on the world to say the least.

Bob Reina, as mentioned, is all about the people. That is why he allows his employees to give out Talk Fusion to a charity of their choosing for free. A lot of people might not be able to afford Talk Fusion, but he does not want that to stop them.

That is also why he is offering 30-day free trials of Talk Fusion at the moment as well for new customers. According to Crunchbase, They would be amazed at what they can do in thirty days with Talk Fusion. They will start earning money right away.

Yes, success has not changed Bob Reina, but it has changed in one way. It has inspired him to give back even more and do even more. He has not settled down in that regard and it does not appear as though he will be in the near future.