Greg Secker’s Tips to Successful Trading

Greg Secker was born on 18/2/1975 Norfolk England and attended the University of Nottingham to study Agricultural and food science. He founded a group of companies in 2003 which consists of learning to trade, a global trading company with branches in London, Johannesburg, Sydney, and Miami as well as software such as Smartchart, capital index, FX capital for forex management services. Greg’s started out at the Thomas cook financial services then proceeded to run virtue trading desk which allows users receive live updates for foreign exchange transactions. He was named the vice president of Fortune 500 investments bank based in the United States, with his trading knowledge and the skilled traders surrounding him, his account had grown to the extent of leaving the group to develop his own company, Learn to trade.

Greg offers advice to those starting out in trading; he insists that before trading one must have a good understanding of the basics. One must also understand the working of the forex and the terminologies used when trading. By emulating the ways of a successful trader, it helps a Rookie climb up the ladder much quicker. Greg stresses that it’s essential for one to stick the best-proven methods. It takes time, but patience pays a lot in trading. There are many ups and downs in trade. Therefore, it is crucial for one to keep their emotions in check, frustrations could lead to more disappointments. Trading takes years to perfect. Consequently one must learn to be persistent and realistic because one does not become rich overnight. Trading has various methods that lead to multiple outcomes, it essential that when an amateur starts out, they have a precise worked out formulae that will lead them to their goals.

One of Greg Secker software’s was received recognition awards; the tool helps give traders’ access to Fx and thus enabling them to monitor and control the process. The capital index has won the award for best forex ECN/STP at the award ceremony. Greg has been known to attend events with other prominent people in attendance to give motivational speeches. Greg established the Greg Secker foundation which aims to improve the lives of people through education, life skills, and youth leadership and impact the community positively. The organizations also offer youth mentorship.

Tony Petrello’s Commitment to Charity through the Texas Children’s Hospital

Tony Petrello is one of the most celebrated business executives we have in the economy today. Mr. Tony doubles up as the CEO and President of Nabors Industries (NYSE: NBR) and also the top paid CEO of 2015. The executive joined Nabors Industries in 1991 at some executive position and has helped the company achieve numerous achievements. Currently, Nabors Industries is the leading oil-drilling firm we have in the oil industry with not only the largest oil drills and wells but also the safest.

Despite these achievements, Mr. Tony Petrello still manages to live a quiet and humble lifestyle unlike most individuals of his stature. This is partially influenced by the morals instilled in him while growing up. Unlike other CEO and Presidents who had everything their way owing to their rich backgrounds, for Tony nothing came on a silver platter. Tony Petrello had to work hard and study smart to earn the scholarship at Yale University. As if not all, he had to defend the Mathematics scholarship awarded to him by becoming the best in his class. After completing his first degree, Tony had to ensure he was competitive in the industry by studying a second degree which was law from the great Harvard Law school.

Although many people view Tony’s success at Nabors Industries and his education as the highlights of his life, they are not. Tony Petrello and his wife are determined to ensuring they better the lives of children living with neurological conditions. This quest was informed from the fact that a majority of kids in America, just like their eight-year-old daughter who was born with cerebral palsy, were suffering from lack of knowledge and care.

So far among the many generous contributions, Tony has announced that he will donate an initial sum of 5 million US dollars to the Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital before later topping it up with an extra 2 million US dollars. This contribution is meant to help the institution equip itself and provide quality care to the kids. In addition to this, it is also meant to help aid the surgeons and medics at the institution with their research that is directed towards helping improve the quality of care in the hospital.

Tony’s philanthropic activities do not end at his generous contributions. He also seats at some of the boards of these institutions and helps at intellectual capacity when it comes to policy formations.

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Rocketship Education Availing Quality Education for All and Sundry

Rocketship Education is a well-established non-profit network of public primary charter schools that are created to see that every student can succeed. They serve primarily low-income students in areas where getting into a good school is difficult. The network of schools is headquartered in Redwood City in California. This mission was started off in 2007 by John Danner and Preston Smith and is currently being implemented in 16 charter schools based in Concord California, Washington DC, Nashville, Milwaukee, San Jose and Redwood City. In the schools, a blended learning model is used with the integration of adaptive software so that they can boost student achievement. Rocket Education believes that there is more to education than just teaching students. Their system also empowers teachers, inspires neighboring communities and engages the parents in their activities.

It is not just its blended learning approach that caught the public eye when Rocketship Education was founded; the school produced initial strong test scores. Throughout, the school has managed to sustain these scores and have impressed even on a national level. It is no surprise, therefore, that D.C. Public Charter School Board voted in favor of the school allowing it to set up as many as eight schools in their district. This would see a school in Ward 8 being the first. The management of the school has expressed their desire to operate more of a neighborhood school than a charter school. Additionally, they will recruit a massive number of students from Ward 8 and its neighborhood.

In the school’s inaugural 2016 to 2017 school year, the school was looking to have at least 350 students in kindergarten through second grade. Additionally, they had plans to run through fourth grade and allow Appletree Institute to run a preschool at the facility. One of the most outstanding things about the school is that parents at Rocketship Education Charter Schools, parents have the liberty of choosing which teachers will be hired to teach their children even before the school year begins. This is different from other schools where most parents will not know who will teach their children until the school year begins.

David Giertz Has insights on Smart Retirement Planning

When you need to take proper control of your financial future, it’s people like David Giertz from whom you learn the ropes of smart retirement planning. You see, so many people have found themselves stuck in financial pits after failing to plan properly or because they don’t know the first thing about it. David is a qualified professional with lots of experience and achievements under his belt. He has a lot to offer in regards to planning for retirement and also as an advisor in the financial market. In fact, one of his most emphasized suggestions is for anyone preparing for retirement to think of an alternative source of income to guarantee their financial stability after leaving their main job. Also, David wants you to consider whether your savings are enough to an early retirement. Besides, securing a brokerage account makes perfect sense when you want to continue growing your savings. David Giertz is an expert in all this and more.

Having passed four certifications and with over three decades of experience in the brokerage business, David is now a senior visionary and an inspirational player in the industry. He has played key roles in various companies in the course of his long career. In fact, David Giertz is a certified arbiter with FINRA as well as a business coach certified by WABC. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree which he earned from Millikin University and an MBA (University of Miami). He’s all set for excellence in his line of work.

Having worked with various other entities, David Giertz is now the financial advisor for Nationwide Investment Services Corporation at their offices in Columbus, Ohio. In his capacity as a senior broker certified by FINRA, David can both buy and sell stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other investment commodities.

Promise-Keeper David G. McDonald, President & Chief Operating Officer Of OSI Group LLC

David G. McDonald is the President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of OSI Group LLC. Under his leadership OSI Group LLC has realized some important objectives and strategies. One such objective is greater sustainability.

The life cycle of food products includes agriculture, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, use, and disposal. Food production creates the largest impact on the environment. With more than 65 facilities in 17 countries, it requires strong leadership, innovation, experience, knowledge, and determination to achieve such an enormous feat. David McDonald has created a plan of action toward greater sustainability for OSI Group LLC companies that are making strides toward this goal.

The OSI Riverside, California facility implemented several green initiatives earning them the California Green Business Award (2016). Under the leadership of David McDonald, many other OSI sustainability goals are being implemented and operating successfully.

Educational Background Of David G. McDonald

Having grown up on a northeastern Iowan farm, David G. McDonald chose an educational path strongly influenced by the farming culture in which he was born and raised. “Over 85% of Iowa’s land mass is used for agriculture. Iowa is the largest producer of corn and soybeans, second largest of red meat, raises nearly a third of the nation’s hogs, and is the number two exporter of agricultural products in the United States.” Pursuing an education in animal science at Iowa State University (ISU) was a natural next step for a true Iowan like David Mcdonald.

David McDonald deepened his roots in the field of agriculture at Iowa State University (ISU). In 1987, he completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Animal Science in addition to receiving the noteworthy Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award at Iowa State University. The ISU Alumni Association presents this award to graduating seniors demonstrating high moral character, outstanding academic and personal development achievements, participation in university-affiliated community activities, and a commitment to such as alumni. In addition, recipients receive the Official Iowa State University Ring to remind them of their promise to and experience at ISU. With that promise at the forefront of his future, he set about becoming a promise-keeper as McDonald began his career with OSI Group LLC as project manager.

David McDonald received the Order of the Knoll ‘Emerging Philanthropist Award’ (2014) in recognition of his philanthropic support, creative leadership, and dedicated service to the Iowa State University Foundation and Iowa State University.

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Omar Yunes Represents Mexico

The Best Franchisee of the World event is normally a world-wide competition that takes place every single year. The goal is to recognize the best franchisees from all across the world so that people from other businesses can gain recognition as well as new ideas for their very own organizations. Judges like to look for a wide range of aspects including what new programs have been implemented and how successful the companies have been. Normally the event is held at an international level, not at a regional level but in some cases, a country will do both.

Mexico wanted to have representatives from their very own country at the most recent Best Franchisee of the World Event, so they decided to hold their own mini competition. Representatives from at least 32 of Mexico’s cities entered into this competition. Only two, however, were sent to compete in the international event that was held in Florence, Italy. Those two representatives were Omar Yunes of Sushi Itto and Ivan Tamer of Prendamex. Omar Yunes was said to have professionalized the role a franchisee plays in the industry and Ivan Tamer was able to successfully introduce a new sale system for his franchises.

For this year, Mexico will be represented by OmarYunes, franchisee of Sushi Itto, with the case “The professionalization of the role of the franchisee”; while, by Prendamex, Ivan Tamer will be the second representative with the case “Implementation of the alternative system for the control and sale of articles”. Omar Yunes has a very strong background as a businessmen. He first joined the game when he was 21 years old. That was the first time he became owner of any franchise, which happened to be Sushi Itto. Since then, he bas expanded the franchise to include an additional 13 units and continues to implement new systems every year.

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The Great Achievements of Talkspace

Depression is one major problem that affects a significant number of individuals worldwide and in most cases comes with a stigma. Due to the many negative impacts that the mental condition causes to people, it may lead one to fall a victim of discrimination as well as rejection. Such discrimination may worsen the situation of the victim and make them feel unworthy. It is thus essential to handle all victims of depression with care and carry out activities that make them feel worthy. Giving them a close attention helps to ensure that they do not spend most of their time thinking and fussing about the things that may worsen their condition.

Depression is a severe disease and a sort of disability which may slow down one’s performance and daily operations. If people come together and talk about the issue of depression, it can help them associate well with individuals suffering from depression and avoid the high stigma that comes about with the dangerous condition. Talkfusion is one significant way through which people can get together to solve their various issues through simple video emails. The highly technologized operations of the firm have made the connection among people comfortable due to their high speed and ability to reach out to their recipients. The Talkfusion emails are more comfortable to listen to as well as acquire the message being passed to the individuals involved.

Talkfusion has adapted the modern styles of message deliveries, and no interruptions are involved while delivering the message like pop up messages among many others. With Talkfusion, one can conduct both their personal, business as well as charity operations at a fast and affordable rate. Besides, you can create your custom template or have the company’s team build one for you. Talkfusion has made it easy for individuals to build brand loyalty as well as connect easily with customers through creation of fun videos to promote products.

Pretty In Polly Pocket: Lime Crime Goes Retro!

For all the 90’s girls who loved their delightful collection of Polly Pocket dolls and colorful accessories, here is a flashback to the past. Lime Crime has gone retro with its eye-shadow by introducing a new collection of Polly Pocket Candy Palettes! Even the packaging, style of font, and the wording, are completely decked out in Polly Pocket theme. The moment your physical eyes gaze upon these three products, your mind’s eye will immediately travel back in time, as you remember slumber parties, popcorn, movies, video games and of course, Polly Pockets!

Obvious by their display of antique Polly Pocket dolls on a previous Lime Crime Pinterest, it’s very clear that Polly Pocket had been seriously on their mind lately. It’s now come to fruition! These pallets come in adorable pocket sized, snap-shut, colorful containers with five shades each!! Here are the three playfully indulgent choices of the new Polly Pocket Candy Palettes:

Pink Lemonade: This feisty combo comes in a bright, sunshiny, yellow case with colors designed to pop! This palette just makes you feel happy inside and ready for a bright, summer’s day. Three gorgeous, differing shades of pink are within, including a beautiful brown to low-light, and a dazzling opaque white to highlight.

Sugar Plum: Inside this pretty-in-pink case lay three shimmering shades of plum, with a bold shade of mauve to low-light and an off-white highlight.

Bubble Gum Inside this baby-blue case are two shiny, pastel shades of pink, one shade of subtle brown to low-light and a glistening shade of sky-blue to highlight.

Go out and treat yourself to a blast from the past and take a walk down memory lane, and introduce those newbies to the Polly Pockets they never knew.

Drew Madden’s HCIT Career and Path to Evergreen

The passion for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) projects is what Drew Madden considers important in respect to his success story. He focuses on working with the best and those who are considered bright in taking on the challenges in the Healthcare Information Technology (HCIT). The HCIT is a field that very few understand. Drew has spent years in the field as a seasoned executive and entrepreneur, and below are things that he considers important.

1.Experience through Consistent Learning

Drew has worked in a number of organizations before getting to Evergreen Healthcare Partners. He is recorded to have worked at Cerner Corporation, Healthia Consulting, Ingenix Consulting, and Nordic Consulting. In all the consulting firms, Drew was involved in quality business development, sales consultation, and management. The four firms gave Drew the expert knowledge that he now employs at Evergreen Healthcare Partners as a Founding Partner.

2.Certification and Quality Management

HCIT consulting requires quality management skills and certifications. Having worked at Healthia as a senior HCIT consultant, Drew obtained different certifications such as Willow certification, Clinical Documentation, and Inpatient Medication certification.

3.Client Relationship

At Evergreen, Drew boasts of a credible client relationship. This is something that he developed while working in Nordic and the other consulting firms. He is known to handle all clients effectively. He believes that the customers are the real determinants of the business’ success. As an entrepreneur, Drew is focused on maintaining good customer relationships to boost sales.

4.Building a Legacy

To Drew, it’s important that he builds up a team that he can be proud of. At Ingenix and Cerner Corporation, he was known to be a team player and quality leader. He also exercised these attributes at Nordic and now at Evergreen Partners. He is focused on building well-seasoned healthcare entrepreneurs who are ready to take the industry head-on.


Generally, Drew Madden career is driven by passion and good relation. He has built a good reputation in HCIT under the pillars of dedication and good customer relationship. He is a good market leader and pacesetter in the field of HealthCare Information Technology and Electronic Medical Records.

What you Need to Know About Michel Terpins

Michel Terpins is a successful Brazilian rally driver who races alongside his brother, Rodrigo Terpins. The duo is known for taking part in Prototypes TI races. Michel and his brother have both earned several achievements in the course of their racing careers. Back in 2015, Michel Terpins emerged as a winner of a cross-country rally.

Michel is also known for his composure and consistency when participating in rallies. He believes that every little achievement is an opportunity for him to be a better race driver. He usually trains consistently to enable him to hit new racing records. Michel has been interviewed by several media outlets in Brazil. From the interviews, it can be resolved that Michel Terpins believes in his talent and is hopeful for better racing outcomes in the future.

Besides racing, Michel maintains a Facebook page. He uses the social networking profile to give his fans insights on what to expect from his upcoming competitions. He also uses his Facebook page to inspire budding and established rally drivers, who follow him, by sharing how his past experiences influence his present achievements. He welcomes his fans to like his Facebook page and join him in making the car racing industry better.

The Bull Sertoes Rally

Michel is aged 37 years while his brother Rodrigo is 41 years old. The brothers recently took part in the much-anticipated Bull Sertoes Rally as with different teammates. The race was expected to cover more than 200 kilometers but was reduced to cover 68 kilometers. Michel teamed up with Sven Von Borries while Rodrigo teamed up with Fabricio Bianchini.

The Bull Sertoes Rally constituted of 43 cars. Michel and his team-mate managed to finish at the fifth position after spending 55 minutes and 8 seconds racing. Consequently, Rodrigo and his partner came in the sixth position after spending 58 minutes and 9 seconds on the road.

Both Michel and Rodrigo Terpins are influential figures in the Brazilian motor racing industry. The duo has received praise for their determination and ambition as rally drivers. Despite finishing at fifth and sixth positions respectively at the Bull Sertoes Rally, the brothers were contented about the results.