Susan McGalla: The Example that Women Need

Every group of people that is trying to break free from oppression needs some kind of example to follow. One of the groups of people is women. Fortunately, women have a ton of leaders in business that is helping them get to the top. One of the leaders is Susan McGalla. Susan is someone who has excelled in the fashion industry. This is one of the best industries for women to get involved in because fashion is the type of art that is worn. Another thing is that fashion is one of the best ways to influence mood. This is one of the reasons that fashion has turned out to be a successful industry for women.

One of the companies that Susan McGalla has taken part in is American Eagle Outfitters. When she has started in the company, it was strictly a male clothing store. However, her influence has caused the store to develop lines for women and children. For one thing, she has shown that women are more interested in fashion. They also have a much better talent for putting together an outfit. These factors among many other factors have influenced American Eagle Outfitters to bring forth a line for women.

As a woman and a leader, Susan McGalla has shown that it is possible to work in business without antagonizing others. This was back in a time when women were seen as inferior. Susan has shown women that with a good attitude, they can also achieve tons of goals and become some of the highest paid business leaders. For one thing, the business world is going through tons of changes as more women are taking over. Also, a lot of businesses are going online which adds to the convenience. Now, it is easier to succeed with a business plan.

The impact of ClassDojo on learning

One of the best ways to ensure improvements in school is by ensuring a good rapport between the students, parents, and teachers. Many methods had been tried while others are on trial to find the best that can harmonize the three, but ClassDojo remains the best option. With ClassDojo, it is a classroom communication app that helps in sharing everything that is happening at school. The main mission of the app has been to give all the three stakeholders create an incredible classroom. The app is, therefore, a school by its own that keeps everyone including the parents connected.

ClassDojo was first founded in 2011 and is based in San Francisco, California. Through the app, there is much that the students have been in a position to achieve particularly in building social, emotional skills for the students. In the working of the app, it makes use of photos, videos, and messages that are easily accessible to both parents and teachers and also the students.

Since the establishment of ClassDojo, it has remained the only best and fastest growing education technology globally. It has emerged to be loved and used by many of the teachers, students, and parents. In the US, more than 90% of K-8 schools have embraced the technology. More to this, the app has been in use in more than 180 countries, and there are efforts to make it globally accessible.

The team that that work with ClassDojo comprises of designers, engineers, and designers from all over the globe. All the staff working with the app is highly trained and qualified to help ensure quality delivery to the users of the app. They all have a deep background in both public and charter schools the main factor that has led to their remarkable success.

About how the ClassDojo app works, all they do is make learning fun for the students. More to this, it also makes it easy for educators to deliver content to the students. With the app, the students are capable of being tested while both in and out of the classroom. With all these that can be done through the app, it has been possible maximize the success of the students as well as improve the students learning.

Madison Street capital success story

Madison street capital

Madison street capital focuses on investment banking and caters for the middle market. The company continually continues to be ranked highly amongst market players due to the integrity and experience that it has displayed in the course of its operations. Madison street capital can only be described as a leading player in investment banking and with its offices in Chicago. There are a number of other offices in India and some others in Africa. Ghana is the center of operations for the company’s activities in Africa. Amongst the most notable engagements that the Madison street capital has engaged in include structuring of complex contracts, matching sellers to appropriate buyers and design of exit strategies for customers.


The areas of specialization that the company has been able to master over the years include tax compliance, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance and bankruptcy services. Other services include private placement advice to customers. Amongst the most notable clients that seek services from this company include, central lowa Energy and the fiber science firm. Learn more:


Madison street capital prides itself in employing the best employees. The company seeks to get the best executives and training them to be the best. The executives are highly trained in bringing analytical skills, business valuation and financial reporting in the most professional way possible to the customers. The company pays special attention to wealth preservation and tax planning.

Madison Street capital success story


Madison street capital in the past has acted as a sole advisor, matters finance to DCG Software Company. DCG is a leading market player around the globe in software design. Madison also played a huge role in the merger of DCG and the Spitfire group. Madison ensured that the merger added value for the two companies. The business leaders in both companies have publicly praised the role of Madison in a successful merger process.


In yet another triumphant engagement, Madison was actively engaged in the merger between DOWCO and Acuna & Associate Company. The annual advisor awards was awarded to Madison for this successful merger too. Other awards that Madison has bagged include award for boutique investment banking, strategic deal making and professional services. There are countless mergers that this company has assisted in making work. Every year, there are successful engagements that Madison prides itself in.

OneLogin Adopts GDPR for Security and Privacy of their Operations

Alvaro Hoyos is head of overall operations at OneLogin. Some of them include creating awareness about the how the security of the company’s online systems. He is also in charge of risk management and much more. His contributions to OneLogin have helped the company in gaining more customers.

OneLogin provides services with heightened privacy and availability of resources for the e-commerce websites. All these have enhanced security and data management for the company’s clients. Thus, OneLogin has earned the trust of their clients which has led to the creation of successful business relations.

With the recent technological advancements that have risen in economic markets, various companies have improved their operational standards. Similarly, OneLogin has adopted the most recent General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR which has been invented by the European Union. The firm is positive that GDPR will strengthen the trust they have built with their clients for years. This is because the new invention fosters at tightening data security as well as the privacy of overall activities.

The company is focussing on equipping their privacy frameworks with the recent GDPR invention. They are positive that this will be effective if they invent systems that efficiently manage data for their customers. OneLogin highlights that this approach is very sensitive and needs keen attention. In their attempts to promote security and privacy, they are struggling to attain specific requirements for contract languages used in their different frameworks. Well, the company has appreciated the discovery of GDPR which promises to provide easier ways of enhancing privacy. Also, GDPR avails quality data processors that are used for the same purpose.

Even before the invention of GDPR, OneLogin had already developed ideas for promoting the efficiency of their services delivered by their Data Protection Officer. Nevertheless, GDPR is scrapping out these efforts by providing the best that OneLogin has constantly been searching for. It is not as easy as it sounds because the firm has to meet the standards of GDPR as stated in Article 37-39 of the European Union’s constitution. OneLogin can’t wait but anticipate the official launching of GDPR that will effect in May 2018.

TechStyle Booming in the Fashion Industry

Technology, fashion, and e-commerce are segments that have received significant attention in the business sector. By 2016 the retail e-commerce revenues totaled up to $ 72 billion and are projected to rise by 2021 to $ 116 billion. Both newbies and developed fashion companies have employed innovative ways to win today’s digital customers. The technique deployed by the companies range from marketing using social media platforms to using CRM technology.

Many companies have used a trending marketing method called membership programs. One of the companies using this technique is the popular online subscription fashion retailer, TechStyle Fashion Group which is operated by co-founders and co-Chief Executives Officers, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. TechStyle is a technology trailblazer established in 2010 under the name JustFab.

JustFab came to the industry with a fashion membership program for footwear which attracted many members. Those who subscribed with the VIP subscription were offered free shipping, 30% off retail pricing, exclusive products, and loyal reward points. In the first quarter of 2012, JustFab had already sold more than 2.5 million pairs of shoe. This entry was an incredible step for the company as it had only been on the market for only two years.

In 2016, JustFab acquired ShoeDazzle and FabKids which were attractive products that took its business to the U.K, Germany, and six other countries. Also, in collaboration with the fantastic actress Kate Hudson, JustFab launched Fabletics, another best-selling product. After a series of business expansion and tremendous improvements, the company decided to change its name from JustFab to TechStyle Fashion Group in 2016. The brand was an eye-catching one and placed the company in the limelight in the fashion game.

TechStyle is taking a different angle in marketing by infusing data science, membership commerce and personalization with marketing trends. Its membership program currently has 4.5 million members who are organically benefiting the company. With a workforce of 2,000 employees who are committed, TechStyle is expected to gain revenue of $ 700 million by the end of this year.

Adam Goldenberg is a prominent entrepreneur who started at a tender age of 13 when he established an online bulletin that morphed into the gaming website Gamer’s Alliance. He then sold Gamer’s Alliance to Intermix. Intermix made him its Chief Operating Officer at 19 years. He later left Intermix and collaborated with Don Ressler to establish Intelligent Beauty. Don Ressler is also an entrepreneur who has helped to create many companies. Mr. Ressler is also known for his economic knowledge that he is always sharing with people.