The RealReal: A Fashion Frontier

The RealReal, an online luxury consignor with locations across the US, was the source for an article written in Digiday, an international media publication. The article discussed The RealReal’s unique business niche, their pup-up venture, and how these things contribute to their overall success.

According to Allison Sommer, director of marketing for The RealReal, pop-up stores cultivate increased brand awareness and appreciation by offering a physical location. “Once somebody walks in and gets sucked into the cool features and values of the brand, they become loyalists,” she said.

The first RealReal pop-up in New York brought in 2 million dollars, preceding the one in SoHo which was also a success. The company is looking to test several markets with pop-ups in a variety of locations throughout the following year, given that “the average order value in store is six times that of online orders,” according to Sommer.

As a result of their San Francisco pop-up locale, the company saw a significant increase in online buyers in that area. The RealReal is devoted to creating world-class experiences for their customers, online and in their stores, including such services as an on-site cafe, flower shop, authentication specialists, and gemologists. They will have in-store offices where sellers can receive quotes on luxury items they offer for consignment.

Julie Wainwright, former chief executive of, founded The RealReal in her home in 2011. The idea behind her luxury consignment e-commerce company was that she didn’t want to do anything that Amazon would — or could — do well. She didn’t want a niche that Ebay could encroach on either, and that led to creating a marketplace of pre-owned, authenticated luxury items that would be profitable for sellers and would create trust for buyers.

The unique thing about The RealReal is that they are actually creating a new market as they go; many of their buyers have never bought consignment items and many of their sellers have never consigned before either.

With sophistication, innovation, and an almost religious commitment to authenticity, The RealReal promises to be a benchmark in trustworthy luxury consignment.

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Doe Deere – Article Recap

If you have a love for make up the way Doe Deere, the founder and CEO of internet sensation Lime Crime does, then you probably have nearly as much love for a well rounded skin care and morning routine. The two typically go hand in hand, as adorning your face with pigments every day is tough work, both for you and your skin. Getting a head start to your make up routine and work day is essential for success.


If you haven’t heard of the make up company and beauty brand, Lime Crime, you must not be on the beauty side of the internet very often. The company is most known for providing it’s customers with the intense pigments they continually crave, and paved the way to online marketing and selling for the new age. Back when Lime Crime started in 2008, the make up industry not only was drowning in beiges and nudes, but had nearly no online presence. Lime Crime was one of the first make up brands that sold their products exclusively online. People no longer had to drive incredible distances to their local Sephora to get the amazing products they wanted!


Like most journey’s to success, Doe Deere’s was wild from start to finish but one thing that holds true for most CEO’s, is that an unbreakable and concrete morning routine is the perfect way to keep you grounded as well as set a foundation for constant and successful days.


For Doe Deere, her morning routine is incredibly simple, normal and attainable. Anyone could do it! The CEO starts off every morning by waking up at the same exact time – every single day she wakes up at 8:30am. This has become such a part of her bodies routine that she doesn’t even need use an alarm, her body simply adheres to the process of the routine and wakes itself up. After this, it is imperative for Doe to drink a full glass of water before continuing her routine. Water not only wakes you up, but it’s good for your skin as well as the rest of your body in the dry weather.


After this, Doe does some morning stretches and then moves to the next part of her routine which is breakfast. Her favorite breakfast meal is grits, but she also enjoys yogurt too. She checks her social media and then does her hair and make up for the day before spending time with her cats and heading to work. This routine is simple, yet incredibly effective when it comes to success! Learn more:

Jeffry Schneider Leadership Qualities

Jeffry Schneider has had a successful life in numerous areas. Not only did he found a company, but he also lives a healthy lifestyle. He is able to combine various passions in his life to try to make a difference in the world.

Another great thing about Jeffry Schneider is that he is a leader. He reads a lot of leadership books to learn more about the subject. Not only do people enjoy working for him, but he wants to help other people as much as possible.


One of the best qualities to have as a leader is passion. There are numerous leaders who lack passion and it shows in the performance of their team.

When leaders have passion, they are more genuine than leaders who lack this quality. Over time, passionate leaders generally get more out of their employees.


Understanding the needs of other people is a critical aspect of being a leader. There are many people who never take the time to truly understand what is taking place in other people’s lives. This is especially prevalent in the corporate world. Instead of treating people the right way, many companies would rather make the profit goal for the quarter.

Work Ethic

One of the most important aspects of having success in life is a good work ethic. There are numerous people who have a lot of potential in life but they do not have the work ethic needed to have success. A good leader is someone who is willing to work hard in order to accomplish his goals. There are various people in authority who never work towards the goal given to others. This is the wrong approach to take in order to be a good leader.

If someone has a passion for a cause, it is easy to work hard. There are numerous small business owners who spend a lot of time and money on their business. Even though they may be tired at times, they are able to push through because they truly care about the mission of the business.

Jeffry Schneider Leadership

Over the years, Jeffry Schneider has continued to work on his leadership style. He quickly discovered that he needed to be a great leader in order to build a great company.

Jeffry Schneider started reading books and listening to audio content on leadership. With a lot of hard work, he was able to make himself a leader. He is an example for people to follow in this area.

Eric Lefkofsky Co-Founds Tempus To Further Cancer Treatment And Research

Lefkofsky was born in Southfield, Michigan with a simple background and had a childhood much like anyone else. After he graduated from the local high school, Eric went on to attend the University of Michigan and graduated in 1991. Eric Lefkofsky generated a large part of his fortune with his Groupon platform, which helped clients save money when it came to traveling and eating out at restaurants and such. As of late, he is the co-founder of a new company called Tempus along with his longtime friend Brad Keywell. Tempus will focus on genomic sequencing and is intended to greatly help with customizing treatments for cancer.

It made the headlines not too long ago that Eric Lefkosky had amazingly managed to raise a total of $70 million dollars in his latest round of funding for his company, Tempus. This funding, from several Lefkofsky associate investors, combined with previous funding, comes to a grand total of $130 million dollars. All together, that gives this new Chicago based company a net worth of nearly three-quarters of a billion dollars already.

As the CEO of Tempus, Lefkofsky is prepared to invest highly in his new business enterprise, with him and Keywell being the biggest investors so far. Just last year, Lefkofsky let it be known that he was ready to invest a large sum into Tempus to ensure its success, up to $100 million in capital.

Tempus is being created to allow for more precise treatments when it comes to cancer patients by bringing together the vast amounts of health-related data from around the world. Tempus has claimed it will build the largest database of data out there for healthcare for improving on cancer treatments. The company has so far partnered up with several other businesses as well to improve on their compilation of data. According to Lefkofsky, a large amount of the datasets available within healthcare are mostly disorganized and have insufficient data and now for the first time, there is technology available that will bring new possibilities.




Nick Vertucci, Helping Others Succeed!

If you are looking for a real estate school to attend, NVREA, also known as the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, is the perfect place to go. This school has several convenient locations located throughout the United States. There are two locations in California and one location in Washington. This academy stands out from the competitors because unlike most schools, Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy doesn’t just use classroom lectures as the only way to learn. At NVREA, students are also given the opportunity to have a hands on learning experience. At NVREA students are prepared for the work force once they have earned they’re certificates.

Nick Vertucci has helped hundreds of people find a new career and passion through real estate. Earning your real estate licence is one of the best ways to make your self an entrepreneur. Even if you are unsure if you really want to earn your real estate licence, Nick and his academy could help you make a decision. Nick Vertucci’s academy hosts several workshops that are completely free. In these work shops you will have an overview of the field if you were to become a real estate agent. You will also learn about the earning potentials and abilities that you will have once you have earned your licence.

If you are curious about the curriculum of the academy, you will definitely learn a lot. Nick’s academy covers the topics of flipping contracts, wholesaling, flipping properties, rehabbing properties, buying properties, commercial investments, asset protect, and many other helpful topics! Nick Vertucci made himself a million from buying and selling properties. His goal for having his own academy is to also allow his students to take what he has learned and make themselves millionaires as well.

Even the academy was just recently opened in 2013, it is one of the most popular programs in the real estate field. The school is accredited and has been given amazing ratings with the Better Business Bureau. If you are interested in attending, go to Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy’s website and register for a free workshop! You won’t be disappointed.

Fabletics Impresses Big Names Like the Huffington Post

It’s not always easy for people to try to impress the Huffington Post. They are cautious about who they publish information on and that makes things hard for those who want to run their businesses and successfully work with the Huffington Post. Fabletics, though, didn’t have to do much to impress the publication and that’s what made them better than many other companies. In fact, they have continued to get better since they first started and all of that is what has allowed them to make the right choices in business and with the opportunities they have created for themselves.


Looking at the options people have, Fabletics knows they can give them what they need. They use the Lifestyle Quiz to learn more information about what people are doing. They also want others to realize they can try different things in business. If they are going to continue helping people with fashion options, Fabletics is going to be able to be as successful as possible. Fabletics knows what it takes and they know they can try to give people the opportunities they need even if they aren’t giving them the options they would typically use in different situations.


Behind the company is Kate Hudson. Not only does she work as an ambassador to the company but she also does different things to make sure they are designing all the things people will love. Kate Hudson has a lot of experience in the fashion industry and that’s what has paid off for her. Since she knows a lot about the industry, she feels she can be successful so other people can try their best to do different things. She also feels like she can make things better for other people no matter what issues they are dealing with or what they want to do with their own fashion ideas.


While Fabletics didn’t start out as an all-inclusive company, they have grown to meet the needs of the people who they are serving. In a world where it is important to include everyone in the opportunities they have, Fabletics feels like they can make things better. They also want people to realize there are different things they can do to try and help others through the most positive situations they have been a part of. Depending on the issues people deal with, Fabletics tries to help them with their fashion needs.


As Fabletics continues to grow and makes sure they are providing their customers with the best athleisurewear possible, they are going to do their best to provide them with the opportunities they need. The company hopes to one day surpass everything Amazon has done. They have tried to give attention to different opportunities and make sure they are doing their best in the industry. Fabletics and Kate Hudson do what they can to serve people in the best way possible. The company knows what athleisurewear is all about and how they can make their best opportunities possible no matter what they are doing.

Cameron Clokie: Delving into the Wonders of Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is quickly becoming one of the most famous fields of medicine today because of the uthopic nature that it has, and for the novelty that it represents for the future of the healthcare industry.

Most doctors and researchers believe that it proves to be one of the most important pieces of our medicine today, but, of course, that is not to diminish the other parts of the industry as a whole. The entire medicine field needs each of the parts, be it a study that treats the happiness of the patients, or a research that develops cure for cancer, or even regenerative medicine, that promises to regrow damaged tissue back to their full potential. All parts are equally important, and Cameron Clokie, a very renowned and well-studied doctor and researcher on the field, stated himself the important of every piece in the large world of medicine.

For Dr. Cameron Clokie, Who is, at the University of Toronto, a Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, an essential subject in regenerative medicine, the field is still in its infant stages.

For being one of the first doctors to tackle the treatments of regenerative medicine by regrowing tissues and bones that were damaged by traumas or tumors, Cameron Clokie watched the afterbirth of the regenerative medicine.

The therapies are becoming more advanced by the week, and more researchers are joining the quest of finding the best materials to incite regrowth in the damaged tissues of patients. Studies have started to find new alternatives, some better and some for more fringe cases, to be used in these therapies and to have additional options for patients that are allergic to the more mainstream materials.

Dr. Cameron Clokie knows what it means to regrow the tissue of a patient, as he is a professor and a scientist who performed the therapy in patients as well.

Being the current Head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery since he acquired the position in the year of 1998, right now Cameron Clokie has achieved more than five years of experience in the field.

This is not the only specialization of the doctor, as he is also a student of academic dentistry and clinical practice and has studied oral surgeries and dentistry extensively.

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Susan McGalla: The Example that Women Need

Every group of people that is trying to break free from oppression needs some kind of example to follow. One of the groups of people is women. Fortunately, women have a ton of leaders in business that is helping them get to the top. One of the leaders is Susan McGalla. Susan is someone who has excelled in the fashion industry. This is one of the best industries for women to get involved in because fashion is the type of art that is worn. Another thing is that fashion is one of the best ways to influence mood. This is one of the reasons that fashion has turned out to be a successful industry for women.

One of the companies that Susan McGalla has taken part in is American Eagle Outfitters. When she has started in the company, it was strictly a male clothing store. However, her influence has caused the store to develop lines for women and children. For one thing, she has shown that women are more interested in fashion. They also have a much better talent for putting together an outfit. These factors among many other factors have influenced American Eagle Outfitters to bring forth a line for women.

As a woman and a leader, Susan McGalla has shown that it is possible to work in business without antagonizing others. This was back in a time when women were seen as inferior. Susan has shown women that with a good attitude, they can also achieve tons of goals and become some of the highest paid business leaders. For one thing, the business world is going through tons of changes as more women are taking over. Also, a lot of businesses are going online which adds to the convenience. Now, it is easier to succeed with a business plan.

The impact of ClassDojo on learning

One of the best ways to ensure improvements in school is by ensuring a good rapport between the students, parents, and teachers. Many methods had been tried while others are on trial to find the best that can harmonize the three, but ClassDojo remains the best option. With ClassDojo, it is a classroom communication app that helps in sharing everything that is happening at school. The main mission of the app has been to give all the three stakeholders create an incredible classroom. The app is, therefore, a school by its own that keeps everyone including the parents connected.

ClassDojo was first founded in 2011 and is based in San Francisco, California. Through the app, there is much that the students have been in a position to achieve particularly in building social, emotional skills for the students. In the working of the app, it makes use of photos, videos, and messages that are easily accessible to both parents and teachers and also the students.

Since the establishment of ClassDojo, it has remained the only best and fastest growing education technology globally. It has emerged to be loved and used by many of the teachers, students, and parents. In the US, more than 90% of K-8 schools have embraced the technology. More to this, the app has been in use in more than 180 countries, and there are efforts to make it globally accessible.

The team that that work with ClassDojo comprises of designers, engineers, and designers from all over the globe. All the staff working with the app is highly trained and qualified to help ensure quality delivery to the users of the app. They all have a deep background in both public and charter schools the main factor that has led to their remarkable success.

About how the ClassDojo app works, all they do is make learning fun for the students. More to this, it also makes it easy for educators to deliver content to the students. With the app, the students are capable of being tested while both in and out of the classroom. With all these that can be done through the app, it has been possible maximize the success of the students as well as improve the students learning.

Madison Street capital success story

Madison street capital

Madison street capital focuses on investment banking and caters for the middle market. The company continually continues to be ranked highly amongst market players due to the integrity and experience that it has displayed in the course of its operations. Madison street capital can only be described as a leading player in investment banking and with its offices in Chicago. There are a number of other offices in India and some others in Africa. Ghana is the center of operations for the company’s activities in Africa. Amongst the most notable engagements that the Madison street capital has engaged in include structuring of complex contracts, matching sellers to appropriate buyers and design of exit strategies for customers.


The areas of specialization that the company has been able to master over the years include tax compliance, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance and bankruptcy services. Other services include private placement advice to customers. Amongst the most notable clients that seek services from this company include, central lowa Energy and the fiber science firm. Learn more:


Madison street capital prides itself in employing the best employees. The company seeks to get the best executives and training them to be the best. The executives are highly trained in bringing analytical skills, business valuation and financial reporting in the most professional way possible to the customers. The company pays special attention to wealth preservation and tax planning.

Madison Street capital success story


Madison street capital in the past has acted as a sole advisor, matters finance to DCG Software Company. DCG is a leading market player around the globe in software design. Madison also played a huge role in the merger of DCG and the Spitfire group. Madison ensured that the merger added value for the two companies. The business leaders in both companies have publicly praised the role of Madison in a successful merger process.


In yet another triumphant engagement, Madison was actively engaged in the merger between DOWCO and Acuna & Associate Company. The annual advisor awards was awarded to Madison for this successful merger too. Other awards that Madison has bagged include award for boutique investment banking, strategic deal making and professional services. There are countless mergers that this company has assisted in making work. Every year, there are successful engagements that Madison prides itself in.