Jed McCaleb Promoting Innovations In Cryptocurrencies Through Stellar

Jed McCaleb is one of the influential figures in the cryptocurrencies industry. He is one of the early developers in the industry. He joined the industry in 2010 after bitcoin was invented. His interests in alternative currencies had always been there even before bitcoin was invented. He had thought of a currency that could not be controlled by governments as it currently happens. This dream came true after bitcoin was created in 2009. There is no one central location where anyone can pinpoint as the source of the coins. Essentially, even the governments have no control over the currencies.

It was said by Jed McCaleb on LinkedIn that learned about bitcoin for the first time through an article posted on Slashdot. A link to Bitcointalk accompanied the article. When he read about bitcoin, he developed interests which made him want to know more about it. At the time, Bitcointalk only had 200 subscribers. After the article was published, the followers went up to 2000 immediately. This is the article which exposed many people to cryptocurrencies after it emerged. In fact, many of the early innovators in this industry were people from this group.

According to Jed McCaleb, he started working on developing the industry. In 2011, he made his first innovation which was creating the first centralized platform for bitcoin exchange. The platform was known as Mt. Gox. This was one of the platforms among many in the industry at the time, but it was unique. As a centralized exchange, it meant that one did not need to cooperate with other people to transact. It gained prominence in a short time. At the height of its popularity, it was handling more than 80% of the bitcoins transactions.

McCaleb needed to concentrate on resolving other problems facing the industry. He, therefore, sold Mt. Gox to a software developer. In 2014, the platform was hit by hackers, and this led to the fall of the platform.

Jeb McCaleb is currently the co-founder of Stellar Development Foundation, an organization which is engaged in projects of creating a payment network that will allow payments using cryptocurrencies. McCaleb is optimistic that this new project will succeed in offering a new secure way of transacting using cryptocurrencies.

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National Steel Car: Hiring New Talents And Skilled Workers

The National Steel Car is a company that is currently under the ownership of Gregory James Aziz. He purchased the company from the Dominion Foundries and Steel back in 1994. The company where he bought the National Steel Car from had a thought that the rolling stock manufacturing industry would crash in the 1980s, so instead of keeping it to become a liability later, they just decided to sell it. Gregory J Aziz only had positive thoughts inside his mind, and he dismissed the possibility of an industry-wide crash. Instead, Greg Aziz used his knowledge in handling business to transform the National Steel Car into one of the most profitable companies in Canada.



Gregory James Aziz introduced several reforms that propelled the company to success. One of the changes that he implemented within the company is the hiring of an additional workforce. When he purchased the company, he noticed that the Dominion Foundries and Steel previously hired 500 remaining individuals. He decided to keep them and asked them to become trainers of the additional 2,500 workers whom he hired. The National Steel Car had 3,000 workers during its first few years, but this number continues to add because Greg Aziz believes that the significant number of employees working for his company is the secret to success.



The number of rolling stock units that the National Steel Car manufactures increased from 3,500 annually to more than 12,500 yearly. Greg Aziz believes that because he has more employees to produce rolling stocks, more rolling stocks would be created, resulting in more products being supplied to the growing rolling stocks market. Most of his clients are based in the United States, and the overproduction of rolling stocks gives Gregory James Aziz an edge because he can sell quality products at a lower price. Because of this marketing system, more clients are choosing the National Steel Car over its competitors.


To ensure that the company would have a big pool of talents and more products can be manufactured, Gregory James Aziz ordered his human resource personnel to conduct a job fair for the people living in Hamilton. Just recently, more than 200 individuals were welcomed by the company to be trained for months. Those who would graduate from the training will secure a job at the National Steel Car and will be given a chance to prove their ability to become the company’s newest assets. Visit This Page to learn more.



Jed McCaleb; the Cryptocurrency Genius

In an interview, Jed McCaleb said that he envisions a world where all transactions across the globe are powered by blockchain. He went on to say that in future there is a possibility for the incorporation of a hybrid system that facilitates the payment of fiat currencies with the blockchain.

Woon, a South Korean Bank, has planned to line up Ripple, a digital currency invented by Jed McCaleb, for implementation on commercial basis later on this year. Furthermore, many other financial institutions are considering Ripple and Stellar as a revolution for the shake-up of their remittance model. In fact, in the next 10 years, Stellar Network is set to process payments and traditional assets like stock.

Jed McCaleb is one of the top names in the world of technology today especially when it comes to cryptocurrency. He is known for the creation of Mt. Gox, eDonkey, Stellar and Ripple. Jed McCaleb serves as the Chief Technology Officer of, a company that he co-founded alongside, Joyce Kim. Jed McCaleb is basically a skilled software developer and a top-notch entrepreneur.

Jed McCaleb was born in 1975 in Arkansas, United States of America. After completing his high studies he joined the University of California. After studying for some time, Jed McCaleb decided to drop out and move to New York. It was after moving to New York, that he started his company MetaMachine Inc and then released the eDonkey2000 application in 2000. Serving as the Chief Technology Officer of the firm, Jed McCaleb continued developing the eDonkey network and the eDonkey2000 application.

In 2007, Jed McCaleb purchased and 3 years he repurposed it to a site to process dollar-to-bitcoin trades. Within months the site grew immensely and in 2011 Mark Karpeles bought it from Jed McCaleb. In 2011, Jed McCaleb started a digital currency known as Ripple.

Jed McCaleb brought in a number of top executives like Chris Larsen and continued working at triple before leaving his active role in 2013. It was in 2014 that he started Stellar to facilitate cross-transactions involving digital currencies. 3 years later, he founded, a firm that focuses on building the Stellar network.

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Jeunesse Global: Generation Young

Jeunesse Global is a company that was founded by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, two people that are on a quest to change people’s lives by empowering them to look young and feel young with their world-renowned brand. Jeunesse products range from anti-aging serums and even supplements that improve memory, eye sight and the immune system! Several ingredients have even been clinically proven to support health, well-being and youthfulness. Here are a few of their many products and what they have to offer:

Luminesce: a popular serum that reduces wrinkles and smooths skin while making it look firm and radiant. The formula for Luminesce was created by dermatologists and contains APT-200, a stem cell ingredient that rejuvenates skin and gives it a youthful look.

NV Moisturizer, Primer and Foundation: this amazing make-up set gives the perfect airbrushed look and will make anyone appear more youthful. Not only does NV foundation make you look great but there is no other product like it which makes it unique and the only one of its kind.

Reserve Fruit Blend: a delicious antioxidant blend that allows you to feel younger and live longer. Reserve enhances your health and works by repairing free radical damage with powerful, natural ingredients such as grape seed extract, aloe vera and green tea.

Finiti Anti Aging: this supplement focuses on protecting telomeres, which are an important function in the human body for maintaining healthy cells. Finiti can naturally slow aging and enhance enzymes that protect DNA.

M1ND: this delectable lemon meringue flavored supplement contains cera-q, a mixture of peptides that has been clinically proven to improve cognitive function and strengthen memory.

AM/PM essentials: with a long list of powerful vitamins and nutrients, it’s no wonder that this supplement boosts energy while also regulating sleep. Mental clarity, better focus, strong hair and nails and increased cell function are just a few of the many added benefits.

How Robert Deignan Thinks

Robert Deignan, the Co-Founder and CEO of ATS Digital Services, knows that his digital services company is changing the game for business owners. Technology is the end all be all, and has been growing into a more demanding industry since 2007. The idea for the company was born when Deignan was working for another company. Working in technology gave him the edge he needed to create a great product and launch a great company. Working with software as he learned more about the technology behind it all, gave him some much needed insight into how this company would be formed and what it would do.

What is it about Deignan that opened up the door for pure genius? Recently, Deignan said in an interview that “the wheels are constantly turning in my head on why something is right or wrong, and although I can’t put it into words-in my gut I know what to do.” Always thinking is just one way to describe Deignan, mainly because he already has a grasp on what technology is supposed to do for us. A contributing factor his know how is most likely the fact that he graduated with a degree in Organizational Leadership.

Robert Deignan attended Purdue University on a full scholarship, and founded his very first company, Fanlink after spending some time working with two NFL football teams. Deignan maintains that his best ideas come to him when he is unplugged from business, and out spending time outdoors or enjoying his free times before work or after work. His creative thinking is when ideas come to him quickly and he is able to think more clearly about how things work together. Modern day trends with hardware and software make a big difference for Deignan. He can see how things have changed when the guys that fix the technology can come to you, and not the other way around.

Clayton Hutson, the Soul Music Legend talks about His Journey in the Music Industry

When it comes to live music shows, Clayton Hutson is someone who helps put on key music performances. Hutson’s job is to ensure that everything element of the live music performance goes smoothly in front of live crowds. Clay considers himself to be a determined individual with an eagerness for the music milieu and all elements that relate to it.


Recently, Clay Hutson worked on the “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom” tour with Halsey, a very talented, American female vocalist. Halsey has performed at many arenas and music venues, worldwide.


As a tour rigger, Clay Hutson decided to work with Faith Hill and Tim McGraw on the second part of the Soul2Soul: The World Tour. Both Faith Hill and Tim McGraw — a well-known country singing duo — have not been on tour together for more than a decade.


The first leg of Hill and McGraw’s music tour included approximately 70 sold-out shows — these concerts ran from April to December 2017. However, because of the high demand for Hill and McGraw’s music, their tour was extended. This turn of events was good news for Hutson because he was able to join the second leg of the McGraw-Hill tour. Clay Hutson noted that he was “truly honored” to join their team on tour.


The second leg of the Hill and McGraw tour commences on May 31st in Richmond, Virginia. Caitlyn Smith will kick things off as the opening talent. There will also be talents like then Brothers Osborne, NEEDTOBREATHE, Devin Dawson, Midland, Seth Ennis, Margo Price, and other talents.


In the early part of Hutson’s career, he worked in the role of sound engineer and toured with Billy Graham’s sound team. Much later, Hutson’s strong affinity for rock ‘n’ roll music was the impetus to focus his efforts on the music sector, since he had a real love for the rock music genre. Hutson has been able to work with many well-known and world famous music groups and individuals like the world-renowned evangelist, Billy Graham, music talent, Prince, Kanye West, Marilyn Manson, Kid Rock, and Guns N’ Roses.


Clay Hutson noted about his work ethic that he likes to be recognized as the hardest working guy. Hutson also remarked that artists appreciate the work that goes into these shows. By building a reputation as a hard worker in your business, that business can continue to expand with every new, yet successful project. Learn more:

Gregory Aziz, The Self Made Nationalist

Indeed, those who work hard never face disappointment. Gregory J Aziz is one of the most sophisticated yet highly accomplished people in the world. Greg Aziz, unfortunately, got born from what we term as a humble background. Luckily, Gregory was able to beat all odds hence his present successes.


James Aziz, an alumnus of the Western University has become an overnight sensation because of his unique management skills at National Steel Car. National Steel Car, a leading railroad car manufacturer in the world got created in 1912.


Surprisingly, the corporation has been able to outlive its lifespan all thanks to Gregory James Aziz, the owner, CEO, and the President of the company. James found his way to National Steel Car not long ago. Mr. Aziz, having worked at Affiliated Foods for years, was able to save up more than enough money for the friendly takeover.


It is in 1994 that Aziz knocked on National Steel Car’s doors and the organization has never been the same again. So what are some of the highlights of James’s career? Gregory, ever since he took charge of the institution, has revolutionized the company’s manufacturing department. The institution, before James’s time, was only making a few car units, but the company has since scaled up all thanks to innovation and technology.


Mr. James has also dedicated a fortune to National Steel Car’s customer care department. Recall, Gregory J Aziz, before his arrival at the railroad manufacturer was working with a food franchise, a place where courtesy matters. It is the principles learned at Affiliated Foods that have helped Aziz re-engineer customer care in his new company.


In truth, everything that Greg Aziz has done since 1994 has helped boost the corporation’s productivity. The number of employees previously serving the institution has more than doubled all because of Mr. Aziz. Therefore, James Aziz has re-invented himself as the best there was, there is, and is to come. Read This Article for related information.


Did you know that National Steel Car is even better because of its employees? Gregory, from the get-go, has found it worthy to invest in his employees’ skills. Aziz, apart from introducing training workshops, has sponsored his top workers in advancing their education. It is these incentives that have motivated company employees to give their best at National Steel Car.


Hence, it is without saying that Gregory J Aziz is the best corporate head of all-time as he has been able to beat all the managers that came before him at their game.


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The Growth of Digital Wallets and PSI Pay

Digital wallets and cryptocurrency are becoming more and more real as tech advances. Every day around the world these two forms of tech are being researched, studied, and advanced to see just where they fit in today and where they’ll fit in the future.

Cryptocurrencies cause all sorts of conversation and controversy since there’s no tangible form of money. Along with that, the unsteady economy built around cryptocurrency stirs a lot of skepticism which can scare people away from delving into that new world. Even with all the negative talk towards this form of currency it’s still expanding and growing every day, which in turn gives more need for digital wallets to hold that “virtual” money. The importance and significance of these wallets coming into the world are crucial as it lets cryptocurrency find real-world use and availability. Thanks to digital wallets and companies like PSI Pay using this money becomes much more simple.

Although using things like digital wallets hasn’t fully been pushed into the mainstream yet the time for it may come. With certain abilities that these digital wallets offer it becomes hard not to at least give it a try. In Europe, PSY Pay is making transactions much more simple, especially when dealing with different currencies. PSI Pay lets users convert currencies on the spot making this a very valuable tool in a place like Europe where many people may be accepting of different currencies like the euro or pound. The growth and future of a tool like this can seem uncertain but holds the true potential to become the norm of the future’s economy and ways of paying friends, family, services, and much more.

From all the pros to the cons of cryptocurrencies and digital wallets figuring out if these ideas and technology will truly shape the world will take time. With technology constantly advancing it seems like these might have a place in our future.

How NGP VAN is Employing Modern Technology in Political Campaigns

NGP VAN is a software provider that provides campaigning and organizing tools for fundraising, compliance, field organizing and social media networking on a combined platform. Its clients range from labor unions, non- profit organizations to political parties and presidential campaigns. The company has been involved in almost every primary campaign in America for the Democratic Party. In this age, the affairs of political organizing and campaigns employ technology-oriented strategies. Technology keeps evolving and it is essential that campaigns consider this and keep abreast with these trends to stay ahead of their competitors.


A decade ago, just appearing on Television and being on Radio was enough for a candidate but in this digital era, candidates have to utilize the newest technology like social media. Big data has altered the political arena and data and web analytics are crucial in winning modern-day elections, even for incumbent candidates. The Obama campaign in 2008 initiated a web-oriented platform that empowered voters to host informal meetings and drum up support for Obama. In 2012, the campaign in keeping up with new trends the campaign used a mobile application called pollwatcher that was powered by NGP VAN and this gave them success over the Romney camp.


Today, most people own a smartphone and this has re-established the methods of soliciting votes from physical door- door exercises to connecting voters with a candidate’s campaign via websites and mobile apps. Tech-savvy experts and computer programmers are essential in running a successful tech-based campaign. It is for this reason that the Democratic campaigns engage the tools of NGP VAN in conserving their technological advantage in contemporary political campaigning.


NGP VAN uses big data to connect Democratic Campaigns to their prospective voter base and eventually turn them out to cast their vote on election day. This campaigns use the software provider’s tools to analyze data collected and track their campaign progression rate. Their fundraising tools help democrat campaigns track and file donations. NGP VAN has integrated with Hustle, a web company to enhance grassroots organizing and advocacy. Alliances like this one and having powerful tools have assisted in advancing Democratic campaigns.,18.htm

Equities First Holdings in Australia

Equities First Holdings Australia is a subsidiary of Equities First Holdings, a global company which has headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company provides alternative lending services. It is one of the companies which are providing financing solutions that can work for a majority of the people. Commercial banks no longer satisfy the needs of majority of their clients since they have tough guidelines on lending. Equities First Holdings provides shareholding loans which are far much effective than other types of loans. These are loans that use shares in stock markets as collateral.

These types of loans are gaining traction from many people as it’s easier to have shares in a publicly traded company than to own an asset.Many people in the world today opting for financing methods that are easy to repay. Commercial banks will offer loans, but the repayment process is very complex. Interest rates keep going up making it very hard for borrowers to repay.Equities First Holdings in Australia is working with many business organizations in the country. One of the organizations that are being financed by Equities First Holdings is Environmental Clean Technologies Limited, a company that is creating efficient technologies in India. EFH CEO, Al Christy has vowed to support the activities of this company to the end.