Stephen Murray and his Accomplishments

The investment industry is currently a delicate industry that is now bound to codes of transparency through the hiring of compliance officers as well as the putting out of regular reports that show the public exactly what the investment firm is up to.

As this is a delicate industry that is slowly trying to win back the trust of the clients from all over world, one individual in particular is a former leader within this industry who is on the mission to gain the trust of the people and to prove the investment firms seek to help people and their finances rather than harm them.

This individual is Stephen Murray who has been involved within the investment industry ever since he graduated from college with a degree in economics in 1984.

As a former investment expert, Stephen Murray has shown that he is an individual who is for the people and not an individual who is a leader in this industry for his own personal gain through wealth as well as through power. Stephen Murray is the former CEO of CCMP Capital, an investment firm that has been built and developed by Stephen Murray himself. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

Ever since his graduation from college with a degree in economics, Stephen Murray has called himself a civil servant. Right after college, Stephen Murray joined an analyst training program where he learned the exact skills that he needed to acquire in order to eventually become an influential individual within the industry.

By 1989, Mr. Stephen Murray used his talents to become a part of MH Equity Corporation, a company that would undergo several changes up until 2006. As an individual who worked through these on going changes, Stephen Murray was able to climb the ladder straight to the top.

Murray is not only a former investor and businessman, but he is also a former family man as well as a former philanthropist who was dedicated to the community of New York City through the countless donations that he made.

As a successful individual, Mr. Murray was on the mission to spread his wealth rather than keep his wealth close for his own greed. Mr. Murray loved giving back to the community that he was a a part of during his decades with the investment industry.

How Goettl Air Conditioning changed the life of a Woman in Las Vegas

Summers in Las Vegas are grueling hot and many residents rely on air conditioners for relief. The areas bordering Nevada desert experience extreme heat due to its arid climate. The arid temperatures can be fatal to people who suffer from chronic medical conditions.

The Las Vegas temperatures are especially brutal to older people as they are less tolerant to heat. The CDC states that most elderly people are vulnerable to heat stroke since most of them are more likely to suffer from at least one chronic medical condition.

In most Nevada residential areas, air conditioning units are as old as the buildings they sit on. This makes their repair and re-aligning them with modern systems an expensive affair. Because they are poorly maintained, they tend to break down often.

A veteran of Las Vegas, Ms. Jean Jackson, knows the importance of a great air conditioning unit. Based on a story originally told in a Las vegan informer article, the 94-year-old woman had encountered the extreme summer heat several times following a breakdown of her air conditioning unit.

The pensioner knew things had taken a wrong turn one day when her only air conditioning units broke down. The units had worn out and could not be repaired anymore. She knew that repairing them would be expensive because the company that used to make them was not in operation anymore. They just had to be replaced.

Ms. Jean Jackson also knew the dangers of the summer heat as she had an encounter with the heat once, which had left her with a heat stroke. She was taken to the hospital unconscious and the paramedics recommended that she moves to a caregiver home or risk suffering another heat stroke.

Ken Goodrich heard about the sad tale and reached Ms. Jean through his companies Goettl Air Conditioning and Sunny Plumbers. After reviewing the elderly woman’s case, Mr. Goodrich decided to offer the services of his companies for free.

Sunny Plumbers, Goettl Air Conditioning, and Daikin-Goodman Global all came together to install a tailor-made cooling system that could also heat the house if needed. Mr. Goodrich affirmed his position that companies had an obligation to give back to communities and look after the less fortunate.

Goettl Air Conditioning has been installing cooling, heating, and other air conditioning units for over 75 years. The company has gained experience and a good reputation in offering services through its experienced management and a team of highly trained technicians. They have established centers in Tucson and Phoenix that serve the large metropolitan cities.


Why Securus Technologies is Leading by Example

There are many calls across the United States to reform our criminal justice system. While many people are in support of the reforms, there are those who are opposed to them only that they cannot dare go public.

Recently, Securus Technologies exposed an inmate communications provider for wrongdoings and integrity breaches. The company in question is Global Tel Link that has been oppressing thousands of inmates by deliberately manipulating their system.

Through a press release last month, Securus revealed Global’s fraudulent actions during the time they were contracted to serve the Louisiana Department of Corrections.

It had also programmed its call rates to be higher that its tariffs or even the rate caps set by the commission. Its charges were also inflated and would add additional charges even after the calls were rated. It was also found that the company would bill each call more than once. It did everything deliberately with the intent to overcharge its customers. As a result of its actions, the company defrauded Louisiana taxpayers a staggering $1.2 million.

The criminal justice reforms seek to bring to and end such malpractices. I find the steps taken by Securus against Global overly appropriate. It is shameful for a company like Global to stoop too low just to make enormous profits. There is a need for our businesses not to focus on profits to the extent that we don’t care about the services we offer our customers.

The bold actions taken by Securus encourage us to remain committed in our push for better incarceration experience. It is no wonder that the company is leading other providers of civil and criminal Justice technology solutions. The Dallas-based company has proved its commitment to improving public safety, corrections, monitoring and investigation.

Brian Bonar’s Dedication Reaps Financial Success

Brian Bonars’ voracious appetite and passion for the financial industry earned him the Who’s Who® “Executive of the Year in Finance” in 2010 from Cambridge. He continuously applies his knowledge and skills in financial strategies and management and his abilities were recognized by Cambridge Publishing Magazine.

Brian has three decades in the financial industry and holds the positions of Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Dalrada Financial Corporation for more than ten years.

He is officially connected to the American Finance Association and has a Ph.D. Read more: Brian Bonar: Executive Profile & Biography

Brian Bonar rose through the ranks from 1992 thru 1998 in the Dalrada Financial Corporation holding the positions of Director of Technology Sales, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Executive Vice-President, and then President and CEO.

In 1999, Brian Bonar added Chairman of the board to his accomplishments. He joined Trucept in June 2011 and is the Chairman of the Board and CEO of the company. He has held other prestigious positions with other companies before he joined the Dalrada and Trucept family.

His solution solving acumen stems from his earning his degree in Mechanical Engineering from James Watt Technical College in 1969.

His training has served him well in recognizing problems and constructing a solution. He earned his Masters in Mechanical Engineering in 1985 that helped him fine tune his building and construction skills.

According to Whitepages, Brian Bonar shares his time with the boys and girls clubs, the Escondido Children’s Museum and The Lions Club. He has the love for the golf course and boating and makes time to spend with his family.

His education, his determination to learn and listen to his mentors and having the desire and the drive is how he has succeeded in the financial industry.

Tarallucci e Vino: A Warm and sophisticated place that makes everyone feel at home

As pleasant places to visit and spend time go, New York City has plenty.

ACME, formerly known as Acme Bar & Grill is a contemporary bistro which combines the classic French training and Italian-American upbringing of Loiacono, the former executive chef at Daniel Boulud’s db Bistro Moderne. It remains quintessentially New York while creating a seasonal neighborhood restaurant with a variety of flavors and techniques.

Its cocktail list was created by Dev Johnson of Employees Only and features a mix of well-executed classics like Negronis and Manhattans with twists. The restaurant’s noteworthy wine program is under the direction of Nicole Hakli, a veteran of The Nomad and Eleven Madison Park, who bolsters a diverse and accessible selection of the restrained and balanced classic styles of the Old World; a fresh perspective to ACME’s inventory.

The downstairs houses a rock ‘n’ roll club which is well storied and time-worn. It has been renovated into a cocktail bar well suited for pre-dinner drinks, large-party dining, and private events. Additionally, the ACME Downstairs menu includes a number of dishes from the restaurant, as well as more casual small-plate selections.

Most reservations can be made online, however, those unavailable can be obtained by speaking with a reservationist thorough the restaurant’s reservation lines which are open daily from 11:30AM.

Easy and simple is also fun. Franny’s is a neighborhood pizzeria comprised of hardworking people committed to highest quality and consistent food experience. It has a national following and a seasonal menu which is locally sourced and often-changing. It includes small plates of modern Italian treats, delicious cocktails, microbrew beer, and a fine wine selection. Even the simplest of salads evokes food envy, especially within the stark, yet warm, setting, its comfortable vibe and a cellar with made to order Francesco Simeti artwork and elegant walnut woodwork and tables.

It accepts reservations for all party sizes, including events such as birthdays, showers, engagement parties and anniversaries. Its private room can accommodate up to 32 guests for a sit-down dinner, or 45 guests for a cocktail party. The restaurant is available, in its entirety, for buy-outs, and can accommodate a maximum of 100 people.

Reservations are taken starting two weeks prior to the desired reservation date, and they can be made daily, by telephone, from 3pm until 10pm. They always reserve space for walk-in customers, especially during very times; these guests are accommodated on a first come, first serve basis.

For breathtaking events is Tarallucci e Vino, an events crafting company which offers an integral service and thoughtful hospitality through two spectacular event spaces fit for any occasion.

The Mezzanine room is one intimate and ideal for 30 guests or a cocktail party of 80; the 6th Floor Loft can be furnished for any type of event, be it a business gathering for 50 or a celebration for 120. Both spaces boast a bar, a lounge area, beautiful tables, as well as unique mirrors.

Chef Riccardo Bilotta will create a menu based on the seasonal produce from the Union Square Market in close proximity, and inspired by a combination of traditional Italian cuisine and modern culinary practices that will leave every guest in awe. Additionally, they carry a wine selection which reflects their commitment to small scale, family-run vineyards in Italy, as well as the use of grapes hardly found anywhere else in the United States.