White Shark Media Believes In Continual Improvement

There are several digital services being provided by White Shark Media to its clients. These would include services such as AdWords management, besides PPC campaigns and much more. But White Shark Media does not stop here. It realizes that improvements are needed to grow and sustain the business. Hence it likes to learn from its mistakes and improve upon them. White Shark Media has managed to move forward in a constructive manner this way.

As an example, clients complain that they are simply not aware how their AdWords Campaign is performing. Hence White Shark Media realized that the issue lied in the reporting procedures being inadequate, especially for those who were small business owners. Even they wanted to review the reports. Hence White Shark Media wanted to let them know about everything that is happening to their AdWords campaign.

They take each new client through their campaign extensively. This is when all the details will be explained properly. They come to know how any keyword or ad tends to perform and know if it is going on the right way or not.

Many times White Shark Media receives complaints from clients regarding ineffective communication.

This is a consulting agency. Hence communication will always remain as their most important attribute. It would include providing meaningful results to the client. White Shark Media tends to probe further to know that clients had no information about whom to contact. In fact, they had to get any information by going through a receptionist always.

This is where White Shark Media decided to have a monthly meeting with the client. Here the SEM Strategist along with the client will go through the results of the past month. A monthly report will be prepared and sent to the client before the meeting so that they have all the information.

Meet the Next Generation of Educational Apps: ClassDojo

Introducing a social education app designed to grow relationships, teach students and enhance parental bonds, meet ClassDojo.

This app was designed for those who might not be able to afford a private education, use of this app can serve as an enhancement to a traditional public school education.

ClassDojo uses cartoons and positive reinforcement to teach students, they receive supportive comments and praise. Yes, it sounds so simple. Yes, it works.

This is the unique model that ClassDojo built, students and participants have responded positively.

The key might be the type of praise that students receive. Instead of the traditional “great job” or “good”, students receive points along with intuitive compliments that address each student’s personal gifts.

The instructors at ClassDojo praise acts of exemplary thinking…and listening. Too often, schools focus on grades, grades, grades. Here is where ClassDojo shines and the students have responded.

Here’s How it Works

ClassDojo is a communication app, with an education centric design. It enhances the teacher-student relationship, dramatically improving interaction between faculty and students.

With the ability to perform powerful functions, such as checking messages from parents, the role of the teacher is greatly expanded.

ClassDojo strengthens the bond between teacher and parent as well, there is no longer a need to wait for parent-teacher conferences to interact with teachers.

This format is a hit thanks to positive affirmations, giving children avatars doesn’t hurt either. Whenever a student accomplishes something noteworthy, they receive something in addition to points and praise. The student’s avatar will signal the bonus, playing cute and bright sounds.

Further strengthening precious bonds between teacher, parents, and students, ClassDojo gives the teacher the ability to share precious keepsakes as class photos, or parent videos. Along with the app comes self-growth videos for kids, which stars the ClassDojo mascot Mojo – also a hit with students.


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Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund: Seeking for the Dignity of all Minority Groups

Discrimination of the minority groups has been rampant for the last few decades. Yes, great strides have been taken to address the issue of discrimination, but a lot still needs to be done. Various organizations have been created to help fight and increase the dignity of all immigrants and minority groups.

American Immigration Council

The American Immigration Council is a non-profit council that helps to promote policies, attitudes, and laws to honor the immigrant history. The organization has conducted research and analysis that seeks to inform the American people about the history of the Immigrants and its effect on the history and economy of the United States. The American Immigration Council has established programs that will shape the American attitude on the immigrant experience. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase

The Council has committed to fighting for fair justice process for all the affected immigrants. The team also uses the immigrant information to connect the businesses with global opportunities.

American Immigrant Council, established in 1987 has strengthened the American History. The Organization treats all persons with respect and dignity, and they fight for all.

The Council has partnered with different organizations including the Phoenix Legal Action Network and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

Phoenix Legal Action Network

The Phoenix Legal Action Network is an organization that has engaged in services that provide attorneys and legal representation and services. The organization has been formed by attorneys who have dedicated their time and energy to protect the immigrants and advance the rights of women and racial minorities.

One of the projects of PLAN is the Justice for Immigrants and Families Projects. The projects have developed new strategies and provide access to legal representation for the immigrants.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin established the Frontera Fund. In October 2007, the two journalists were arrested, and the events opened doors for many opportunities. Michael and Jim had been following the stories of Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Maricopa County.

Rumors were circulating in the County about the discrimination experienced by the immigrants especially the Hispanic Community. After their research, Michael and Jim published an article on Joe Arpaio’s activities in the County.

The Sheriff arrested them, and they detained for less than 24 hours. The news of their arrests spread like wild fire, and the people decided to protest which led to Michael and Jim being released. The two journalists sued the County, and they were given a $ 3.75 million settlement.

The two journalists used the money to establish the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The organization was established to protect the immigrants.

Michael and Jim started out their journalism career back when they were at the University. They both dropped out of University and joined the Phoenix New Times. Michael was the Executive Editor of Phoenix New Times while Jim was the head of the advertising department.

The Phoenix New Times purchased the Westwood weekly in 1983 and later 17 papers across the United States.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/politics/immigration/2014/12/16/proceeds-arpaio-suit-fund-asu-journalism-chair/20480479/

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Use Trends and Pain Points for Their Inspiration

People who know about Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg know about the two successful CEOs of TechStyle. TechStyle has brought forth tons of brands including Fabletics. These brands have turned out to be very successful when it came to fashion. One of the reasons that it has become a successful venture is that it has looked for gaps in the market. In other words, it has found pain points. After it has found that pain point, then it has looked into everything it can do in order to address the gap and bring in more innovations and sales.


One pain point that Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg has looked at is the activewear section of fashion. One thing that they have seen is that there are limits to what is offered for women. Given that women are considered the more fashionable gender, it makes no sense that it should stop at physical activity. Just because one is working out does not mean that one can’t look good and stylish. As a matter of fact, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have figured that a large part of what gives clothing its style is in the function that comes with it. Therefore, they have gotten together a team that can come up with some really good designs that will not only look good on women but also improve their function. The best part is that women can actually exercise better in these specially designed clothes.


Another pain point is in the quality of clothes. In order for people to get really good looking and durable clothing, they would have to pay tons of money. Otherwise, they would either have to settle for bland and boring clothing that is durable, or really stylish clothes that are only built only to last one full season. This is quite a compromise. However, Adam and Don have found ways to bring forth some of the highest quality styles at a low cost. This involves a paid subscription which helps people save money on their purchases. At the same time, they get free outfits every month as an appreciation for their subscription membership. https://onmogul.com/don-ressler

Equities First Holdings the Global Leader in Alternative Lending Services

Recognized as the world’s leader in alternative share holding and lending services, Equities First Holdings recently relocated its head offices. The relocation was geared to making the company’s services accessible to both its clients and associates. By acquiring increased office space, the move matches Equities First Holdings’ expanding staff and clientele base. With three business offices in Australia, the company will continue providing stock based loans as capital for expansion activities.

Its other offices are located in Hong Kong, Thailand, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, with company headquarters in Indiana, USA. Equities First Holdings has nine offices globally. Its core solutions focus on providing alternative lending hedged against publicly traded stocks. Since 2002, Equities First Holdings processed over 2,000 requests worth over $2 billion.

Equities First Holdings Specialty

Equities First Holdings, LLC specializes in providing security based financing solutions to businesses and individual investors. Funding depends on an assessment of the future performance and risk analysis of treasuries, bonds, and stocks. Loans from EFF are collateralized against publicly traded stocks. EFF offers two major types of lending solutions: margin based and stock based loans. Margin based loans are subject to per-qualification with variable interest rates and loan to value ratios of 20 to 50%. Stock based loans have fixed interest rates of 3 to 4% and loan to value ratios of 50 to 75%. For more info about us: https://www.glassdoor.co.uk/Overview/Working-at-Equities-First-Holdings-EI_IE1401879.11,34.htm click here.

Its financing solutions benefit individuals and organizations that require capital quickly or where qualification for standard credit based loans lacks. With banks reducing their lending options, tightening credit qualifications, and increasing interest rates, EFFs lending solutions offer respite to institutional, corporate, and individual investors. In addition to benefiting investors, the company is a bridge between high net worth individuals and startups.

Its lending service is particularly beneficial to organizations that require expedient capital for operations. With these solutions in the market, EFF has proven record of accomplishment as the global leader in alternative lending options.

Yanni Hufnagel- Recruiting at a High Level

Succeeded in the world of college coaching is no easy challenge. Every year coaches are fired for not meeting expectations. To survive in the coaching world one must be able to coach, recruit and develop talent. Yanni Hufnagel has demonstrated this ability over time. During several stops throughout his career, Hufnagel has built a reputation for being an incredible recruiter and player developer.

Hufnagel’s beginnings date back to New York. He worked as a graduate assistant at Oklahoma University and eventually got his start in coaching. It was during this time that Hufnagel really began to develop his skillset. He is well known for his work with future NBA All-Star Blake Griffin. Hufnagel displayed a unique ability to develop young talent during this time.

A few years later Hufnagel would take his talents to Harvard University. At Harvard Hufnagel’s talents shined even more. Hufnagel is credited for helping to recruit and develop to well known players in Wesley Saunders and Jeremy Lin. Harvard’s basketball program really began to take off thanks to Hufnagel and head coach Tommy Amaker. Harvard even made multiple NCAA tournament appearances during this time. Well known people in the coaching world began to take notice.

After leaving Harvard, other stops for Hufnagel included California University and Vanderbilt University. During this time he worked with great coaches like Kevin Stallings and Cuonzo Martin. During this time he had a role in recruiting and developing great young talent including Matthew Fisher-Davis, Wade Baldwin IV , Ivan Rabb and Jaylen Brown. Over the years Hufnagel has developed an incredible reputation and built an excellent resume. It appears to be only a matter of time before he is he is head coach of his own team.

How George Soros supports the Minorities in the Society

George Soros is an individual who is globally recognized for the outstanding efforts that he makes in transforming the society. He runs the Open Society Foundations, which is an organization has been protecting minority groups in different parts of the world. The liberal billionaire has so far donated $12 billion to support the operations of groups and individuals who ensure that governments are just, accountable, transparent, and offer freedom of speech to their citizens. The Open Society Foundation has also been making sure that the rights of the Europe-based Roma people are not violated. It protects individuals such as LGBTI people, sex workers, and drug addicts who are looked down upon by the society. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

Soros is the proprietor and head of a leading hedge fund company that is called Soros Fund Management. The businessman started the firm in 1970, and it currently generates billions of dollars every year. He has given a substantial portion of his wealth in the Open Society Foundation. The organization runs operations in over 100 nations, and it comprises of different partners, groups, and projects. It conducted its first charity work in 1979 by creating an education fund that enabled the black South Africans to access a decent university education. Since then, Soros has supported several activities that can change the world.

The billionaire was among the people who offered a lot of money to facilitate the Ferguson protests. He partnered with several human and civil rights organizations across the United States to ensure that the protests had a positive impact. George Soros wanted to ensure that the government took civil action against Darren Wilson who had shot an unarmed civilian, Michael Brown. The Open Society Foundation mobilized activists and transformed a crime scene into an issue that needed serious government action.

Read more: http://www.cnbc.com/george-soros/

The Open Society Foundations’ tax information indicated that more than $33 million was dedicated to groups that were in the frontline during the Ferguson protests. All these organizations have a significant influence in the grassroots and quickly mobilized people to show up for the protests. The Open Society’s director, Kenneth Zimmerman, believes that all governments should allow people to take part in the administrative processes to make sure the society is accountable, inclusive, just, and democratic. George Soros’ foundation offered billions of dollars to civil and human rights activist for more than three decades. According to Zimmerman, the organization has less influence on the stands of the groups. Visit projectsyndicate.com to know more about George.

Different organizations that were financially supported by the Open Society Foundation were committed to ensuring that there was justice for Michael Brown. They mobilized Americans to at the grassroots and through social media platforms to participate in the protests. The organizations worked together during the period and they significantly dominated the media.

Greg Secker, Man From England Who Helps You Make Money

For someone who studied agriculture in school Greg Secker’s foray into the world of finance is quite fortuitous. He went on to create the very first online currency trading program. The extent of his expertise can be gauged from the fact that he made five thousand pounds that he had borrowed from someone into sixty thousand pounds in less than a year.

After having made his fortune by smart investment, Greg Secker felt that he should share his expertise with the others so that they too could generate wealth for themselves. He went ahead and shared his vision with as many people as he possibly could by advocating his idea across all kinds of fora. Among the places that he has spoken from are the National Achievers Congress, the Success Summit Congress and wealth expos across the US.

He also set up the Greg Secker Foundation with the intention of empowering young people with the life skills to make it big very early in life. The foundation is also involved in core charitable activities like helping a typhoon hit community in Phillippines rebuild their lives. Secker was recently also appointed as City Ambassador for Philanthropy. This has given him a unique perspective on the various causes that need support in the UK. Secker is a great believer of the fact that businesses need to give back to society.

Secker is also an author, and his books include Financial Freedom Through Forex. Truly Gary Secker is a man of many talents which is so remarkable for someone as young as him. He is a role model for so many young people who not only desire financial freedom to be able to free themselves to pursue whatever it is that their heart truly desires-just like Secker. If like him they can be brilliantly inspired and willing to work extremely hard, the world would indeed be their oyster. Who knows with the inspiration provided by Secker there may soon be other young and intrepid investor cum entrepreneurs.

The world would certainly welcome another Secker. Who wouldn’t want more winners in their midst?


My Road to Success Had Some Challenges, Says Dr. Aphil

Dr. Aphil reveals that the road has not always been easy for him. He, like most other successful people, made his fair share of mistakes at the onset of his career. Having begun his dental practice at the age of 23, he had little or no experience in the business. All he had was enthusiasms and passion for his work. Consequently, at one point he burnt his fingers in a business deal. He bought a business practice which failed to function as he aspired. As a result, he was forced to sell it at a loss. He feels that mentorship at an earlier stage could have saved him the loss and embarrassment. However, later he hooked up with the vision of Dr. Chris Villanueva who is the visionary at MB2 dental. Working closely with the team has earned Dr. Aphil a senior position in the unit.

Dr. Aphil grew up in Texas where he was raised by loving parents. He was just an ordinary child who loved activities such as soccer in school. However, his love for humanitarian activities was visible via the choice of clubs he chose to join; case in point Red Cross and scouting. Dr. Aphil had the heart to help people, and that was visible through his early childhood involvements. Upon joining senior school, he knew he was scientific and wanted to pursue a career that would help him use his practical skills. He narrowed down his choices to engineering and dentistry and finally settled for the latter.Immediately after high school, Dr. Akhil joined the University of the Pacific and pursued a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences.

Immediately after graduating, he joined the university’s doctorate class in dentistry where he graduated with a Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree. He was then still very young as he was 23 years old.Passion, optimism, and enthusiasm drove him back to his hometown where he immediately began his practice. It was while here that he made some mistakes businesswise bit he quickly learned from them. After selling his venture at a loss due to its failure, he joined hands with Dr. Chirrs Villanuella the founder of MB2 dental.Dr. Aphil says that he believes in working with a motivated team. Therefore, he listens to those below him and treats them well. At the same time, he believes in balancing work and family by only working 8 hours each week day and half a day every Saturday. Dr. Aphil spends the rest of his time with family and friends.

Source of the article : http://dentalinsurance.dentalplans.com/drakhilreddy/index_15.html

Rick Shinto of InnovaCare Guarantees you of Medical Care

Richard Shinto serves as the chief executive officer and president of InnovaCare Health. Dr. Rick started off with his career as a pulmonologist. His profession has since grown, and he prides in his important presence in clinical medicine and healthcare sectors. The M.B.A. holder from the University of Redlands is an avid writer of medical articles. Since assuming his post at InnovaCare, Rick has proved to be of invaluable help. Sometime back three professionals were added to InnovaCare’s leadership crew. Among them was Penelope Kokkinides, who, so far has proved to be an instrumental figure at InnovaCare.

Values Under Which InnovaCare Operates

InnovaCare Health greatly appreciates quality. As such, they invest in highly qualified experts. Securing an office at InnovaCare Health requires hands-on experience and ability to drive growth in the company. At InnovaCare, they hold onto active communication and a clear vision as the main ingredients for their day-to-day endeavors. The professionals also uphold good working relations that enable them to create and maintain networks. You haven’t even heard of their level of honesty and transparency. Rick Shinto attributes the company’s great success to transparency and their inner drive to redefine the management of today’s healthcare sector.

Consequential Details Regarding Rick Shinto

Rick has been in the clinical medicine industry long enough. He prides in his unparalleled technical experience of over twenty years. He worked at Aveta Inc., and while there his managerial efforts got noticed. Rick scooped the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur prize of the year, a highly coveted award issued to appreciate personalities who are dedicated to excellence. Richard also served at Medical Management as the vice president prior moving to Cal Optima Health Plan in Orange County. In all those facilities Rick Shinto held influential positions, thanks to his impressive resume.

Penelope Kokkinides, a Woman of Excellence

Penelope is an incredibly resourceful figure in the healthcare industry. She prides in her unmatched experience garnered from several companies she worked in. Penelope’s wealth of knowledge in creation of clinical concepts is to die for. Kokkinides’ resume reflects her brilliant mind that earned her a position at InnovaCare. When it comes to healthcare activities, Penelope is a force to reckon. She is also superbly efficient in organizational infrastructure, a trait that sustains her ahead of the curve. Kokkinides’ joining hands with Rick is credited as the main force of revolution at InnovaCare. There are even greater things to expect from the facility with such experts behind the scenes.