Becoming a Model with Brown Modelling Agency

Becoming a model can be one of the most rewarding and frustrating professions you can participate in. No number of classes or seminars can ‘make’ you a model. But if you’re ready to work hard, this article will give you some tips on getting started in the modelling business.

Modelling agencies send out modeling recruits to find the next models. They frequent popular places for young people throughout the country. There are several ways to try and get with an agency. Most agencies will host casting calls where you can audition. You can usually find out when an agency is hosting these events by contacting their office. You can also send your photo and cover letter directly to the agency. An extensive portfolio is not necessary, especially if you’re just starting out you’ll have few photo shoots under your belt. Keep the photos simple, and professional looking. A modelling agency is looking for models with personalities. Looking genuinely happy and smiling in the photos is just as important as having good looks. Clients want to see your natural beauty, so make up should be minimal and your clothing not distracting.

You can submit your information to agents either online or in person by visiting Brown Agency’s office. You should research the agency prior to sending your information. You should know what areas they specialize in and who the agents are. Referrals can also help you find the right agency. Build your network of contacts that can contact the agency and give them a positive referral of you.

What do you do when a modelling agency wants to meet you? Take this meeting seriously like you would with any other job interview. Be yourself and relax. This is an opportunity for you to show the agent your personality. Dress and look nicely when you meet with them and bring your best photos. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when appropriate and listen to any advice or criticism that they have. If you don’t get the job, don’t give up. Look at the advice that the agent gives you and use it to improve your performance for next time.

What makes a good model? It may sound self-explanatory, but you should enjoy having your picture taken. Stay relaxed but be professional. Most photographers enjoy working with models who take an active role in the process. Each photoshoot will have a different story/idea that they’re focusing on and you should be prepared to make the story work.

Brown Modelling Agency is a full-service modeling agency with offices in Austin and Dallas Texas. Their fashion models have been featured in runways such as Austin Fashion Week, New York Fashion week and countess others. Some of their clients have included L’oreal, Toyota, Louis Vuitton, and other companies. If you’re an aspiring model, you can find additional information about applying as a model on the Brown Agency website.