Goettl Provides Tools For Graduating Veterans

Ask any HVAC industry technician and they will be quick to explain the first few paychecks any new graduate receives will be heavily deducted from to pay for a range of tools needed to perform this key maintenance role in an effective and successful way. KNTV reports the historic Arizona and Nevada based air conditioning company, Goettl, has recently made life a little easier for two military veterans who are looking to transition to civilian life by completing an HVAC course at the College of Southern Nevada.


During a recent class time Goettl owner and CEO, Ken Goodrich, made a surprise visit to the educational institution he has developed close links to to hand over $1,000 worth of tools each to two lucky veterans. The program from Goettl has been in place for four years and is designed to make it easier for the two veterans to embark on their career without having to add higher levels of debt to their already busy lives, which for veterans can include caring for family members and high levels of student loan debt. The course leader, Dennis Soukup is a military veteran and has made clear his appreciation of the work of Ken Goodrich to make the transition between military and civilian life as easy as possible on the two lucky veterans.


Ken Goodrich took over Goettl Air Conditioning in 2014 after the company had withdrawn from Las Vegas and was limited to operating in a small region of Arizona; ken Goodrich understands the history of Goettl as his father owned a repair business that allowed Ken to take his first business steps assisting his father in repairing and maintaining Goettl brand units.


The Goettl brand itself is named after Austrian brothers Adam and Gust Goettl who established the brand in 1939 after arriving in Arizona in 1936. The Geottl brothers quickly noticed that even at the height of the Great Depression the majority of residents of Arizona spent their summer months in southern California as the stifling heat of their home state was impossible to live with. Adam and Gust began manufacturing their own HVAC units that changed the way life was lived in the state of Arizona and also started the modern HVAC industry as we know it with their growing list of more than 100 patents held across many different aspects of this industrial sector.


The Most Famous Air Conditioning Company, Goettl

13th February 2017 marked the 78th-anniversary celebration of Goettl Air Conditioning Company since its inception in 1939. Packard was the first automobile manufacturer to provide air conditioning services in cars. Goettl Air Conditioning Company ranks among the top best air conditioning companies in the world. It’s excellent products and services have earned the company a positive reputation. The satisfaction of clients has increased after the successful completion of transactions with high-end professionals. The outcome massively boosted the level of customer satisfaction. Since the company’s establishment by brother Gust and Adam Goettl, it has provided the most excellent air conditioning services hence earning recognition as seen in 14News.com.


These two brothers have received acknowledgment in the Austria-Hungarian region where they got worldwide fame. They further established a sheet metal company for manufacturing evaporative coolers. The two brothers who became pioneers once owned over 100 patents. Since the start up the company, there has been a remarkable improvement and commitment to offering the best air conditioning services to the clients. The company has remained the most outstanding, and it is well known to be the leader in the industry. It has committed itself to offering the customers with value for their money, and timely responses which have strengthened their relationship.


Goodrich, the owner of the Goettl Air Conditioning Company, said that the notion on conditioned air was the key reason for the astonishing growth that was also witnessed by the company’s competition. The increase became clearer after the Second World War, which brought many returns to the enterprise. Goettl has been successful in the business industry because it uses technology and professionals to provide quality services. It currently offers various HVAC services and equipment. It has managed to provide indoor air quality services such as duct cleaning. It provides the most appreciated air conditioning and heating services as well as equipment. It also provides maintenance, replacement, and repair services.


In 2013, Goodrich acquired Goettl AC which he then expounded to Las Vegas in 2016. Amazingly, as from 2015, Goettl witnessed an annual growth by 5000 percent which has brought forth positive review for the company. The company’s continuous improvement is majorly the result of the highly qualified technicians who have world-class technical preparations. They continuously receive quality training to remain competent in the market. Previously, many Arizona Foothills readers referred Goettl Air Conditioning as the Best HVAC Company because of its exceptional services. This company provides the most excellent air conditioning services to all customers. It mainly operates in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Southern, California, and Tucson.


Goettl Air Conditioning Merge With Southwest Residential HVAC Firms To Propel Growth

During hot times, cooling the inside of buildings becomes an urgent need. Therefore, buildings are fitted with air conditioners to impose the relaxed atmosphere.Goettl Air Conditioning is an air conditioning company that was started in Arizona in 1939. The company was later acquired by Ken Goodrich in 2013 who also relocated it to his hometown in Las Vegas in 2016 April.


Not long ago, PR Newswire released a report indicating how the collaboration of Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air has worked to promote its growth. The Residential HVAC companies have joined to diversify their Markets have led to the addition of approximately twenty employees and not less than fifteen trucks. The report that was published by PR Newswire showed that Las Vegas was going to principally serve the residential customers while Paradise Air would attend to the multi-family and hire home market.


Goettl Air-Conditioning owner, Ken Goodrich said that the addition of the two companies; Paradise Air Market and Las Vegas Air would help Goettl Air-Conditioning to continue making positive steps in the southwest region. He also added that they were excited that the addition of the giant companies was going to add to their customers’ benefits.


According to Goodrich, the two HVAC family enterprises have joined to uphold each other’s strong point and ensuring the continuity of the mission to provide quality air conditioning services all over Las Vegas.


Stephen Gamst who is one of the partners at Las Vegas Air outlines some of the reason that made the idea to merge with Goettl Air-Conditioning attractive. According to him, the merger would promote the well-being of both the customers and the employees. It was stirred in him that the synergy of Goettl team and Las Vegas Air would produce greater strength and thus it was more sensible for the two to come together.


Gamst also got the inspiration to merge the two businesses from his experiences with Ken Goodrich as he was growing up. He used to see Goodrich at the parts store when they were with his father. Being brought up with almost similar values, HVAC was in their genetic composition and therefore Gamst knew they would always produce something tremendous if they came together.


During the press release, Goodrich noted that the merger of Goettl with Paradise Air, The Sunny Plumber, and Las Vegas Air has led to an increase in the number of services that were being offered. For instance, the services by Las Vegas Air were only limited to HVAC. With the formation of the merger, customers can now get plumbing services. Similarly, Goettl Air Conditioning only dealt with HVAC Residential Market clients, but with the merger, their services have been expanded to cater for multi-family as well as strip malls.

How Goettl Air Conditioning changed the life of a Woman in Las Vegas

Summers in Las Vegas are grueling hot and many residents rely on air conditioners for relief. The areas bordering Nevada desert experience extreme heat due to its arid climate. The arid temperatures can be fatal to people who suffer from chronic medical conditions.

The Las Vegas temperatures are especially brutal to older people as they are less tolerant to heat. The CDC states that most elderly people are vulnerable to heat stroke since most of them are more likely to suffer from at least one chronic medical condition.

In most Nevada residential areas, air conditioning units are as old as the buildings they sit on. This makes their repair and re-aligning them with modern systems an expensive affair. Because they are poorly maintained, they tend to break down often.

A veteran of Las Vegas, Ms. Jean Jackson, knows the importance of a great air conditioning unit. Based on a story originally told in a Las vegan informer article, the 94-year-old woman had encountered the extreme summer heat several times following a breakdown of her air conditioning unit.

The pensioner knew things had taken a wrong turn one day when her only air conditioning units broke down. The units had worn out and could not be repaired anymore. She knew that repairing them would be expensive because the company that used to make them was not in operation anymore. They just had to be replaced.

Ms. Jean Jackson also knew the dangers of the summer heat as she had an encounter with the heat once, which had left her with a heat stroke. She was taken to the hospital unconscious and the paramedics recommended that she moves to a caregiver home or risk suffering another heat stroke.

Ken Goodrich heard about the sad tale and reached Ms. Jean through his companies Goettl Air Conditioning and Sunny Plumbers. After reviewing the elderly woman’s case, Mr. Goodrich decided to offer the services of his companies for free.

Sunny Plumbers, Goettl Air Conditioning, and Daikin-Goodman Global all came together to install a tailor-made cooling system that could also heat the house if needed. Mr. Goodrich affirmed his position that companies had an obligation to give back to communities and look after the less fortunate.

Goettl Air Conditioning has been installing cooling, heating, and other air conditioning units for over 75 years. The company has gained experience and a good reputation in offering services through its experienced management and a team of highly trained technicians. They have established centers in Tucson and Phoenix that serve the large metropolitan cities.