Beauty Beyond, With Lime Crime

Lime Crime is a makeup company that was developed and created by Doe Deere. She is the chief executive officer and is in charge of oversight on development of new products in the firm. The foundation of Lime Crime was weeks before Halloween with the aim of matching cosmetics with the clothing. They are in charge of producing various products such as Venus, Venus II AND Venus XL as among the first innovations of cosmetics. Among them are lipsticks and eyeshadow. They are in charge of producing suits of colors that match various skin tone perfectly to give confidence and the look that one needs. The Lime Crime has been able to employ various specialists with expertise in dermatology.

According to the article, Lime Crime just posted that it was going to release the latest cosmetic which several guesses called it the Venus III. The people don’t know what to expect since the first innovations of Venus Palettes have met all their needs. The fact that it took a whole week for them to post the latest brand of eyeshadow made people enthusiastic. The eyeshadow was expected to be in the version of Diamond Crushers Lip Topper. They were able to include people to see their brand early by signing them up in their website. The product also consists of 10 shades among them is teal blue, pixie and pink. On launching, the product was released online for sale.

In addition, they have also produced other cosmetics such as hair shades in different colors including pink and purple, nails and highlighters. The Lime Crime firm is enabling many people to increase their self-esteem and confidence. Different people are able to express their emotions using colors. It is a great addition to the creativity and art needs.