David Giertz: Three Tips to Retire Early

Retiring early is a dream for many people. Few people enjoy working in an office environment each day. With more technology than ever before, many workers feel like they are always connected to their work. David Giertz has a financial plan to help people achieve their dreams. In the coming years, he believes that more people than ever before will retire early. Retiring early is a way for people to focus on their health and wellness at an earlier stage in life. Although retiring early requires an enormous amount of discipline and focus, it is possible for anyone who is committed to their goals.

David is an expert on retirement. He has worked in the financial planning industry for decades, and he firmly believes that anyone can have economic freedom. Learning from David Giertz is an excellent way for people to get started with this process.

Avoid Debt

One of the most significant financial issues for most people is too much debt. In the United States, student loans and credit cards are the main culprits behind the consumer debt crisis. To retire early, it is critical to get rid of any consumer debt a person may have. By sticking to a budget, people can easily avoid debt and live a relaxed lifestyle.


Investing is essential for anyone who wants to retire early. It is almost impossible to accumulate enough money to retire early without investing. Some people wrongly assume that investing is risky. However, buying an index fund that follows the performance of the stock market is the safest way to invest.

Be Flexible

Flexibility is critical when it comes to retiring early. Some people are rigid in their plans, and they end up failing. David Giertz believes that being flexible helps people when the stock market drops. By lowering the withdrawal rate of a portfolio, people can manage their finances through tough economic times.

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