Mark Mckenna House Call Cosmetic Procedures

With technology advancing at such a rapid rate and convenience meaning everything, it is of no surprise that the cosmetic medicine industry would soon follow suit. This is where Dr. Mark Mckenna saw an opportunity to create a truly unique experience for his patients and the industry of non-invasive cosmetic procedures itself. While he had previous experience in the industry, he wanted to create an experience that was not only convenient for the patient but also a luxurious. This led him to create his newest company, OVME.

OVME is a new type of medical provider for cosmetic procedures that combines technology with traditional retail outlets. Inside of the offices of Dr. Mark Mckenna’s OVME, which was founded in Atlanta Georgia in 2017, it looks more like a spa than a doctor’s office and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Dr. Mark Mckenna made sure OVME’s offices were designed to be comforting and calming to the patients before, during, and after their procedures. If the luxury offices aren’t what the patient wants, they can also choose to have one of OVME’s free-lance physicians perform a house call where they can have many different non-invasive cosmetic procedures done in the safety and comfort of their own home.

Dr. Mark Mckenna’s combination of medical and business expertise has shown him a lot of success in his ventures. Before opening OVME, he founded the Shape Medical Wellness Center in Atlanta. ShapeMed quickly gained popularity in the area due to both their affordability and services that satisfied the customers’ needs and exceeded their expectations.

While ShapeMed was certainly convenient and comfortable for the patients, it did not have the same sense of luxury that Dr. Mark Mckenna has achieved with OVME. Shape Medical Wellness Center was later purchased by Lifetime Fitness and their retail outlets were incorporated into their fitness facilities. Approximately a year after Lifetime Fitness purchased Shape Medical Wellness Center, Lifetime was purchased and Dr. Mark Mckenna left the company. He used the opportunity to form OVME which is set to make waves in the industry.

Louis Chenevert Stamps Imprint On United Technologies Corporation

Louis R. Chenevert has blazed an unforgettable path with United Technologies Corporation during his time with the company. Chenevert worked for the company in a variety of positions and was the acting president and chief executive officer when he retired from his post in 2014.

Chenevert was a well-seasoned professional by the time he joined UTC and had already served as president of Pratt & Whitney, as well as the general manager of production for General Motors’ operation in St. Therese.

A large part of Chenevert’s legacy with UTC was the executive’s ability to deliver immediate results in pressure situations while always maintaining a careful eye on the long-term success of the organization. Chenevert has also been applauded for using the resources of the company to invest in its people and improved technology. When questioned about his decision-making process Chenevert explains that he learned early in his career that decisions made today were even more impactful in the future.

A situation that perfectly illustrates this point began when Chenevert was still president of Pratt & Whitney. Chenevert quickly understood that a particular engine used by Pratt & Whitney was going to be very popular in the future. When Chenevert became CEO of UTC he made sure that the company gained access to the engine and reaped great benefits.

Chenevert’s willingness to invest in technology was not only a key to the growth and success of UTC as a company but also positioned the company to become a key component of the U.S. economy. This is due to the fact that the many manufacturing jobs that were created by UTC have remained in the country. The company maintains plants of operations in the states of Florida, Michigan, Georgia, Maine, Connecticut, and New York. Furthermore, the production by these plants has necessitated a supply chain that involves every state in the country.

United Technologies Company will forever benefit from the foundation in place due to the efforts of Louis Chenevert and because of his vision, UTC is continuing to build on the unequaled growth and power they have established in the industry.

Tony Petrello Excited About New Deal Between Nabors Industries And TESCO

Nabors Industries has been one of the world’s top oil drilling contractor and technology development companies over the last 20 years or so, and now their portfolio will grow even larger with the acquisition of Tesco Corporation, another Houston-based oil conglomerate. Tesco is reported to bring in annual revenue of about $500,000, and Nabors Industries Chairman Tony Petrello said one reason he went through with this acquisition is because both companies have led the industry in innovation and both companies have similarly aligned goals. The transaction was stock-based, and Tesco shareholders will also be given a partial holding in Nabors Industries common stocks. The deal was completed in December of 2017.

Tony Petrello has been with Nabors Industries since 1991 first as its Chief Operating Officer, and then taking over in 2011 as CEO and Chairman. His educational background began with advanced math, a subject he excelled in during high school and then continued in as a student at Yale University. But after graduating from Yale, Petrello decided to go into law with his primary practice being in the financial sector. As an associate and partner at Baker & McKenzie, Petrello’s clients included many executives from investment banks and hedge funds who needed advice on tax laws and securities trading. Nabors Industries was very impressed with both his legal knowledge and the cases he won that they asked him to bring that knowledge to the executive board.

Tony Petrello has made some fantastic deals while serving as Chairman of Nabors, and he also became America’s highest-paid executive in 2013 as part of a contract negotiation process with shareholders. His stock options and equity do account for a significant part of his compensation as do his bonuses that exceed his base pay, but that year it all totaled to $68.7 million. But Petrello has also done a lot of work outside the offices of Nabors.

Just this last year, Tony Petrello got involved with the cleanup efforts from hurricane Harvey by having employees travel to the cleanup locations and offer assistance both in the cleanup and rescue as well as providing essential items for victims. He also has been a donor to the Texas Children’s Hospital and their Dan and Jan Duncan Neurological Institute. Petrello’s young daughter Carena has had a lifelong battle with cerebral palsy and in hopes of finding a cure one day for her and other young children who’ve suffered from brain diseases, he has dedicated around $7 million to research in brain science.


Doe Deere – Article Recap

If you have a love for make up the way Doe Deere, the founder and CEO of internet sensation Lime Crime does, then you probably have nearly as much love for a well rounded skin care and morning routine. The two typically go hand in hand, as adorning your face with pigments every day is tough work, both for you and your skin. Getting a head start to your make up routine and work day is essential for success.


If you haven’t heard of the make up company and beauty brand, Lime Crime, you must not be on the beauty side of the internet very often. The company is most known for providing it’s customers with the intense pigments they continually crave, and paved the way to online marketing and selling for the new age. Back when Lime Crime started in 2008, the make up industry not only was drowning in beiges and nudes, but had nearly no online presence. Lime Crime was one of the first make up brands that sold their products exclusively online. People no longer had to drive incredible distances to their local Sephora to get the amazing products they wanted!


Like most journey’s to success, Doe Deere’s was wild from start to finish but one thing that holds true for most CEO’s, is that an unbreakable and concrete morning routine is the perfect way to keep you grounded as well as set a foundation for constant and successful days.


For Doe Deere, her morning routine is incredibly simple, normal and attainable. Anyone could do it! The CEO starts off every morning by waking up at the same exact time – every single day she wakes up at 8:30am. This has become such a part of her bodies routine that she doesn’t even need use an alarm, her body simply adheres to the process of the routine and wakes itself up. After this, it is imperative for Doe to drink a full glass of water before continuing her routine. Water not only wakes you up, but it’s good for your skin as well as the rest of your body in the dry weather.


After this, Doe does some morning stretches and then moves to the next part of her routine which is breakfast. Her favorite breakfast meal is grits, but she also enjoys yogurt too. She checks her social media and then does her hair and make up for the day before spending time with her cats and heading to work. This routine is simple, yet incredibly effective when it comes to success! Learn more: