Rocketship Education Availing Quality Education for All and Sundry

Rocketship Education is a well-established non-profit network of public primary charter schools that are created to see that every student can succeed. They serve primarily low-income students in areas where getting into a good school is difficult. The network of schools is headquartered in Redwood City in California. This mission was started off in 2007 by John Danner and Preston Smith and is currently being implemented in 16 charter schools based in Concord California, Washington DC, Nashville, Milwaukee, San Jose and Redwood City. In the schools, a blended learning model is used with the integration of adaptive software so that they can boost student achievement. Rocket Education believes that there is more to education than just teaching students. Their system also empowers teachers, inspires neighboring communities and engages the parents in their activities.

It is not just its blended learning approach that caught the public eye when Rocketship Education was founded; the school produced initial strong test scores. Throughout, the school has managed to sustain these scores and have impressed even on a national level. It is no surprise, therefore, that D.C. Public Charter School Board voted in favor of the school allowing it to set up as many as eight schools in their district. This would see a school in Ward 8 being the first. The management of the school has expressed their desire to operate more of a neighborhood school than a charter school. Additionally, they will recruit a massive number of students from Ward 8 and its neighborhood.

In the school’s inaugural 2016 to 2017 school year, the school was looking to have at least 350 students in kindergarten through second grade. Additionally, they had plans to run through fourth grade and allow Appletree Institute to run a preschool at the facility. One of the most outstanding things about the school is that parents at Rocketship Education Charter Schools, parents have the liberty of choosing which teachers will be hired to teach their children even before the school year begins. This is different from other schools where most parents will not know who will teach their children until the school year begins.