The impact of ClassDojo on learning

One of the best ways to ensure improvements in school is by ensuring a good rapport between the students, parents, and teachers. Many methods had been tried while others are on trial to find the best that can harmonize the three, but ClassDojo remains the best option. With ClassDojo, it is a classroom communication app that helps in sharing everything that is happening at school. The main mission of the app has been to give all the three stakeholders create an incredible classroom. The app is, therefore, a school by its own that keeps everyone including the parents connected.

ClassDojo was first founded in 2011 and is based in San Francisco, California. Through the app, there is much that the students have been in a position to achieve particularly in building social, emotional skills for the students. In the working of the app, it makes use of photos, videos, and messages that are easily accessible to both parents and teachers and also the students.

Since the establishment of ClassDojo, it has remained the only best and fastest growing education technology globally. It has emerged to be loved and used by many of the teachers, students, and parents. In the US, more than 90% of K-8 schools have embraced the technology. More to this, the app has been in use in more than 180 countries, and there are efforts to make it globally accessible.

The team that that work with ClassDojo comprises of designers, engineers, and designers from all over the globe. All the staff working with the app is highly trained and qualified to help ensure quality delivery to the users of the app. They all have a deep background in both public and charter schools the main factor that has led to their remarkable success.

About how the ClassDojo app works, all they do is make learning fun for the students. More to this, it also makes it easy for educators to deliver content to the students. With the app, the students are capable of being tested while both in and out of the classroom. With all these that can be done through the app, it has been possible maximize the success of the students as well as improve the students learning.