Upwork’s Ten To-Do Must-Do’s

So you have a daily to-do list. Effectively getting through it every day can sometimes bee pretty frustrating. Fortunately, there is a good plan to help you to do so. Here is a ten-step plan for doing so:

  1. Capture Everything

In other words, write down everything you need to that down instead of just keeping it in your head. If all of these tasks are only in your head, you will be distracted because you are thinking about these other things you need to do while you are doing one of them.

  1. Prepare Your List in Advance

This is one of the most important things that you will do on any day. You are well advised to make it for the next day, the night before.

  1. One Place

A to-do list ensures that all of the tasks you need to do are listed in one place. Although all of your tasks might be written down in a number of different areas, if they are not all together in one place, it is hard to keep track of everything.

  1. Time Attributes

Make your list as productive as possible by specifying time attributes. Name when you will start on the task and how long you will do it before completing it. Add deadlines if they exist.

  1. Define priorities

When you make your list, you need to decide the priority of each item. This will help you on any given day since just about every day an unexpected emergency or circumstance crops up unannounced.

  1. Keep Reevaluating

As you go through your list and your day, evaluate the things you have on the list. It may be practical to put some things off for another day. Sometimes you might even decide it doesn’t need to be done at all.

  1. Stress-free Delegation

Take the stress out of trying to find comments that talk about needed tasks. To do this get ClickUp that helps convert these comments into these needed tasks.

  1. Zoom In and Out

Zoom in on each task and combine them with each other if possible. In the process of this, zoom out to make sure each task is actually part of a bigger project.

  1. Batch Process

This refers to what are known as batch process factories who find it more expedient to get stuff done by batching similar work together. This is a method that works really well for to-do lists.

  1. Assign Energy Levels

This step goes hand in hand with assigning a tasks priority. Decide how much energy of yours the task deserves. If it is a very high priority task, it should come first thing in the morning.


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Jeffry Schneider Leadership Qualities

Jeffry Schneider has had a successful life in numerous areas. Not only did he found a company, but he also lives a healthy lifestyle. He is able to combine various passions in his life to try to make a difference in the world.

Another great thing about Jeffry Schneider is that he is a leader. He reads a lot of leadership books to learn more about the subject. Not only do people enjoy working for him, but he wants to help other people as much as possible.


One of the best qualities to have as a leader is passion. There are numerous leaders who lack passion and it shows in the performance of their team.

When leaders have passion, they are more genuine than leaders who lack this quality. Over time, passionate leaders generally get more out of their employees.


Understanding the needs of other people is a critical aspect of being a leader. There are many people who never take the time to truly understand what is taking place in other people’s lives. This is especially prevalent in the corporate world. Instead of treating people the right way, many companies would rather make the profit goal for the quarter.

Work Ethic

One of the most important aspects of having success in life is a good work ethic. There are numerous people who have a lot of potential in life but they do not have the work ethic needed to have success. A good leader is someone who is willing to work hard in order to accomplish his goals. There are various people in authority who never work towards the goal given to others. This is the wrong approach to take in order to be a good leader.

If someone has a passion for a cause, it is easy to work hard. There are numerous small business owners who spend a lot of time and money on their business. Even though they may be tired at times, they are able to push through because they truly care about the mission of the business.

Jeffry Schneider Leadership

Over the years, Jeffry Schneider has continued to work on his leadership style. He quickly discovered that he needed to be a great leader in order to build a great company.

Jeffry Schneider started reading books and listening to audio content on leadership. With a lot of hard work, he was able to make himself a leader. He is an example for people to follow in this area.