Equities First Holdings in Australia

Equities First Holdings Australia is a subsidiary of Equities First Holdings, a global company which has headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company provides alternative lending services. It is one of the companies which are providing financing solutions that can work for a majority of the people. Commercial banks no longer satisfy the needs of majority of their clients since they have tough guidelines on lending. Equities First Holdings provides shareholding loans which are far much effective than other types of loans. These are loans that use shares in stock markets as collateral.

These types of loans are gaining traction from many people as it’s easier to have shares in a publicly traded company than to own an asset.Many people in the world today opting for financing methods that are easy to repay. Commercial banks will offer loans, but the repayment process is very complex. Interest rates keep going up making it very hard for borrowers to repay.Equities First Holdings in Australia is working with many business organizations in the country. One of the organizations that are being financed by Equities First Holdings is Environmental Clean Technologies Limited, a company that is creating efficient technologies in India. EFH CEO, Al Christy has vowed to support the activities of this company to the end.

 IC System Superior Account Resolution

IC System, an accounts receivable company founded in 1938, is still today one of the most trusted companies in the accounts receivable industry (Nhms). This collection agency was the first in the United States to replace typewriters with computers. They constantly remain on the cutting edge with the latest compliance standards regulated. The collection tools used are state-of-the-art and continually help to preserve the reputation of being one of the most secure account receivable companies in the industry.

IC System was founded by Ruth and Jack Erickson. Its headquarters are outside of St. Paul Minnesota (http://tcbmag.com/honors/articles/2013/2013-minnesota-family-business-awards/i-c-system,-inc). The principle that leads this company is to provide ethical and honest service to all customers. IC System improves Financial outcomes for clients and consumers alike, with trained representatives who are required to use the most customer friendly and ethical practices. This helps clients maintain the positive relationships they have built with their customers.

IC Systems ethical approach is the reason they were nominated as one of the finalists for the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for outstanding ethics for three years in a row. IC systems also strives to make a difference within the community with an in-house charity committee, E.C.H.O, which stands for Employee Charitable Help Organization. The organization was started in 1981. Charitable efforts are made monthly. Among the charities that IC Systems donates to are the American Red Cross, the American Cancer Society, and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. As well, the organization provides assistance to employees in need.

With security as a principal concern, IC System implements and meets the most stringent data security compliance, including those required by HIPAA and the Federal Trade Commission’s Red Flags Rule. The company is nationally licensed and bonded in all states and territories. This is important since 15% of all past due balances have been found to be owed by consumers who reside hundreds of miles outside of a service area. IC system is the reliable resource for your collections and account receivables needs.