Those Scandalous Lips

Makeup and hair color has taken on a life of it’s own these days. With the help of social media people of all ages haven taken to the internet giving ideas and screen shots of how they wear it. Lime Crime Makeup and it’s founder Doe Deere, who refers to herself as the Unicorn Queen, has reached millions through the internet with her amazing shades of everything from lip colors to eyeshadows to a new line of hair color. The products at Lime Crime are for those that want more than just a shade available at the drugstore, they are looking for something that is unique and a form of self expression.

The makeup is so cool and there are so many ways to layer and change the colors. So when you purchase something like a lip color in Lime Crime’s Bloodmoon you can add a little of the diamond crusher lip line and have something completely new and one of a kind. The products are a favorite for also being 100% vegan and cruelty free. Both important facts to Lime Crime and their customers.

The Velvetine line of lipsticks are a favorite and there are way too many to name them all. The names range from a deep red called “Wicked”, a light pink “Marshmallow”, to a light blue named “Teacup”. The colors are so cool and varied and can become whatever the wearer wants with a little imagination. Now added to the line is a color called “Scandal” a color that is sure to be a quick seller. The purple-violet hue is so new and will definetly be a great color for anyone looking to walk in a room and be noticed. This color can go from the punk singer in the band, to the lady signing your check. The Velvetine applies directly to lips wet, and then dries to a perfect velvety finish.

What’s great is that Doe Deere is very in touch with her customers and this “Scandal” color is very on-trend for this season and can add a little drama to any get up.