The Brilliance of Mikhail Blagoskonny.

As a very well known researcher and scientist, Mikhail Blagoskonny has for many years focused his work on the broad field of oncology. As a multidisciplinary subject, Oncology is a very vast topic that encompasses quite some other areas all dealing with cancer treatment and research. Many scientists and doctors from all over the world have devoted their lives towards improving and finally coming up with a cure. Mikhail Blagoskonny is an example of such dedicated scientist, and as such he has contributed immensely towards the strong fight against cancer. His chief aim and ambition have always been to improve and eventually find a cure for cancer and later avail it at a lower price for those that cannot afford it and More information click here.

Mikhail Blagoskonny educational background saw him attend some of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning some of which include Pavlov University where he obtained his master’s degree in internal medicine and later on his Ph. D. in cardiology as well as experimental medicine. The year 2002 saw him take up a teaching job at New York Medical College before taking up another job as a researcher at Ordway which is a well-known research institute. In 2009 he accepted another job opportunity at Rosewell Park Cancer Institute and Mikhail’s lacrosse camp.

Blagoskonny’s scholarly works have seen him publish a variety scientific articles which have gained popularity over time. It is this same reason that enabled him to become editor chief of big publication platforms which include Cell Cycle, Aging, and the widely read scientific journal called Oncotarget. In addition to all these Mikhail has had the opportunity to be on the editorial board known as Cell Death and Differential board and learn more about Mikhail.

His interest in the research field is not only limited to cancer treatment and cure but also on the very hot subject matter of aging. His studies are geared towards trying to unearth the relation that cancer mostly develops in old individuals who are past or over some certain age. In his arguments, he stated that age played a key role in the development of cancer and read full article.

From his research work, Mikhail postulated that cancer could in a way get reduced if one got administered a particular drug called rapamycin. Rapamycin is a drug that was developed to mitigate the aging progression in people. Administering this medication leads to slow aging process, and as a result, the development of cancer procrastinated to a later time. In his findings rapamycin was supposed to be administered prior the onset development of cancer in one’s body. This way the drug was able to work efficiently and what Mikhail knows.

His arguments tried to explain the doubts that many another scientist from the same field felt rapamycin could not be as effective in eradicating cancer as it was in slowing down the process of aging. To him, postponing the development of cancer in people was a significant step in the eradication of cancer in the world, and if rapamycin could achieve this, then that was a big win indeed.

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