Eric Lefkofsky Aims to Help Cancer Patients

For Eric Lefkofsky, cancer is a big deal and something that needs to have the support and compassion of a very popular company standing behind it. He wants to make sure that people who have cancer and the families who are supporting them are able to get what they need to feel better and to have a chance at beating the terrible disease that has taken the lives of so many. Because of the way that cancer has hit close to home for Lefkofsky, he wants to make sure that other people do not have as many problems as what his wife had while she was battling cancer.

One thing that most people recognize Lefkofsky is for his role in launching the discount mega dealer, Groupon. He was able to build up a business and make it something much better than what it was before. The idea behind Groupon was that he was helping people to get deals and have a better time at being able to save their money when it comes to different things. He also wanted to make sure that they were getting the best deals possible and that he was helping them. More Here .

Because he wanted to do the same thing with cancer but had no idea about any of the biological aspects of it, he teamed up with Mark White. White is a professional geneticist and someone who is confident in his skills that he uses to help people who have cancer and other genetically-related diseases. It is something that he is good at and something that he is going to use to make the cancer company, Tempus, better. Eric Lefkofsky chose to use him because he is a professional and because he knows what he is doing. Unlike Lefkofsky, he has experience dealing with cancer and helping to make it easier on people who have it.

Between Eric Lefkofsky and Mark White, they have created a great company that is able to help people. Tempus helps people who have cancer. The business expertise that Eric has combines with the genetic expertise of Mark White to make the company exceptional. for more .