John Goullet Achievements at DIVERSANT

John Goullet is a respected businessman who works as a principle at an institution known as DIVERSANT.John Goullet is also one of the most influential people in the information technology industry. He has been in the competitive industry for several decades, and he has brought several changes.

John Goullet established Info Technologies in the year 1994, and he has served as the chief executive officer for several years. At first, Goullet served as a computer consultant, but he decided to venture into IT staffing later on. As the CEO of Info Technologies, Goullet focused on understanding the corporate climate and the information technology needs of the clients. He would also match personalities and work styles of different professionals to the right companies.

Under his leadership, Info Technologies become successful, earning the trust of many clients in the country. The company earned a lot of revenue in a few years, and it was recognized in several platforms. The award winning company registered very high profits under the leadership of the businessman. John Goullet decided to sell the company to Diversant in 2010.

In a recent interview, John Goullet said that he decided to start an IT staffing firm more than twenty-four years ago. After being in business for twenty-two years, Goullet felt that it was time to make dream come true. Individuals who had succeeded in the past motivated him to start his first company.

According to the interview, the businessman starts his day at the gym where he spends at least one hour. He makes his way to the office by eight in the morning and leaves work before six in the evening. When he has a dinner appointment with clients, he makes sure that he attends so that he can understand his clients better.

Goullet has been in the information technology department for several years, and this means that he perfectly understands the market. He uses his expertise to bring new ideas into life, making sure that his clients and investors are completely satisfied. Under his leadership, DIVERSANT has done very well, and it has become the biggest American African owned business enterprise.

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