Lori Senecal: A Woman Who Made Her Own Success

Lori Senecal was someone who did not fit in with the normal group. For one thing, she was not loud like the other people in her life. She was more quiet. She is also someone who was not very comfortable with the social dynamics. She has never managed to climb to the top and gain most of the attention. She has instead gone her own way and has participated in activities that did not require group participation. She has went for gymnastics. Lori has eventually grown into her own identity. This has inspired her to choose greater goals. This has eventually brought Senecal into the field of marketing.

Marketing was an interesting choice because it is driven by big personalities. People have to be loud, persuasive and overall charismatic in order to succeed in the realm of marketing and advertising. Lori Senecal has instead relied on her efficiency and diligence to make it to the top in her field. One thing that Lori believes is that it is important for one to constantly step outside of her comfort zone. As a matter of fact, this is something that she has trained herself to do.

Senecal is an introvert. She is someone who needs time to herself in order to recharge. She is also someone who is more about business when it comes to running her company. When Lori Senecal has joined one of the businesses as a CEO, she has made a lot of changes to the company in order to make it run in a more efficient manner.

In an interview, Lori Senecal has stated that it is not good to wait for leadership opportunities. It is better to create these opportunities. This is one admirable trait about Lori.

Lori is an example of someone who does not wait for something to come her way. Many entrepreneurs and successful people are those who have taken their time to actually create the life they want. People who have sat around and waited for their life to turn into something they want it to be often find themselves living a life that they are not satisfied with.