Perry Mandera: The Man Behind the Giving to Chicago

If you are familiar with Illinois or the logistics industry, you are probably familiar with Perry Mandera. Making his mark early in his career, Mandera has spent the last three decades building a logistics company that really put him on the map. His use of innovative technology and policies has earned him numerous accolades in the transportation industry.

However, what really makes Perry Mandera stand out is his charitable giving. Not only does he contribute generously to numerous charities, Mandera also seeks out those in need and provides them with funds, services and resources. His favorite donations are those to children and families in need, particularly those in his community.

But who is the man behind the mask? What makes a successful business owner so conscientious of the needs of those around him? Who is the man behind the giving?

Perry Mandera has always thought of others before himself, even from a young age. He feels that his time on this earth is meant to be spent in service of others. He began this journey with a stint in the military, where he first entered the field of logistics. He continued after his military service by serving his community for four years as a Republican Ward Committeeman in Chicago, the youngest at the time to serve in that capacity (

In his time of service, Mandera had the opportunity to see first hand the needs of the community. Children in need of school supplies and clothing. Families in need of transportation assistance. And countless people who are struggling to move up toward financial stability, but need an extra helping hand to get there.

Mandela is by nature a very caring individual, and it just made sense that he would help others as he was able. With the booming success of his ever-growing business, Perry Mandera determined that he would donate some of his own resources towards those who are most in need. The giving continues, and will for many more years to come.