The Chainsmokers, Sick Boy & The Era of EDM-Music

Electronic-dance music is fully upbeat and is high in tempo. There are quite a few bands and artists that survives in this exclusive genre, but there’s one band that thrives in this specific genre. Have you ever heard of The Chainsmokers? Well, this EDM-pop duo has taken over the airwaves in recent years with a string of Billboard hits, including “Selfie,” “Closer” and “Roses.” This small band of two individual figures can tug at your heart’s string, or it can get you up on the dance floor busting moves. The band’s new hit song, “Sick Boy,” is generating plenty of buzz. Unlike the other light-hearted tracks, this particular track has taken a walk on the dark side.

Drew Target, band member, stated that “Sick Boy” is a new installment of the band’s music. The goal here is to cover topics that the band has never dared to approach. “We have grown-up tremendously as artists and as people,” said Taggart in a recent interview. This darker style of music is a completely different beast in a sense. “The next topic for us is very dark, and it matches the tone of society now days,” said Taggart. If you’ve ever really sat down and listened to the band’s music, then you’d know that music reflects what is actually happening in society. The music also reflects what is going on with the band. The song’s lyrics are on-point and are profound in delivery. The music video is also very dark in appearance and is dark in sound.

By the looks of it, this new image of the band seems to be appealing to its huge fandom. Will The Chainsmokers ever go back to its light-hearted melodies and high- tempo tracks? The answer is definitely yes, because these guys do a great job of mirroring the moment.