Learn To Enjoy An Active Life Well Into Old Age With Dr. Johanan Rand

Dr. Johanan Rand is a highly experienced nutritionist and a practicing medical doctor based in West Orange, New Jersey. He is an expert in integrative medicine with a strong focus on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

The doctor also excels in anti-aging, nutritional and regenerative therapy (Youtube). He has been working as the President of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers in New Jersey since 2010.


Role model

Dr. Johanan Rand is a passionate, hands-on physician. He leads by example and uses his life and body to demonstrate the positive effects of healthy aging. He is a fitness enthusiast who is not afraid to hit the gym regularly.

As a result, he brags of a body builder’s physique, which is a testament to his commitment. It is the ultimate demonstration of the epitome of healthy aging.

The doctor thrives on being a role model his patients can look up to. He is living proof that you can attain optimal health and wellness despite aging by following his advice.

He is clocking over fifty years, but you can hardly tell from looking at him. He leads a very active lifestyle that features healthy nutrition, exercise, and weight training. Similarly, he enjoys a vibrant cardio routine that includes mixed martial arts and yoga.


Certification and professional affiliations

He was previously associated with Chilton Medical Center, NJ. He is uniquely placed to offer the best in integrative care including comprehensive wellness programs and alternative clinical solutions.

As a nutrition expert, he is often consulted on matters related to weight loss and wellness.

He adopts an aggressive and scientific strategy that leaves no doubt he knows his turf. His treatment options are peer-reviewed and supported by extensive medical research. He performs a thorough analysis of your blood work and discusses it comprehensively with you.

In addition, he undertakes genetic testing to determine your risk of exposure to hereditary diseases. He has the gift of breaking down technical jargon into a presentation a layman easily understands.

He is also in the process of penning a full book on the topic of healthy aging.