Cotemar Flourishing Under the Changing Energy Sector Landscape in Mexico


The changing landscape of the Mexican energy industry looks like it will be tough for companies that won Round 1 tenders. It already seems like they may face challenges in making their investments profitable in an environment where there was only one supplier, customer, operator, and partner. For Pemex, the challenge will be to learn how to co-exist with the new entrants into the market.


New companies like Cotemar already own wells. The challenge for them will be resolving land conflicts inherited from Pemex. One such area of conflict is Veracruz, which is under Cotemar. Other challenges will include how to deal with infrastructural theft as well as the threat of organized crime. Despite these difficulties, there is hope for a positive outcome in the revolution of the Mexican oil sector.


The energy sector revolution must take into consideration three goals that include increasing output, guaranteeing national interests of tax collection, and offering attractive incentives to companies willing to invest in the sector.


About Cotemar


Cotemar is a 100 percent Mexican firm that operates in the oil and gas sector of the country’s economy. The company’s services include maintenance and construction, offshore oil fields development, transportation of personnel and supplies, catering, and accommodation.


The company has at least 37 years of experience in the provision of services to Pemex. The company has put in a lot of effort to ensure that it meets the needs of its primary customer, Pemex. It regularly revamps its services throughout the value chain of the oil sector. By combining highly skilled employees with useful indicators, it has managed to stay ahead of the game.


Cotemar was started in 1979 with the aim of offering services to the energy sector. It has since excelled in that role to become the leading provider of services related to offshore oil extraction. By 1981, Cotemar had strengthened its position as a market leader. It had a fleet of vessels for use in the transportation of equipment and personnel.


By 1985, Cotemar had penetrated the rig business. It acquired an accommodation rig that could provide food and housing services. In 2015, the company entered the oil exploration business; this was after the government began to lessen its grip on the Mexican energy sector. Cotemar won the Cuichapa Poniente area contract in the Moloacan municipality in the state of Veracruz. Today, the principals of integrity, reliability, humility, and innovation guide the company in all its services