Top 4 tips for online reputation management

People that are exposed, important, popular and powerful need to do everything possible to keep their reputation intact. These people can include music stars, politicians and business moguls. The internet and especially the social media has become one of the most powerful tools used to shape people’s fame and destiny. According to, an online presence for a celebrity is so important that many have to hire experts to handle the process.

One of the people that have been in the business of online reputation management is Jonathan Hay. Hay is the man who was hired by the singer Rhianna to help break her first single, Pon de Replay, to the internet and other sources. He was given this job because in addition to being a publicist, John is a recording artiste and producer. He has made music tracks with the likes of Whitney Houston and Whiz Khalifa and has also made music with Sony and Death Row records. These are the tips that he gives about online reputation management.

The first thing he states is that one has to be bold in their statement. This is recommended especially if the client is a musician in the American industry. Timidity cannot and will not work at all. Hay created a rumor about Jay Z and Rhianna to hype the sale of her first single, pon de replay. Jay Z was a household name by then, but Rhianna wasn’t and the publicity really helped.

Then, he states that one has to look out for attacks on their clients and identify the source of the attacks. 24 hour brand monitoring is the best way to ensure that no underhand career ruining information will be put out there. Then, after identifying the threat, you are supposed to look for options that defend your client. One way to clean up house after bad PR is arranging an event like a dance or concert in order to get to the heart of the fans once more.

These are a few of the reputation management tips from experts. The training is aimed at making sure that important celebrities stay relevant.