How NGP VAN is Employing Modern Technology in Political Campaigns

NGP VAN is a software provider that provides campaigning and organizing tools for fundraising, compliance, field organizing and social media networking on a combined platform. Its clients range from labor unions, non- profit organizations to political parties and presidential campaigns. The company has been involved in almost every primary campaign in America for the Democratic Party. In this age, the affairs of political organizing and campaigns employ technology-oriented strategies. Technology keeps evolving and it is essential that campaigns consider this and keep abreast with these trends to stay ahead of their competitors.


A decade ago, just appearing on Television and being on Radio was enough for a candidate but in this digital era, candidates have to utilize the newest technology like social media. Big data has altered the political arena and data and web analytics are crucial in winning modern-day elections, even for incumbent candidates. The Obama campaign in 2008 initiated a web-oriented platform that empowered voters to host informal meetings and drum up support for Obama. In 2012, the campaign in keeping up with new trends the campaign used a mobile application called pollwatcher that was powered by NGP VAN and this gave them success over the Romney camp.


Today, most people own a smartphone and this has re-established the methods of soliciting votes from physical door- door exercises to connecting voters with a candidate’s campaign via websites and mobile apps. Tech-savvy experts and computer programmers are essential in running a successful tech-based campaign. It is for this reason that the Democratic campaigns engage the tools of NGP VAN in conserving their technological advantage in contemporary political campaigning.


NGP VAN uses big data to connect Democratic Campaigns to their prospective voter base and eventually turn them out to cast their vote on election day. This campaigns use the software provider’s tools to analyze data collected and track their campaign progression rate. Their fundraising tools help democrat campaigns track and file donations. NGP VAN has integrated with Hustle, a web company to enhance grassroots organizing and advocacy. Alliances like this one and having powerful tools have assisted in advancing Democratic campaigns.,18.htm