OSI Food Solutions Increases Production Facility in Spain to Meet the Demand of Customers

OSI Food Solutions is one of the largest and the fastest growing food processing company in the world. The company has been in the industry for over 60 years and had its presence in about 16 countries. The company has more than 65 facilities all around the country to meet the need of their local and international customers. Large retail stores and restaurants chain use the services of the company who provide high-quality services at reasonable prices. All of its products are custom-made depending on the need of its customers who are regarded as a business partner rather than just customers. The company keeps themselves updated with the new and favorite flavors around the world too.

OSI Food Solutions recently added high capacity food processing lines to one of the facilities located in Spain. The company invested about $20 million to allow its facility to produce 24,000 tons of chicken products compared to its previous capacity of 12,000 tons. Since the demand for chicken products is on the rise in Spain and Portugal, the investment on its facility was the next logic step. It has been anticipated that the demand would grow further in the coming months and they wanted to be ready for it. The expansion of the existing facility has allowed them to make space for a production hall, receiving and shipping area, waste container storage, storage for supplies and even a larger social area for workers. The new facility is entirely equipped with sustainable equipment to help reduce the demand for electricity in the facility.

Apart from expanding its present facilities, OSI Food Solutions also adds products and services to its portfolio through mergers and acquisitions. In 2016, the company purchased Baho Food, the famous Dutch manufacturer of convenience food, snacks and also deli meats for the retail segment. Baho Foods has a total of five subsidiaries whose processing plants are located in Germany and Netherlands. The company during the time of acquisition was serving its customers in 18 European countries. With overtake of Baho Food, OSI Food Solutions aims to support its customers by providing them with a much more extensive choice when it comes to the processed food. OSI Food Solutions also acquired Flagship Europe that offers frozen poultry products, and sous vide products such as sauces, pies, and dressings to its large customer base. The acquisition was seen as ways to strengthen their offerings to their customers by providing them with sous vide products for on-the-go food products.

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Promise-Keeper David G. McDonald, President & Chief Operating Officer Of OSI Group LLC

David G. McDonald is the President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of OSI Group LLC. Under his leadership OSI Group LLC has realized some important objectives and strategies. One such objective is greater sustainability.

The life cycle of food products includes agriculture, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, use, and disposal. Food production creates the largest impact on the environment. With more than 65 facilities in 17 countries, it requires strong leadership, innovation, experience, knowledge, and determination to achieve such an enormous feat. David McDonald has created a plan of action toward greater sustainability for OSI Group LLC companies that are making strides toward this goal.

The OSI Riverside, California facility implemented several green initiatives earning them the California Green Business Award (2016). Under the leadership of David McDonald, many other OSI sustainability goals are being implemented and operating successfully.

Educational Background Of David G. McDonald

Having grown up on a northeastern Iowan farm, David G. McDonald chose an educational path strongly influenced by the farming culture in which he was born and raised. “Over 85% of Iowa’s land mass is used for agriculture. Iowa is the largest producer of corn and soybeans, second largest of red meat, raises nearly a third of the nation’s hogs, and is the number two exporter of agricultural products in the United States.” Pursuing an education in animal science at Iowa State University (ISU) was a natural next step for a true Iowan like David Mcdonald.

David McDonald deepened his roots in the field of agriculture at Iowa State University (ISU). In 1987, he completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Animal Science in addition to receiving the noteworthy Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award at Iowa State University. The ISU Alumni Association presents this award to graduating seniors demonstrating high moral character, outstanding academic and personal development achievements, participation in university-affiliated community activities, and a commitment to such as alumni. In addition, recipients receive the Official Iowa State University Ring to remind them of their promise to and experience at ISU. With that promise at the forefront of his future, he set about becoming a promise-keeper as McDonald began his career with OSI Group LLC as project manager.

David McDonald received the Order of the Knoll ‘Emerging Philanthropist Award’ (2014) in recognition of his philanthropic support, creative leadership, and dedicated service to the Iowa State University Foundation and Iowa State University.

About OSI Group: www.fooddrink-magazine.com/sections/producers/1308-osi-group

Sheldon Lavin Takes OSI Group Across the Globe by Innovation

Sheldon Lavin always wanted to own a business when he started his professional life upon graduating from college. His background is in finance and his initial foray into the business world was as a consultant who helped companies secure funding for their operations and expansions.

Lavin’s goal, however, wasn’t just to run his own business, he also wanted to make a difference in the world and in the lives of people. He focused on food products as a way to enrich the lives of people with something they need every day.

His work as a financial consultant paid off when he began a relationship with a small food processor known as Otto & Sons. He helped them secure funding to expand their activities and continued through the years to maintain a working relationship with them. Eventually, the remaining partners retired and Lavin bought the business with global ambitions in mind. He has been their owner and CEO for decades and they have grown into a truly special company with a worldwide reach.

Sheldon Lavin intuitively realized the important role that technology would play in enhancing business activity and promoting greater productivity. Marketing is one area that Lavin has found this to be especially true and OSI Group uses the most advanced, modern marketing techniques to reach its customers and to communicate their vision.

Social media advertising and internet marketing are used by OSI Group and this keeps them at the forefront of successful marketing tactics. Technological trends are constantly monitored and the information is analyzed by a special team at OSI Group that keeps their marketing efforts current. Any techniques discovered by them will be incorporated into the company’s marketing programs.

One important facet of Lavin’s success in business has been his forward-looking nature. He believes that this sets him apart from the crowd and contributes greatly to his success in business and life. Early in his career, he began making decisions that would improve his situation in the future. This has allowed him to build an extraordinary company that has stood the test of time.

In a recent interview, Lavin articulated some of his thoughts on helping business leaders develop innovation in their own careers. He indicated that a humble attitude is very important as learning from co-workers and trusting human capital can go far toward cultivating an innovative atmosphere. He advocates listening to as many smart people as possible. Sheldon Lavin continues his amazing career with OSI Group and enjoys his work to this day.

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