Andrea McWilliams: Austin-Based Lobbyist and Fundraiser



Based in Austin, Andrea McWilliams is political fundraiser and lobbyist. She is well known for her involvement in campaign fundraising and philanthropy. Andrea takes a hands on approach to everything she does, and this reflects in her political acumen and subsequent success. Strong and skilled, Andrea currently serves as a mentor for young women looking to get into the business world. She works both in the private and public sectors, serving her community far and wide, and making wide-spread changes. Andrea currently resides with her three sons and husband in Texas. Andrea and her husband both founded McWilliams, where they currently work.


Campaign Fundraisers:


Andrea is a strategist, one of the leading in the country. This is no surprise, given that she was a chief of staff at the young age of 21. She is a consultant for those close to home, and those far away. She has helped to pass millions in incentives, for the betterment of Austin.


Awards/ Philanthropy:


Andrea has a strong presence in the cancer community, a representative of various non-profits, including KillCancer and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. In addition to this, she is the chair for Mamma Jane Ride. In fact, the Seton Breast Cancer Center named their cancer screening room after McWilliams. She is also a board member of Pease Park, Ballet Austin, and Preservation Austin. She has led many charity events, promoting health for children in the Austin community.


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