How George Soros supports the Minorities in the Society

George Soros is an individual who is globally recognized for the outstanding efforts that he makes in transforming the society. He runs the Open Society Foundations, which is an organization has been protecting minority groups in different parts of the world. The liberal billionaire has so far donated $12 billion to support the operations of groups and individuals who ensure that governments are just, accountable, transparent, and offer freedom of speech to their citizens. The Open Society Foundation has also been making sure that the rights of the Europe-based Roma people are not violated. It protects individuals such as LGBTI people, sex workers, and drug addicts who are looked down upon by the society. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

Soros is the proprietor and head of a leading hedge fund company that is called Soros Fund Management. The businessman started the firm in 1970, and it currently generates billions of dollars every year. He has given a substantial portion of his wealth in the Open Society Foundation. The organization runs operations in over 100 nations, and it comprises of different partners, groups, and projects. It conducted its first charity work in 1979 by creating an education fund that enabled the black South Africans to access a decent university education. Since then, Soros has supported several activities that can change the world.

The billionaire was among the people who offered a lot of money to facilitate the Ferguson protests. He partnered with several human and civil rights organizations across the United States to ensure that the protests had a positive impact. George Soros wanted to ensure that the government took civil action against Darren Wilson who had shot an unarmed civilian, Michael Brown. The Open Society Foundation mobilized activists and transformed a crime scene into an issue that needed serious government action.

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The Open Society Foundations’ tax information indicated that more than $33 million was dedicated to groups that were in the frontline during the Ferguson protests. All these organizations have a significant influence in the grassroots and quickly mobilized people to show up for the protests. The Open Society’s director, Kenneth Zimmerman, believes that all governments should allow people to take part in the administrative processes to make sure the society is accountable, inclusive, just, and democratic. George Soros’ foundation offered billions of dollars to civil and human rights activist for more than three decades. According to Zimmerman, the organization has less influence on the stands of the groups. Visit to know more about George.

Different organizations that were financially supported by the Open Society Foundation were committed to ensuring that there was justice for Michael Brown. They mobilized Americans to at the grassroots and through social media platforms to participate in the protests. The organizations worked together during the period and they significantly dominated the media.

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