Takeaways Preston Smith Learned from Founding and Operating Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education was founded in 2007 in central California, particular the innovative Bay Area. Formed with a desire of boosting educational standards in places whose inhabitants have little educational attainment, income, or other qualities associated with success in life. Chief executive Preston Smith has stayed alongside Rocketship since its founding date, having learned a number of lessons from his experience with the network of public charter schools. Detailed below are the most important takeaways Smith incurred from his experience with the nationwide educational network.

Forging meaningful relationships with community members, donors, financiers, school boards, local and state government agencies, well-known local figures, and every person and entity imaginable is vital to institutional success as an educator. Administrators should always solicit advice from independent third parties. This information doesn’t have to actually be implemented into any classroom or organizational functions, although simply filing away each input can ultimately prove invaluable.

Schools generally have difficulty in evaluating their potential employees, as administrators work in one narrow aspect of life, and don’t always have children enrolled in primary school. As such, the parents and guardians of students have proved helpful in volunteering their time to interview candidates, immediately proving to applicants that Rocketship’s needs are much much demanding than that of other public – and private – schools.

Rocketship’s nonprofit, charter status allows it to seek financing from independent investors and receive grants and endowments from state and local authorities. This unique combination of financing allows Rocketship to hire quality educators, able to pick and choose its educators from the proverbial litter. Employing teachers who have proven themselves in challenging pedagogical and educational environments in the past typically exhibit top-notch educational endeavors in the classroom.

Another integral role parents play in securing high standards of education for their children is through pushing Rocketship itself and local public schools offering classes after Rocketship’s K-5 program. This holds local public schools accountable for teaching students what they should know to succeed in their future schooling, alongside beefing up Rocketship’s already-strong primary school.

Preston Smith’s network of quality public schools provides Rocketeers – Rocketship Education’s K-5 students – with top-notch educational takeaways to help initialize lifetimes of success in students hailing from troubled, income-poor neighborhoods.