White Shark Media’s Great Impact on Businesses

Launched in 2011, White Shark Media is a leading digital marketing firm with offices in Miami, Atlanta, and Denmark. The company founders are three Danish entrepreneurs who specialize in online and offline marketing, and thus, the company was established on the delivery of world-class experience idea.

With that idea in mind, White Shark Media has grown tremendously in just over five years of operation. They provide customized, online marketing solutions for small and medium-sized companies. And furthermore, their grand goal was to conquer the growing SMB Latin America and US market by delivering unprecedented, outstanding service and product.

White Shark Media uses various methods that allowed them great success. Their winning formula has been the combination of a domestic and an offshore presence with fully bilingual and talented employee base. Also, they use their proprietary marketing tools’ suite and their online marketing techniques that greatly assisted thousands of companies throughout America. Their other key component includes them thoroughly tracking all their customers’ marketing efforts. This is done by using proprietary reporting and competitive software, Google Analytics integration, and keyword-level call tracking on a monthly basis. And as a result, they have been recognized as one of the quickest growing digital firms in North America, ranking the 786th place on this year’s Inc Magazine list of America’s top 5000 growing organizations.

Some Spectacular Reviews

White Shark Media has also been recognized by a plethora of satisfied customers’ reviews. A few examples are as follow: Linda R. at Printing Services from Washington stated that her company’s performance has increased because of them; Rafael J. at Transportation Service from California stated how pleased they are with their services, and his company’s campaign has made great progress; Taliah F. at Alarm Company from Missouri stated how they have been a great asset in helping them grow their small company.