Jed McCaleb Promoting Innovations In Cryptocurrencies Through Stellar

Jed McCaleb is one of the influential figures in the cryptocurrencies industry. He is one of the early developers in the industry. He joined the industry in 2010 after bitcoin was invented. His interests in alternative currencies had always been there even before bitcoin was invented. He had thought of a currency that could not be controlled by governments as it currently happens. This dream came true after bitcoin was created in 2009. There is no one central location where anyone can pinpoint as the source of the coins. Essentially, even the governments have no control over the currencies.

It was said by Jed McCaleb on LinkedIn that learned about bitcoin for the first time through an article posted on Slashdot. A link to Bitcointalk accompanied the article. When he read about bitcoin, he developed interests which made him want to know more about it. At the time, Bitcointalk only had 200 subscribers. After the article was published, the followers went up to 2000 immediately. This is the article which exposed many people to cryptocurrencies after it emerged. In fact, many of the early innovators in this industry were people from this group.

According to Jed McCaleb, he started working on developing the industry. In 2011, he made his first innovation which was creating the first centralized platform for bitcoin exchange. The platform was known as Mt. Gox. This was one of the platforms among many in the industry at the time, but it was unique. As a centralized exchange, it meant that one did not need to cooperate with other people to transact. It gained prominence in a short time. At the height of its popularity, it was handling more than 80% of the bitcoins transactions.

McCaleb needed to concentrate on resolving other problems facing the industry. He, therefore, sold Mt. Gox to a software developer. In 2014, the platform was hit by hackers, and this led to the fall of the platform.

Jeb McCaleb is currently the co-founder of Stellar Development Foundation, an organization which is engaged in projects of creating a payment network that will allow payments using cryptocurrencies. McCaleb is optimistic that this new project will succeed in offering a new secure way of transacting using cryptocurrencies.

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Clayton Hutson, the Soul Music Legend talks about His Journey in the Music Industry

When it comes to live music shows, Clayton Hutson is someone who helps put on key music performances. Hutson’s job is to ensure that everything element of the live music performance goes smoothly in front of live crowds. Clay considers himself to be a determined individual with an eagerness for the music milieu and all elements that relate to it.


Recently, Clay Hutson worked on the “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom” tour with Halsey, a very talented, American female vocalist. Halsey has performed at many arenas and music venues, worldwide.


As a tour rigger, Clay Hutson decided to work with Faith Hill and Tim McGraw on the second part of the Soul2Soul: The World Tour. Both Faith Hill and Tim McGraw — a well-known country singing duo — have not been on tour together for more than a decade.


The first leg of Hill and McGraw’s music tour included approximately 70 sold-out shows — these concerts ran from April to December 2017. However, because of the high demand for Hill and McGraw’s music, their tour was extended. This turn of events was good news for Hutson because he was able to join the second leg of the McGraw-Hill tour. Clay Hutson noted that he was “truly honored” to join their team on tour.


The second leg of the Hill and McGraw tour commences on May 31st in Richmond, Virginia. Caitlyn Smith will kick things off as the opening talent. There will also be talents like then Brothers Osborne, NEEDTOBREATHE, Devin Dawson, Midland, Seth Ennis, Margo Price, and other talents.


In the early part of Hutson’s career, he worked in the role of sound engineer and toured with Billy Graham’s sound team. Much later, Hutson’s strong affinity for rock ‘n’ roll music was the impetus to focus his efforts on the music sector, since he had a real love for the rock music genre. Hutson has been able to work with many well-known and world famous music groups and individuals like the world-renowned evangelist, Billy Graham, music talent, Prince, Kanye West, Marilyn Manson, Kid Rock, and Guns N’ Roses.


Clay Hutson noted about his work ethic that he likes to be recognized as the hardest working guy. Hutson also remarked that artists appreciate the work that goes into these shows. By building a reputation as a hard worker in your business, that business can continue to expand with every new, yet successful project. Learn more:

Susan McGalla: The Example that Women Need

Every group of people that is trying to break free from oppression needs some kind of example to follow. One of the groups of people is women. Fortunately, women have a ton of leaders in business that is helping them get to the top. One of the leaders is Susan McGalla. Susan is someone who has excelled in the fashion industry. This is one of the best industries for women to get involved in because fashion is the type of art that is worn. Another thing is that fashion is one of the best ways to influence mood. This is one of the reasons that fashion has turned out to be a successful industry for women.

One of the companies that Susan McGalla has taken part in is American Eagle Outfitters. When she has started in the company, it was strictly a male clothing store. However, her influence has caused the store to develop lines for women and children. For one thing, she has shown that women are more interested in fashion. They also have a much better talent for putting together an outfit. These factors among many other factors have influenced American Eagle Outfitters to bring forth a line for women.

As a woman and a leader, Susan McGalla has shown that it is possible to work in business without antagonizing others. This was back in a time when women were seen as inferior. Susan has shown women that with a good attitude, they can also achieve tons of goals and become some of the highest paid business leaders. For one thing, the business world is going through tons of changes as more women are taking over. Also, a lot of businesses are going online which adds to the convenience. Now, it is easier to succeed with a business plan.

The Mighty Fortress is One of Beautiful Churches in the U.S.

Among the top beautiful churches in Minnesota is the Cathedral of St. Paul, St. Paul. It can be without a doubt the most beautiful building in the entire Minnesota. It is situated in an excellent location at the top of summit hill. The building was built in the year 1900s and makes the third largest church in the United States. The magnificent building is built in resemblance to the churches in France to future this French renaissance.

The second in that line is the Church of Sacred Heart, Freeport. The church has an ornate interior better than any other church in the region. It is found in Freeport and has topped in the current list of beautiful churches in the county. It has an interior of magnificent beauty.

The atmosphere in Mighty Fortress is quite different from that built in other churches. Many churches tend to be formal and repeat most of their weekly activities regular. However, this is not the case with Mighty Fortress, and believers and visitors are encouraged to present themselves as they are. Everybody is honored with an environment to share in as they are considered a part of the body of Christ.

The Mighty Fortress has a beautiful worship experience that is a crucial encouragement to the believers weekly. The experience is based on the focus of all the Almighty God has perfumed in our lives. The return from the corporate worship to God is the spiritual refreshment, blessings, and spiritual inspiration. The presence of God is felt like the band, and the worship team conducts the worship, and all the attendants have the freedom to express their gratitude to God.

Bishop Thomas Williams seats as the senior pastor of the Mighty Fortress International. He has been serving the church in different capacities for over thirty years. As a respected minister of Gospel, he bases his ministry on the application of wisdom and knowledge as found in the Bible. He believes that this wisdom is the answer to the current world’s problems including sins, sickness, poverty, diseases, rebellion to God and moral decay.

The successful career of James Dondero

Early life and history of education
Having been born in Dallas, James Dondero spent most of his childhood with his parents in the state. He undertook his primary education within the locality and traveled to the University of Virginia for his undergraduate studies. At the University, James Dondero studied accounting and finance. He equally took other courses to help him develop his career in the future. Currently, James is one of the certified management accountants, and he has made a huge impact in his line of study.
The career path of James Dondero
After Dondero’s graduation from the University of Virginia, he got absorbed immediately into the market. He received several offers because of his astute performances. After the successful performance in the minor jobs that he received after graduation, Mr. Dondero became the manager of the American Express. During the time that he joined the company, there was a lot of mess to be fixed. With all his knowledge and experience, James Dondero managed about $1 billion in fixed income. The unprecedented performance that he indicated when he joined the company opened more opportunities for him. Later, Mr. Dondero was appointed as the chief investment officer for GIC subsidiary. This was one of the positions where James showed his ability to make a company successful. By the time he took over as the CIO, the company was just starting up. The initial investment had not reached the breakeven point. In five years, the company had moved from startup to a net worth of $2 billion.
Dondero’s career in Highland Capital Management
After his successful careers in his major positions at the two companies, James Dondero planned t start his company. He had developed the idea some years back, but he took some more time to understand the market and identify the best investment opportunities. In his current positions, James oversees the investment options made by the company. He equally oversees the operations of the companies with institutions and retails. As the president of the Highland Capital Management, Mr. Dondero has been put to task to apply the knowledge which he gained from the three decades of working experience. His influence and knowledge have been beneficial to the growth and the expansion of the company.

Honey Birdette Increase Sales in the UK and the US

Honey Birdette, an Australian lingerie brand has opened a dedicated US selling site. The firm has revealed its plans of increasing UK stores to 40 before 2018 ends. Eloise Monaghan founded the brand in 2006. The company has experienced a 374% increase in online sales in the US over the past year. The margins influenced it to launch the US e-commerce site to enhance the experience of customers through faster delivery, extended commodity range, and easier returns for the US client.

Market Distribution

It is focusing on America for retail openings with plans of rapidly increasing its UK stall count. Last year the entity opened its first outlet outside Australia in London’s Covent Garden, followed by two other stores in Westfield White City and Leeds’ Victoria Gate. The entity has publicized its intentions of opening more than ten openings in the UK and over 40 stores before the end of next year. In Australia, the brand has 55 outlets with intentions of launching other premium markets in Europe. BB Retail Capital (BBRC) finances Honey Birdette.

Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette was set up as a luxurious lifestyle brand to provide a solution to bedroom wear and accessories. It takes clients through the pleasure parlor using the high-end toys and carefully designed lingerie for the bedroom. The bold and innovative entity gained popularity as the best lingerie shop in Australia. Between 2012 and 2016, it has opened over 40 boutiques in Australia and employed more than 260 staffs. Honey Birdette’s teams are informative, vivacious, and buzzing to offer personalized services to visitors.

The stalls are flirty, unapologetically sensual, and playful with lavish décor. Guests receive a glass of champagne for every visit. They also offer luxurious massage candles, potent perfumes, leather crops, collars, cuffs, and harnesses. The honey plays the leading function in delivering Honey Birdette experience to entertain women. The creative director has led the brand in developing new collections and reaching out to new markets across Europe and US.

Find more about Honey Birdette on Instagram @honeybirdette.

Omar Yunes Has Been Honored For His Success With Sushi Itto

Omar Yunes won an award for having the best franchise in the world. The ceremony was in Italy and honored his Sushi Itto franchise for the many contributions he made to his brand. He began his franchise career when he was 21 and is now the owner of thirteen of the Japanese franchises located in Puebla, Mexico City, and Veracruz. Mr. Yunes took great pride in his acceptance of the award.

The awards ceremony was attended by representatives from Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, Hungary, Italy, France, and Mexico. Franchises received evaluations based on how they effected their networks and their contributions for model improvements, employee motivation, knowledge, and savings.

Omar Yunes received the award because of the way he managed information and the implementation of control boards that showed each units clear measurements. The award represents the combined efforts to give customers excellent service, remarkable flavor, and the best in hospitality.

The second place award went to Iván Tamer as a part of the Mexican chapter. He achieved a new system for marketing and new tools that enabled management of all of the pawnshops in his network. The parameters he established made a positive difference in his network.

Omar Yunes is an investor of Mexican descent and a representative of Sushi Itto. His interest and focus is in the food business and he is responsible for thirteen franchises. He uses an aggressive strategy in the marketing of his products and has substantial control in regards to the food industry. In excess of 400 jobs have been created by Omar Yunes and he motivates his employees with remuneration by realizing the goals of the company. His leadership has been responsible for a brand with a highly developed business network. He is successful because he has developed an excellent working strategy and structure. He uses as effective board in the implementation of his business strategies.

NuoDB:An Essential Empowering DataBase For Cloud Applications!

Jim Starkey, a highly regarded database architect, is the mastermind behind NuoDb. Starkey partnered with one of the leading software heads, Barry Morris in 2010 and brought NuoDB into fruition. NuoDB uses Structured Query Language which communicates with cloud programs. It has been an asset to clients in regard to submitting applications more cost efficiently and quicker. Many computer brokers and e-commerce enterprises depend on Starkey and Morris’s database to achieve flexibility, uninterrupted accessibility and scale-out ease that is essential to cloud transactions.

NuoDb was granted its initial patent in 15 months from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office and has five more copyrights awaiting confirmation. NuoDb’s database has become essential to customers as it permits them to quickly profit from contemporary scientific applications like group servers and scalable resources (cloud computing) to ensure that their applications are sound when any requirements or industry expectations change or are interupted. NuoDb’s mission is to “Build a database to power – and empower – today’s business-critical cloud applications.” They aimed to create a database that constructs on the capacity of SQL to position relevant technology more extensively than the original designs. NuoBD has certainly fulfilled those demanding challenges.

Bruce Bent II Exemplary Career Growth a Good Example to Emulate

Courage, confidence, patience, and discipline are some of the qualities that make entrepreneurs be successful. Bruce Bent is a good example of a successful entrepreneur and investor. His commitment, dedication, and vision have left an impact in the business world by assisting many firms, and clients achieve their financial target. He has played a significant role in expanding FDIC-Insured program as well as being an influential factor in the technological development of cash sweep. With his able leadership, he has transformed the FDIC-Insured cash management portfolio into a trillion worth industry.
Bent has diligently served The Reserve for 17 years in the Manager and CEO positions. In his tenure, he saw the company operations grow and expand. Later, he oversaw the orderly liquidation of some of the company’s subsidiaries after the 2008 financial crisis. Bent has been recognized as the best CEO in the region following his sound decision making and working strategic plans. He saw The Reserve productivity index grow to $90 million and asset management cash grow to $130 billion.
Other than being an investor, Bent is also a business consultant, venture capitalist, healthcare financing specialist, and intellectual property adviser. Bent dedicates himself to motivating prospect entrepreneurs with insightful discussions and providing relevant guidelines for them to succeed. He is the Chairman of Young Presidents’ Organization, which is a peer organization of prospect and young business leaders where they meet and exchange information. Other than this, he was the Chairman of Gotham Chapter as well as a member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization, an international platform for entrepreneurs to meet and discuss business ideas.
Bent has been quoted by various financial and business publications such as New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and others. He holds more than 90 patents, and he got featured in the book Leadership Secrets of the World’s Most Successful CEOs. Bent has been the Vice President and President of Double Rock Corporation, a company that deals with financial and technology consultancy services. He also serves as a Senior Executive at Island Intellectual Properties and Access Control Advantage LLC, both being subsidiaries of Double Rock Corporation. Bent is a real leader who believes that success is achieved through devotion and hard work.

NuoDB Will Help you Stay on Top of the Changing Market

NuoDB is an advanced SQL database that will give you the freedom to make optimizations around storage and replication without running into the problem of running out of disc space.
NuoDB lets you maximize resources across data centers within proximity and you can even minimize any latencies through data locality. With NuoDB you can add or remove compute power or even redundant storage without disrupting database services.

NuoDB has continuous availability so you will be better able to avoid failure at all levels without the risk of bringing down your application. Yu can also migrate application code that is already in place with in-database processing for better performance. NuoDB keeps data management within the cloud database and has a built-in disaster recovery so there is no need for any additional components or architecture. NuoDB has the availability, new features, and better performance that today’s market demands.

NuoDB will help you to save money and will also reduce time to market. You can also differentiate your application, thanks to the simpler application logic of NuoDB. You will get a better and smarter database with NuoDB that can adapt easily to any environment and will transform currently present models into more demand-friendly versions.