Securus Technologies Takes An Innovative Approach To Curtailing Problems Of Cellphones In Prisons

Securus Technologies has been implementing a number of technological improvements to improve the overall workings of the prisons that they are operational in. These improvements have mainly been with regards to the security of the places and are in place to prevent any illegal happenings in the incarceration facilities. As technology improves, inmates tend to find newer ways to conduct the unlawful tasks that they want to carry out. Cellphones, in particular, are being used as tools to be able to inflict harm on people or to communicate any wrongful activity.


Several reports have started making their waves across news mediums about correctional officers being harassed as a result of something that had happened inside the prisons that they worked in. One correctional officer came forward to talk about how he started receiving death threats after intercepting a package that was supposed to reach an inmate, which contained drugs. The inmate had been selling to other people inmates, and stopping this package from reaching him proved to be a significant setback. At the time, the inmate possessed an unauthorized cell phone, which was then used to coordinate the threats that would be imposed on the officer. Subsequently, after receiving threats, the officer was assaulted by a group of people who claimed to know the inmate. Several such incidents have happened across the country, which would not have been possible if inmates didn’t have cell phones in their possession.


Even though cell phones are banned from prisons, the fact is that inmates often try to sneak them into prisons through some or the other means. Correctional officers can conduct searches, but often, these cell phones are so well hidden that it becomes harder to find. More and more people have been turning towards a direction of using these over the communication services that are provided by the prisons, which can prove to be a real threat to the people inside the prisons, the correctional officers and the public at large.


Securus Technologies knew that if they wanted to bring about change and stop the use of unauthorized cell phones in prisons, they would have to think of an innovative way to take care of the problem. The one way to beat technology is with technology, and Securus Technologies decided to take this a step further by implementing a wireless containment system. This system prevents cell phones and other communication devices from being able to connect to the network, thereby preventing them from being able to communicate with people on the outside. This proves to be a hurdle in the way for those who want to carry out some illegal activity and need their cellphones to be able to communicate them.



About Securus Technology

The Securus Technologies is a security firm dealing with prison technology. It has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It serves correctional and law enforcement agencies, the public and also inmates mostly in the North of the United States. Securus Technology has employed over 1500 people and serves over 3000 correctional facilities in Canada and the United States.


Services that Security Technology firm offers include; the providence of a rapid emergency response, giving information to the public, management of incidences, investigation of cases, communication, information management, biometric analysis and monitoring products. The firm has professional engineers, designers, technological experts all working towards innovating solutions making this security firm to be one of the best. The security firm seeks to be the best in providing security products and best service offerings to customers and the best high technology software solutions.


The Securus Technology has announced through its Senior Vice President of Operations Danny de Hoyos, that it was accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) where it received a rating of A+. The bureau approved the Securus Technology firm after it was able to achieve the following standards:

  • Must be transparent
  • Must honor promises
  • Must safeguard privacy
  • Must be responsive to disputes
  • Must be honest
  • Must have integrity


Customer Reviews

One of the customers who used the Location Based Software (LBS) recognized the efficiency of the software that helped him through other law enforcement resources. They were able to recover drugs and illegal contrabands. The LBS is a software made by Securus Technology that uses data from the location to control features.


Finally, the Secures Technology investigative tool has received high praises because of its efficiency when doing investigations. This is evident especially when there are complaints of a potential threat to security or when there is a complaint of harassment.


Securus Technologies Continues Growth in Telecom Field

The telecommunications industry is a very competitive industry, which currently has several large providers that have a strong control on the overall market. One niche of the market that is a bit different than the rest of the industry is the segment that provides services to the law enforcement industry. One of the companies that is continuing to develop a strong marketshare in this segment is Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies is a company that was founded about ten years ago and has grown to be an industry leader. While it started with just a few small contracts, Securus Technologies is now the second largest competitor in the industry. Today, the company has over 1,000 clients across the country, which then house over 1 million inmates. Due to the significant client base, Securus Technologies has continued to increase staffing and the company now has several hundred employees, many of which work in operations and sales for the company.


One of the biggest selling points for Securus Technologies has been their innovative products. The best selling product and service that the company has today is its video visitation service. This service allows an inmate to connect with a family member through a video visitation platform, which is completely secure on both ends. The inmate and family member can then have a much more intimate conversation, which has helped to reduce the administrative and security burden that comes with in-person visitation.


An added benefit of the product provided by Securus Technologies is that it has also been used to solve and prevent some crimes. Whenever a call is made, all parties on the call will need to authorize the fact that the call is being recorded. Securus Technologies then has the ability to monitor these calls and can alert the proper people when something suspicious is overheard.


The Excellent Performance of Securus Technologies under Richard Smith’s Management

Rick Smith is an experienced electrical engineer who has been serving the telecommunications industry for about four decades. His career has been successful, and various companies that he has worked for have offered him administrative roles. Smith has been serving as Securus Technologies’ CEO since 2008 and has led the corporation to attain success. He has used his decades in leading the firm in establishing state-of-the-art technology products that are used in bettering service provision in the corrections industry. The growth of Securus Technologies has been significantly facilitated by mergers and acquisitions. The company bought Evercom and Netix to enable it to increase the scope of services that it offers. In 2009, Mr. Smith led it in acquiring Syscon Justice System, which was a top U.S-based offender management systems enterprise. Rick completed his undergraduate studies at State University of New York, and he also holds a master’s degree. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on

Smith’s term as the head of the telecommunication company has been very successful. During his administration, the corporation has launched several cutting edge products that have transformed service provision in prisons across North America. The company’s commitment to innovation has enabled it to perform well in the industry. The product and service of the technology solutions provider are used by more than 3450 law enforcement institutions that are based in different parts of the United States and Canada. Ricky Smith strives to ensure that the company maintains the excellent reputation that it has developed from the time it was founded.

The telecommunications professional has had an opportunity to serve various corporations throughout his career. He spent about twenty-five years (1972-1997) working at the Frontier Corporation, and the business offered him various administrative offices. Smith headed departments such as information technology, finance, business development, and operations. Rick was then hired by Eschelon Telecom in 1998. The company first appointed him to serve as the COO, CFO and then offered him the CEO position in 2002. Smith is appreciated by the firm since he assisted it in increasing its income from $30 million to $350 million. There was a 48 percent growth in the CAGR of the company, and its EBITDA rose to approximately $80 million. Richard held the CEO position until 2007, and he currently serves on its board.

Rick Smith Securus has been working hard to develop products that can fill the technology gaps that are in prisons and law enforcement institutions. The firm has so far invented several products, and they are all protected by patents. According to the CEO, Securus Technologies has developed an unparalleled patent portfolio that its competitors cannot match. The technology-based products of the enterprise are currently used by over 1.2 inmates who are in penitentiaries across North America. The main offices of Securus Technologies are Carrollton, Texas. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

I Am So Glad Securus Installs Better Cameras

I am actually the member of the family who has to check in with my dad because no one else will do it, and I am very thankful that Securus has put in new cameras in places where people make calls to the jails. They have these incredible installers who are working on very special installations that make every new video call clearer, and I know that they have done this to help people just like me. I have to be able to see my dad when I call into him, and I know that I am much better off if I have chosen to use Securus to make the call.

Read more at Wikipedia about Securus.

A lot of people might not feel like they are in a bad position when they are trying to call a jail, but the simple fact is that they can call a jail any time with Securus. I place these calls all the time, and they are very clear pictures that I can use to explain to everyone in the family how my dad is doing. Calling someone on the phone is not as powerful as just seeing them on video, and that is why I am happy to be using Securus.


They have made my calls to my dad possible, but they have also made calls for other families. It is very simple for anyone to get a call placed with Securus, and they will see their loved one instead of just hearing them. The whole process is far simpler for me, and I hope I can get the family around the camera soon.