Why You Should Own a Magnises Black Card

On one occasion, Billy McFarland was enjoying a meal in a restaurant with some friends who were discussing the benefits of owning a card such as the American Express Card. Billy, being a youth and a college dropout, felt that the cards available in the market neglected the young people. To Billy, the perks offered in the cards never suited the needs of young individuals not forgetting the fact that they can’t afford the fees charged. Billy, the founder of Spling, felt the need to design a card for the young generation who are possibly 15 years away from their maximum spending power but wish to experience it now.

To Billy, what a youths or college graduates need most is a platform to link up with potential bosses as well as young professionals for the benefit of their career growth. The 24-year old, Billy, insists that the Magnises black card is the ticket to that fancy lifestyle that every youth dreams experiencing. According to him, in the future Magnises will be a ‘must-have’ card.

The Magnises black card brings with it some excellent treatments that every youth would wish to experience while seeking opportunities. Basically, the holder is allowed access to many private parties, entry to exclusive nightclubs, and some VIP treatments not forgetting the discounts at expensive restaurants within the city. Hop into this site: http://magnises.tumblr.com/.

Not long ago, Magnises introduced the ClubPass which requires the holder to pay $65 monthly, and he/she is guaranteed access to the most exclusive clubs in New York. Also, there is the HotelPass perk which allows a member to book a room in luxurious hotels such as The Dreams Hotel for as little as $79 a night. In the urge to favor the self-employed, Magnises launched the WorkPass perk. This perk requires a member to pay $99 a month to access working facilities at Alley. Typically, such facilities rent for about $500 a month. Read related article at inc.com.

According to Billy McFarland, the already existing perks are just a drop in the ocean of what to expect in the future. Billy’s wish is to see every youth build himself a perfect network. Today, the Magnises black card records more than 10000 signups in New York only. According to Forbes, Magnises is the ‘new deal’ in town due to its tremendous growth. Billy, the founder, and CEO of Magnises says that plans are in place to see the black card availed across the major cities. View more.


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