David Giertz Has insights on Smart Retirement Planning

When you need to take proper control of your financial future, it’s people like David Giertz from whom you learn the ropes of smart retirement planning. You see, so many people have found themselves stuck in financial pits after failing to plan properly or because they don’t know the first thing about it. David is a qualified professional with lots of experience and achievements under his belt. He has a lot to offer in regards to planning for retirement and also as an advisor in the financial market. In fact, one of his most emphasized suggestions is for anyone preparing for retirement to think of an alternative source of income to guarantee their financial stability after leaving their main job. Also, David wants you to consider whether your savings are enough to an early retirement. Besides, securing a brokerage account makes perfect sense when you want to continue growing your savings. David Giertz is an expert in all this and more.

Having passed four certifications and with over three decades of experience in the brokerage business, David is now a senior visionary and an inspirational player in the industry. He has played key roles in various companies in the course of his long career. In fact, David Giertz is a certified arbiter with FINRA as well as a business coach certified by WABC. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree which he earned from Millikin University and an MBA (University of Miami). He’s all set for excellence in his line of work.

Having worked with various other entities, David Giertz is now the financial advisor for Nationwide Investment Services Corporation at their offices in Columbus, Ohio. In his capacity as a senior broker certified by FINRA, David can both buy and sell stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other investment commodities.

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