Drew Madden’s HCIT Career and Path to Evergreen

The passion for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) projects is what Drew Madden considers important in respect to his success story. He focuses on working with the best and those who are considered bright in taking on the challenges in the Healthcare Information Technology (HCIT). The HCIT is a field that very few understand. Drew has spent years in the field as a seasoned executive and entrepreneur, and below are things that he considers important.

1.Experience through Consistent Learning

Drew has worked in a number of organizations before getting to Evergreen Healthcare Partners. He is recorded to have worked at Cerner Corporation, Healthia Consulting, Ingenix Consulting, and Nordic Consulting. In all the consulting firms, Drew was involved in quality business development, sales consultation, and management. The four firms gave Drew the expert knowledge that he now employs at Evergreen Healthcare Partners as a Founding Partner.

2.Certification and Quality Management

HCIT consulting requires quality management skills and certifications. Having worked at Healthia as a senior HCIT consultant, Drew obtained different certifications such as Willow certification, Clinical Documentation, and Inpatient Medication certification.

3.Client Relationship

At Evergreen, Drew boasts of a credible client relationship. This is something that he developed while working in Nordic and the other consulting firms. He is known to handle all clients effectively. He believes that the customers are the real determinants of the business’ success. As an entrepreneur, Drew is focused on maintaining good customer relationships to boost sales.

4.Building a Legacy

To Drew, it’s important that he builds up a team that he can be proud of. At Ingenix and Cerner Corporation, he was known to be a team player and quality leader. He also exercised these attributes at Nordic and now at Evergreen Partners. He is focused on building well-seasoned healthcare entrepreneurs who are ready to take the industry head-on.


Generally, Drew Madden career is driven by passion and good relation. He has built a good reputation in HCIT under the pillars of dedication and good customer relationship. He is a good market leader and pacesetter in the field of HealthCare Information Technology and Electronic Medical Records.

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