Felipe Montoro Jens Interviews Edison Carlos To Talk Government Policies On Sanitation Industry

In the past few years, the country of Brazil has been bringing about numerous changes to the system and economy of the country. In the past, the government has not focused as much on the enterprises that work out of public funds, even though they were the ones that were moreso encouraged. People who owned private organizations had all the money in the world that they needed to be able to fund their projects and ideas, which is what helped them develop more in their respective fields. However, public organizations that rely on federal funds often are left to fend for themselves and make their way out of the system. Recently, the government of Brazil came up with a revolutionary new policy that allowed the business heads of public organizations in the country to seek funds and concessions for their development. Naturally, this created a lot of positiveness in the minds of the people. Numerous business leaders have been coming forward to talk about this policy and the effect that it could potentially have on the economy of the country.

Felipe Montoro Jens, who is a prominent member of the business sector in Brazil came forward to talk about the various nuances of the program that the government wants to set in motion. He went on to talk about his views and even interviewed someone from a different field to gain an alternative perspective on the effect that the policy would have on the people of the country.

The person that Felipe Montoro Jens went on to interview was Edson Carlos, who was the head of one of the largest sanitation companies in the country. His perspective mainly revolved around the sanitation industry and the boons that would come along with this implementation. The sanitation industry primarily runs on public funds which is why they will be the most benefitted from the policy in place.

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