Goettl Provides Tools For Graduating Veterans

Ask any HVAC industry technician and they will be quick to explain the first few paychecks any new graduate receives will be heavily deducted from to pay for a range of tools needed to perform this key maintenance role in an effective and successful way. KNTV reports the historic Arizona and Nevada based air conditioning company, Goettl, has recently made life a little easier for two military veterans who are looking to transition to civilian life by completing an HVAC course at the College of Southern Nevada.


During a recent class time Goettl owner and CEO, Ken Goodrich, made a surprise visit to the educational institution he has developed close links to to hand over $1,000 worth of tools each to two lucky veterans. The program from Goettl has been in place for four years and is designed to make it easier for the two veterans to embark on their career without having to add higher levels of debt to their already busy lives, which for veterans can include caring for family members and high levels of student loan debt. The course leader, Dennis Soukup is a military veteran and has made clear his appreciation of the work of Ken Goodrich to make the transition between military and civilian life as easy as possible on the two lucky veterans.


Ken Goodrich took over Goettl Air Conditioning in 2014 after the company had withdrawn from Las Vegas and was limited to operating in a small region of Arizona; ken Goodrich understands the history of Goettl as his father owned a repair business that allowed Ken to take his first business steps assisting his father in repairing and maintaining Goettl brand units.


The Goettl brand itself is named after Austrian brothers Adam and Gust Goettl who established the brand in 1939 after arriving in Arizona in 1936. The Geottl brothers quickly noticed that even at the height of the Great Depression the majority of residents of Arizona spent their summer months in southern California as the stifling heat of their home state was impossible to live with. Adam and Gust began manufacturing their own HVAC units that changed the way life was lived in the state of Arizona and also started the modern HVAC industry as we know it with their growing list of more than 100 patents held across many different aspects of this industrial sector.


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