Josh Verne Describes His Career In Business On Podcast

Josh Verne is a businessman from Pennsylvania. He began his career by working at a local furniture store in Philadelphia. Eventually, Josh Verne turned that local furniture store into a nationally recognized brand. Josh Verne spent more than 15 years working at Home Line Furniture before he sold the business.


The next venture of Mr. Verne was an online crediting site called Work Pays Me. It allowed people on a paycheck to use their paycheck as a guarantee to repay credit taken out to purchase items. Josh Verne, once again sold the business after developing it. He now works at, which is a peer to peer content sharing site geared as college students. It markets products directly to its base through the use of targeted marketing.


Tips Of Josh Verne To Apply In Business


If you are an entrepreneur who has employees or are a manager who oversees employees then you need to bee a leader and not a boss says Josh Verne. Leaders earn the respect of their employees and peers. Bosses demand it from them. A leader listens and works alongside his fellow workers. He also does what is best for the team and business. The boss ignores what his workers and peers say and only does what is in his own best interests. By being a leader you can be much more productive and ultimately more profitable in your business or company.


Another tip from Josh Verne is to be a better listener. You can start by talking less and listening more. It is that simple. You will be amazed by how much more info you can take in when simply start to listen more often to those around you.


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