Logan Stout, CEO Of IDLife

Logan Stout is a former professional pitcher for the Fort Worth Cats, a minor league baseball team. Logan began learning early about fighting to reach his goals. As a Pearce High School student, he was MVP his junior and senior years. He was a varsity basketball player and a baseball player. He went on to college at the University of Dallas where he earned a psychology degree and was awarded several prestigious titles in college baseball. He went on to play professional baseball after graduating from college.

Logan Stout became the founder of the Dallas Patriots, one of the largest baseball training organizations in the world for youth. The group’s goals are to provide the services needed to insure young baseball players are properly trained with private classes, baseball clinics and camps. Volunteers and service providers staff the organization, ensuring the young baseball player reaches his potential.

Along with his many accomplishments, Logan Stout has embarked in a new business, IDLife, LLC. This new network marketing opportunity focuses on nutrition and good healthy habits resulting in a better quality of life. The company markets products that target specific health problems, offering customers only nutritional supplements that are proven to work. A detailed assessment is filled out to insure that a specific nutritional supplements are customized to fit their needs. The company’s product lines include, skin care, a sleep improvement, weight management, kids’ products and exercise enhancers.

The assessment is designed to identify your allergies to products sold by IDLife. It also focuses on your illnesses and the elements missing from your diet and behavior that affect your health. By examining your health complaints, eating habits and your general health indicators, IDLife attempts to improve your quality of life. IDLife prescribes a nutritional supplement schedule and other health care additives that can increase your energy, reduce your stress and improve your general health.

Logan Stout is the CEO of IDLife, LLC., he works in the ministry spreading the word about God and he was a 10-time World Series player and coach. “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People and Teams“, his book is a go-to-favorite of many young sportsmen. He continues to thrive, keeping what’s dear to him in his focus. Right now, IDLife is a major focus and it is poised to explode as more and more people are made aware of its benefits.

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