My Road to Success Had Some Challenges, Says Dr. Aphil

Dr. Aphil reveals that the road has not always been easy for him. He, like most other successful people, made his fair share of mistakes at the onset of his career. Having begun his dental practice at the age of 23, he had little or no experience in the business. All he had was enthusiasms and passion for his work. Consequently, at one point he burnt his fingers in a business deal. He bought a business practice which failed to function as he aspired. As a result, he was forced to sell it at a loss. He feels that mentorship at an earlier stage could have saved him the loss and embarrassment. However, later he hooked up with the vision of Dr. Chris Villanueva who is the visionary at MB2 dental. Working closely with the team has earned Dr. Aphil a senior position in the unit.

Dr. Aphil grew up in Texas where he was raised by loving parents. He was just an ordinary child who loved activities such as soccer in school. However, his love for humanitarian activities was visible via the choice of clubs he chose to join; case in point Red Cross and scouting. Dr. Aphil had the heart to help people, and that was visible through his early childhood involvements. Upon joining senior school, he knew he was scientific and wanted to pursue a career that would help him use his practical skills. He narrowed down his choices to engineering and dentistry and finally settled for the latter.Immediately after high school, Dr. Akhil joined the University of the Pacific and pursued a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences.

Immediately after graduating, he joined the university’s doctorate class in dentistry where he graduated with a Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree. He was then still very young as he was 23 years old.Passion, optimism, and enthusiasm drove him back to his hometown where he immediately began his practice. It was while here that he made some mistakes businesswise bit he quickly learned from them. After selling his venture at a loss due to its failure, he joined hands with Dr. Chirrs Villanuella the founder of MB2 dental.Dr. Aphil says that he believes in working with a motivated team. Therefore, he listens to those below him and treats them well. At the same time, he believes in balancing work and family by only working 8 hours each week day and half a day every Saturday. Dr. Aphil spends the rest of his time with family and friends.

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