OSI Group Accomplishments under David McDonald

OSI Group is one of the internationally recognized companies that provide consumers with a wide variety of foods and beverages. The food processing company is based in Aurora, Illinois, and it has several branches all over the world. The group of companies has been operational since 1909, and it has expanded over the years. The David Mcdonald OSI Group gives employment opportunities to more than twenty thousand individuals from all over the globe. The company is privately owned, and it offers consumers fish, pizzas, vegetable products, meat patties, poultry, and bacon. Not long ago, the Forbes Magazine named the company as one of the top companies in the world.

Since it was established, the private company has done its best to provide its clients with top notch services. The private corporation has been recognized several times for being the best in the food and beverage production industry. The success of the company is attributed to the leadership of the institution.

Mr. David G. McDonald is the chief operating officer and president of the successful establishment. David went for his education at the Iowa University, and he has played a primary role in making sure that the OSI Group is one of the best institutions in the world. Before acquiring this position, the businessman worked as a project manager at one of the OSI Group units. David also served as the chairman of the North Meat Institute in the past. David studied animal science at the University, and this has helped him in his career.

The businessman is highly experienced, especially in the corporate industry. Because David has been in the finance industry before the OSI Group hired him, he has done quite well, transforming the company from a local meat processing company to a multinational corporation that is making billions of dollars of profits every month.

Last year, the OSI Group decided to expand its market by acquiring Baho Foods. David is believed to have played a key role in the successful purchase of the food company. Before its acquisition, Baho Foods was a Dutch owned business, and it specializes in portable foods, snacks, and delicious meats.

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