Equities First Holdings in Australia

Equities First Holdings Australia is a subsidiary of Equities First Holdings, a global company which has headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company provides alternative lending services. It is one of the companies which are providing financing solutions that can work for a majority of the people. Commercial banks no longer satisfy the needs of majority of their clients since they have tough guidelines on lending. Equities First Holdings provides shareholding loans which are far much effective than other types of loans. These are loans that use shares in stock markets as collateral.

These types of loans are gaining traction from many people as it’s easier to have shares in a publicly traded company than to own an asset.Many people in the world today opting for financing methods that are easy to repay. Commercial banks will offer loans, but the repayment process is very complex. Interest rates keep going up making it very hard for borrowers to repay.Equities First Holdings in Australia is working with many business organizations in the country. One of the organizations that are being financed by Equities First Holdings is Environmental Clean Technologies Limited, a company that is creating efficient technologies in India. EFH CEO, Al Christy has vowed to support the activities of this company to the end.

Are You Ordering Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff?

On the onset it is a pragmatic look at an evocative figure. Going through the motions of irony and gesturing outlook on life in general, what is the connotation of lucid dreaming. Is matched only by sarcasm, and tied with mini faceted propellants and prose. ‘What is it that you’re looking for?,’ asking this of Sean Penn with his new novel on ‘Bob Honey.’

Purple wonderlands and the sky full of pie-eyed nostalgia, we look on to manifest and nonchalant upbringing. It is a cacophony of child for well. In advance of suitable undertones, evokes what is drama in a comedic format. Established in the time zones of livelihood and thanks, one is booked for the meeting amenable conclusion.

Anything that is fraught with forgiving, I’m by sending praise to the old school poets and artists. ‘Is the switch on fan is looking for?,’ a fan of Sean Penn would ask. This novel is and has a sense of distinct helpful anecdotes directly aimed at his target audience who are Thought Lenders and Brokers of Knowledge.

The proper sayings of a thinking person who is both critical and forgiving are the tunes of a songwriter’s abstract composition. Application of verbal usage impostor indices give this novel its voice. The writer conveys a sense of thought full of innumerable lifestyles .

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Upwork’s Ten To-Do Must-Do’s

So you have a daily to-do list. Effectively getting through it every day can sometimes bee pretty frustrating. Fortunately, there is a good plan to help you to do so. Here is a ten-step plan for doing so:

  1. Capture Everything

In other words, write down everything you need to that down instead of just keeping it in your head. If all of these tasks are only in your head, you will be distracted because you are thinking about these other things you need to do while you are doing one of them.

  1. Prepare Your List in Advance

This is one of the most important things that you will do on any day. You are well advised to make it for the next day, the night before.

  1. One Place

A to-do list ensures that all of the tasks you need to do are listed in one place. Although all of your tasks might be written down in a number of different areas, if they are not all together in one place, it is hard to keep track of everything.

  1. Time Attributes

Make your list as productive as possible by specifying time attributes. Name when you will start on the task and how long you will do it before completing it. Add deadlines if they exist.

  1. Define priorities

When you make your list, you need to decide the priority of each item. This will help you on any given day since just about every day an unexpected emergency or circumstance crops up unannounced.

  1. Keep Reevaluating

As you go through your list and your day, evaluate the things you have on the list. It may be practical to put some things off for another day. Sometimes you might even decide it doesn’t need to be done at all.

  1. Stress-free Delegation

Take the stress out of trying to find comments that talk about needed tasks. To do this get ClickUp that helps convert these comments into these needed tasks.

  1. Zoom In and Out

Zoom in on each task and combine them with each other if possible. In the process of this, zoom out to make sure each task is actually part of a bigger project.

  1. Batch Process

This refers to what are known as batch process factories who find it more expedient to get stuff done by batching similar work together. This is a method that works really well for to-do lists.

  1. Assign Energy Levels

This step goes hand in hand with assigning a tasks priority. Decide how much energy of yours the task deserves. If it is a very high priority task, it should come first thing in the morning.


Strawberry Research’s Advice and Insight

Birds-eye View

Strawberry Research is a publishing company. They began efforts in 1999 and operate out of Baltimore, Maryland. They publish analyses of investment trends. They do not publish isolated views of the market. They aim to give their readers a birds-eye view perspective of market investments (http://releasefact.com/2018/03/stansberry-research-on-walmart-stock/).

They offer a variety of subscriptions and features for their clients. Their packages include the total portfolio, the income portfolio and the capital portfolio. They advise clients on global market trading and currencies. Strawberry Research informs their clients about oil, gold, copper and much more. Their team includes 27 individuals specializing in editing and analysis.


Strawberry Research’s View on Berkshire Hathaway

Strawberry Research cites Warren Buffet as a top American businessman. Warren Buffet owns the popular company “Berkshire Hathaway.” According to Strawberry Research, Berkshire Hathaway is not well-managed. As a result of Berkshire’s lack of organization, Berkshire’s competitor S&P 500 is will soon takeover part of the market unless Berkshire implements strategies for sustained success. Strawberry Research believes the success of Berkshire was a result of a particular formula. The float funds of Berkshire increased rapidly each year for decades. This strategy allowed for years and years of expeditious growth. Insurance subsidiaries pay Berkshire Hathaway vast amounts of funds.

For many years, Warren Buffet invested the revenue of Berkshire into companies with a good track record. He continued this strategy for many years. During 2003, he discontinued this way of conducting business. He instead began to invest in major banks such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, U.S. Bancorp and Bank of New York. Most of his investments have been marginal. Berkshire Hathaway owns close to 50 other businesses.

Strawberry Research believes that Warren Buffet’s poor choice in investments is leading to the downfall of Berkshire Hathaway. If one allows their business to become neglected and unstable, it will not survive in the global market. Strawberry Research gave their intricate view on this situation, and advises their readers on many topics similars to this. They strive to give the best advice possible for market investments.


Dr. Johanan Rand Compassionate Anti Aging Doctor

Dr. Johanan Rand, M.D. is a specialist in age management medicine. Dr. Johanan Rand’s medicine office is located in West Orange New Jersey. Dr. Rand’s practice is called healthy aging medical centers, a healthy aging practice or health optimism, what he likes to refer to as a Age Management practice where you really focus on your hormone levels and exercise. One of the focus’s in his program are to find the proper balance of carbohydrates and protein to fat that you can junction with the appropriate supplements. These supplements often consists the of proper doses of vitamin D in proper delivery, and the type of vitamin D as well as other supplements that help your metabolism with anti-inflammatory. Dr. Johanan Rand’s practice also uses antioxidants to prevent things like cancer they prevent the production of free radical formation of cells (Askreporter). His practice also takes a unique approach to menopause symptoms. Hot flashes, mood swings, depression, weight gain, mental fogginess, and a rise of blood pressure are all symptoms of menopause that Dr. Rand’s practice addresses in hopes to ease out the bodies the hormone levels.

Dr. Johanan Rand exclaims how everyone has good hormones and bad hormones and as you get older both good and bad hormones decrease the same time. He takes an approach to the care of this unstoppable reality. This comprehensive approach involves nutrition education of patients, and also about exercise. Dr. Rand makes sure that they’re doing not only cardio capacity but strengthening programs, resulting in lower body fat, which will help you to prevent many of the diseases associated with aging such as diabetes and metabolic related problems. One of the focuses of his program is to address any type of heavy metal toxicity that you may have.

This all done through extensive testing to better the life of the patient. Dr. Johanan Rand is a very compassionate man geared towards the betterment of human hormone health.


Jorge Moll and Other Professionals Explore the Benefits of Doing Good to Others

Even though giving gifts can be pretty challenging during the holiday season, there are scientific studies to prove that giving is actually good for your health. A study by the Harvard Business School revealed that people who gave money to others felt better than if they kept the money for themselves. Jorge Moll discovered in one of his 2006 studies that giving actually has a positive effect on our brains. When we donate money or give gifts to those we love, the part of the brain that is associated with pleasurable experiences is activated, which is part of what motivates us to keep doing good. This not only has a positive effect on families and relationships, but on communities at large.

A University of California Berkeley study also reveals that senior citizens who volunteered reduced their chances of dying in the next five years by 44% as opposed to elderly individuals who didn’t volunteer, even if those who didn’t volunteer took generally good care of their health and eliminated negative lifestyle habits like smoking, refer also to Jorge’s study.

There are even studies that show that when we are generous to others, we are more likely to see that generosity returned to us, even if it doesn’t come from the person we originally showed kindness to. These experiences promote mental health and a sense of trust and security within families and communities says Jorge.

Jorge Moll is a neuroscientist and the director and president of D’Or Institute for Research and Education’s (IDOR) governing board. He has done several studies during his professional career concerning the benefits of altruism (http://www.jorgemoll.com.br/). His work as a result of experiments and being the research and education head of IDOR’s cognitive neuroscience unit and neuroinformatics workgroup has led him to make significant breakthroughs in the way that people perceive kindness and the direct effects it has on the mind and body.


Peter Briger Is An Elite Player In The Shadowy World Of Special Asset Investing

Since November 2006, Mr. Peter Briger has been serving as the Director of Fortress Investment Group LLC. He is the current Co-Chairman and Principal of the firm. Briger also serves as the Head of Credit and Real Estate Business at the firm and has remained the Board’s Co-Chairman since August 2009.Since joining the firm in March 2002, Mr. Peter Briger has remained a serving member of the management committee. In December 2017, he was appointed to serve as a Co-CEO at Fortress. He had a 15-year stint with Goldman Sachs & Co. prior to joining Fortress. Basically, he joined the investment group with the aim of leading the real estate and debt securities. As at the time, the company (Fortress Investment Group) was seeking to diversify away from the core private equity business to extend its financial management services to various businesses including private groups, institutions, and corporate officials.

Ever since arriving at the firm, Mr. Bridger has helped in several ways to expand its client base.He, no doubt, played a very instrumental role in the exponential growth of the firm which is said to have an asset base that is estimated at about $44 billion. Thanks to his excellent acumen for trading assets as well as his broad experience in financial services, Peter Briger has helped to build a significant wealth for himself earning a current net worth of about $350 million. Prior to working at Fortress, Mr. Peter Briger has served as a Member of Advisory board of Linktone Limited, as well as handled matters relating to distressed debt while serving as an Advisor to International Finance Corporation. He has also held several positions in various organizations over the course of his career.

Also known as Pete, Mr. Briger has co-headed the Asian Real Estate Private Equity business, managed the Asian Distressed Debt business, co-headed Fixed Income Principal Investments Groups, and also served as a Co-head of Whole Loan Sales and Trading business.Peter Briger is an alumnus of the world famous Princeton University from where he backed a Bachelors degree in business administration. He also attended Pennsylvanian’s Wharton School of Business where he obtained an MBA. Today, he is officially recognized at Princeton University as a member of the alumni advisory board which was established by President Eisgruber Peter and Provost Lee in July 2015. This was mainly organized to empower entrepreneurship among students of the university.

Peter Briger: Raising Investment Standards at Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is the head of credit business and real estate in Fortress Investment Group. He is the principal and co-chairman of Fortress’ Directors Board. Peter was a member of the board at Fortress since 2006 until he was elected as the co-chairman in 2009. He was also a member of the Fortress Management Committee since 2002. Before then, Peter Briger worked for 15 years at Goldman, Sachs Co. At Goldman, Peter was the co-head in business trading and whole loan sales. His service was also extended to Linktone Ltd where he was a member of the advisory team. Currently, Peter is also a member of Foreign Relations Council, Tipping point director, and Caliber Schools’ board. His services are of high level as he also serves as a board member of Children Global Fund, Special Surgery Hospital, Princeton University Investment Company, and Conservancy of Central Bank.

Peter Briger went through school where he earned a Bachelor of Arts from Princeton University and an MBA in Business Administration at University of Pennsylvania, Wharton Business School. At Fortress Investment Company, available job opportunities are usually posted in relevant sites and any reviews regarding the company are easily viewed as needed. The staff at Fortress are a friendly team with creative minds and dedication to excellence in their work. Depending on the responsibilities assigned, the pay is relatively good for each employee. Peter Briger is a firm supporter of Princeton Entrepreneurship Program that began with a two number of associates to bring together the Princeton alumni. The aim of setting up this program was to bring together funds that would aid Princeton alumni startup companies and work on their entrepreneurial ventures.

This program also focuses on tye ability to be innovative, the discovery of new & great ideas in the market, and bringing them into reality. This program helps the Princeton alumni get funds to actualize their dreams and ideas. The amount that one receives is in line with the seed production. Actually, Peter Briger has had a successful entrepreneurial journey and he wants the same to those that he comes across through mentor-ship and support. He has a special interest in enabling other individuals who have entrepreneurial goals and passions to actualize them within the possible timelines and begin discovering their productivity in the market. As part of his generosity, Peter presented a special gift that would help establish the Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund at Princeton University. The funding goes up to $100,000 for each person and learning opportunities.

O2Pur: Supporting The Entire eCig Landscape With A Better Experience

Like ever before, the vaping popularity is experiencing a completely overwhelming growth that is causing the industry to sprawl. These days, eCigs are not only becoming more popular but increasingly adored by both experienced and novice users within the vaping community, thanks to the tremendous support from reputable eCig companies like O2Pur.

The outstanding pricing of eCigs is one of the major causes of its overwhelming growth. It is obvious that a significant number of individuals are gradually adopting vaping as a lifestyle which is mainly due to the sheer value it brings. Unlike their traditional counterparts whose prices are continually on the rise, eCigs seem to offer a better alternative that tends to be even more reasonable.

Ultimately, eCigs are designed to make life easier particularly for those lovers of convenience. Even novice smokers who are interested in vaping can start doing so in no time. They simply need to get hold of pre-made bundles – eCig starter kits – that provides everything they need to get started. Some reputable and customer-friendly companies like O2Pur try to encourage novice users to get started on an enjoyable note by providing them with a complete, reliable kit.

There is no guesswork as to how these products work. Generally, they are designed to be used several times thereby making them rechargeable. This reusability is widely reflected in their pricing. Most reliable companies like O2Pur would always want to give customers a run for their money by providing them with an unparalleled value. So, non-smokers can get started with vaping and even adopt it as a lifestyle with little or no money.

However, it is important for new eCig users to understand the usage specifications of the product they want before getting started as this can directly impact convenience. Depending on their personal preferences, users must ensure they get the right information of the product before attempting to purchase them. These include tank compatibility, battery length, charge time, price, etc.

In a bid to encourage further industry growth and innovation, many top-notch companies like O2Pur are not only investing in cutting-edge vaping technology but also providing users with optimal buying experiences.

Find out more about O2pur: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nd1Y47yezBU

David Giertz: Three Tips to Retire Early

Retiring early is a dream for many people. Few people enjoy working in an office environment each day. With more technology than ever before, many workers feel like they are always connected to their work. David Giertz has a financial plan to help people achieve their dreams. In the coming years, he believes that more people than ever before will retire early. Retiring early is a way for people to focus on their health and wellness at an earlier stage in life. Although retiring early requires an enormous amount of discipline and focus, it is possible for anyone who is committed to their goals.

David is an expert on retirement. He has worked in the financial planning industry for decades, and he firmly believes that anyone can have economic freedom. Learning from David Giertz is an excellent way for people to get started with this process.

Avoid Debt

One of the most significant financial issues for most people is too much debt. In the United States, student loans and credit cards are the main culprits behind the consumer debt crisis. To retire early, it is critical to get rid of any consumer debt a person may have. By sticking to a budget, people can easily avoid debt and live a relaxed lifestyle.


Investing is essential for anyone who wants to retire early. It is almost impossible to accumulate enough money to retire early without investing. Some people wrongly assume that investing is risky. However, buying an index fund that follows the performance of the stock market is the safest way to invest.

Be Flexible

Flexibility is critical when it comes to retiring early. Some people are rigid in their plans, and they end up failing. David Giertz believes that being flexible helps people when the stock market drops. By lowering the withdrawal rate of a portfolio, people can manage their finances through tough economic times.

Find out more about David Giertz: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/people.asp?privcapId=3611386