Clay Siegall: Turning Seattle Genetics into a Global Player

Clay Siegall is known as the founder and the present chief executive officer of the pharmaceutical company called Seattle Genetics. The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, and under the leadership of Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics managed to become one of the most successful pharmaceutical companies in the region. Clay Siegall is a striving entrepreneur who is working hard to have his company recognized nationally. For now, he is enjoying the statewide exposure for his business, but he wanted Seattle Genetics to be known all throughout the United States as well. He knows that by tapping the national market, more business opportunities would come right at his door. The company was founded in 1988, and Clay Siegall stated that his primary objective of creating a pharmaceutical company is to create a drug that will eradicate several diseases that threaten the existence of humanity. They listed cancer as their top priority, and he built a team comprising of chemists, pharmacists, biologists and researchers who will study the nature of some pathogens and develop a way on how to finish them off.

Through years of research, Seattle Genetics managed to develop a drug that was recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The drug is known as Adcetris, and it is used to cure Hodgkin lymphoma, which is a type of cancer in the lymphatic system that becomes deadly if not treated. Hodgkin lymphoma causes the immune system to deteriorate, and it will be incapable its victim from doing anything and causing them to experience daily fatigue. Adcetris treats patients detected with Hodgkin lymphoma, and the company has recorded cases in which the patient recovered. Aside from Adecetris, Clay Siegall is also proud to present three other drugs that are waiting to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration. These are 33A, 22ME, and LIV1, and these drugs are used to treat myeloid leukemia, bladder cancer, and breast cancer, respectively.

The leadership of Clay Siegall made Seattle Genetics as one of the fastest growing companies in America. Their stock prices grew significantly, and the company is now valued at $10 billion. According to Clay Siegall, they are planning to hire more employees, and he recently opened up an office in Switzerland, in high hopes that the company will also become an international player in the pharmaceutical industry.

Sheldon Lavin Takes OSI Group Across the Globe by Innovation

Sheldon Lavin always wanted to own a business when he started his professional life upon graduating from college. His background is in finance and his initial foray into the business world was as a consultant who helped companies secure funding for their operations and expansions.

Lavin’s goal, however, wasn’t just to run his own business, he also wanted to make a difference in the world and in the lives of people. He focused on food products as a way to enrich the lives of people with something they need every day.

His work as a financial consultant paid off when he began a relationship with a small food processor known as Otto & Sons. He helped them secure funding to expand their activities and continued through the years to maintain a working relationship with them. Eventually, the remaining partners retired and Lavin bought the business with global ambitions in mind. He has been their owner and CEO for decades and they have grown into a truly special company with a worldwide reach.

Sheldon Lavin intuitively realized the important role that technology would play in enhancing business activity and promoting greater productivity. Marketing is one area that Lavin has found this to be especially true and OSI Group uses the most advanced, modern marketing techniques to reach its customers and to communicate their vision.

Social media advertising and internet marketing are used by OSI Group and this keeps them at the forefront of successful marketing tactics. Technological trends are constantly monitored and the information is analyzed by a special team at OSI Group that keeps their marketing efforts current. Any techniques discovered by them will be incorporated into the company’s marketing programs.

One important facet of Lavin’s success in business has been his forward-looking nature. He believes that this sets him apart from the crowd and contributes greatly to his success in business and life. Early in his career, he began making decisions that would improve his situation in the future. This has allowed him to build an extraordinary company that has stood the test of time.

In a recent interview, Lavin articulated some of his thoughts on helping business leaders develop innovation in their own careers. He indicated that a humble attitude is very important as learning from co-workers and trusting human capital can go far toward cultivating an innovative atmosphere. He advocates listening to as many smart people as possible. Sheldon Lavin continues his amazing career with OSI Group and enjoys his work to this day.

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The successful career of James Dondero

Early life and history of education
Having been born in Dallas, James Dondero spent most of his childhood with his parents in the state. He undertook his primary education within the locality and traveled to the University of Virginia for his undergraduate studies. At the University, James Dondero studied accounting and finance. He equally took other courses to help him develop his career in the future. Currently, James is one of the certified management accountants, and he has made a huge impact in his line of study.
The career path of James Dondero
After Dondero’s graduation from the University of Virginia, he got absorbed immediately into the market. He received several offers because of his astute performances. After the successful performance in the minor jobs that he received after graduation, Mr. Dondero became the manager of the American Express. During the time that he joined the company, there was a lot of mess to be fixed. With all his knowledge and experience, James Dondero managed about $1 billion in fixed income. The unprecedented performance that he indicated when he joined the company opened more opportunities for him. Later, Mr. Dondero was appointed as the chief investment officer for GIC subsidiary. This was one of the positions where James showed his ability to make a company successful. By the time he took over as the CIO, the company was just starting up. The initial investment had not reached the breakeven point. In five years, the company had moved from startup to a net worth of $2 billion.
Dondero’s career in Highland Capital Management
After his successful careers in his major positions at the two companies, James Dondero planned t start his company. He had developed the idea some years back, but he took some more time to understand the market and identify the best investment opportunities. In his current positions, James oversees the investment options made by the company. He equally oversees the operations of the companies with institutions and retails. As the president of the Highland Capital Management, Mr. Dondero has been put to task to apply the knowledge which he gained from the three decades of working experience. His influence and knowledge have been beneficial to the growth and the expansion of the company.

Robert Ivy: An Architecture Genius

Robert Ivy is an experienced architect and the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President of The American Institute of Architects. For the longest time, he was the Editor in Chief of one of the most read architecture journals called the Architectural Record. Robert Ivy has led various remarkable changes in the architectural world. The talented architect was on the panel that chose Frank Gehry to come up with the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial design.

Robert Ivy is also talented in architecture journalism, and he has been a critic in various countrywide publications. When he was the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record magazine, the publication got awarded with several accolades and honors which include a General Excellence award from the American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award.It also got the Website of the Year for the MPA Digital Award, several Folio Design Awards, 26 Jesse H. Neal Awards among others.

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About Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is a professional architect who has received various awards to recognize his immeasurable role in the American architecture field. Some of them include; American Business Media’s Crain Award, a management excellence award from McGraw-Hill. Perhaps the biggest award he has received so far is the Master Architect honor which he got after the national architecture fraternity, Alpha Rho Chi voted for him undisputedly. He got the award due to his effective communication in the value of design. Robert Ivy is the only architect who has received the award in the 21st century and the seventh architect to get it during the fraternity’s century old history.

Robert Ivy has also worked for McGraw-Hill Construction Media as an Editorial Director and Vice President. The media outlet includes SNAP, GreenSource: The Magazine of Sustainable Design, Architectural Record: China, ENR, Sweets HQ Magazine, and Constructor. He has also been a principal at Dean/Dale. Dean & Ivy. In 2001, he published Fay Jones: Architect which is a biography that tells the story of the architect who worked under Frank Lloyd Wright. The book is now in its third edition. He attended The University of the South for Bachelors in English and graduated from the Tulane University with a Masters in Architecture.

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Anthony Petrello’s Road to Success

Anthony (Tony) Petrello was born and raised in Newark, a working-class neighborhood in New Jersey. In Newark, the citizens are known for a culture of honor and strong work ethic despite the plenty of hardship they go through. In the area, lying is severely punished, hard work is rewarded, and honesty is valued. With his background, Tony learned all the value that he has kept until adulthood.

Petrello understood there are no shortcuts to success at an early age. He studied academic for several hours each day. He used to master calculus and exhibited mathematical intelligence at an early stage that would equally rate with a fully trained logician. His parents tried to make ends meet while him he used to stay till midnight burning oil each night for a bright guaranteed future.

At eighteen, Tony excelled at PhD. in level linear algebra and calculus thus was recognized by Yale fraternity. He received a full-scholarship at Yale University after graduation from high school. Despite the competition from other best undergraduate scholars, Petrello never failed to impress at Yale. With the knowledge he gained,Petrello earned a B.S and M.S degrees in Mathematics from the Yale University. Later, Tony joined Harvard Law School and graduated with a J.D. degree.

Petrello worked for a vast array of companies before settling at Nabors Industries. Nabors serves as the CEO of Nabors Industries, a leading oil, and natural gas company. Tony also is the chairman of the board and executive committee of the enterprise. Under his leadership, the firm has created many job opportunities in the oil-producing industry in areas around the United States.

Petrello does not support business leaders who earn high wages at the cost of the average worker. According to his contract with Nabors Industries, 80% of his income is based on the revenue of the firm. Therefore, if the company’s revenue falls, Tony’s income decreases thus he always ensures the company revenue is always increasing. With Petrello, Nabors has been ranked the largest geothermal and natural gas drilling contractor.

Petrello and his wife always give back to the society by donating funds o organizations. Each year, they contribute millions of dollars to charities. He is passionate about Nabors Industries for their bright future. Nabors Industries Ltd. operates the world’s largest drilling rig fleet on land. It is also the leading provider of offshore drilling rigs in the US and other multiple international markets.

Throughout the world’s significant oil and gas markets, Nabors firm provides performance tools, directional drilling services, and innovative technologies. With Antony Petrello and his skilled workforce, they provide the best services o demand in the oil and natural gas industry. Petrello is a well-known and a hardworking man in the oil world.

Envoy And OneLogin Have Provided An Automated Sign-In

Envoy is a company based in San Francisco with software allowing office visitors to sign in with an iPad making logbooks unnecessary. The process is automated to include the registration process, digital NDA, visitor photos and badges, and host notifications. Tech-companies use the process for security and productivity. Individual uses access no longer requires updates through dozens of applications making the experience smooth. The SCIM protocol was implemented through OneLogin and Envoy for user provisioning. The provisioning connector from Envoy is available in the application catalogue for OneLogin.

SCIM is an abbreviation for System for Cross-domain Identity Management and simplifies management and provisioning for the user. Customers accelerate adoption and application rollout with a synchronization of the user attributes into their preferred application. Customers can provision fields including an employee’s first and last name, office location, email and more right into Envoy from the OneLogin directory. User profiles are updated automatically as the changes occur.

The application removes most of the burden placed on IT, eliminates duplicate work, and maximizes productivity. Envoy visitor registration gives customers records that are easily managed, accurate, and current. Every employee receives visitor alerts, host notifications, and can create invites for visitors. The signing in process is easy and wasting time searching through employees that no longer exist is eliminated. Envoy adopted SCIM because they perceive SCIM as a standard. This allows Envoy to scale with a consistent user date format. This gives them the ability to improve their product and evolve because their grasp of the working data improves. The influence and knowledge they have concerning the implementation of their product provides the confidence required to move forward. Their customers have a perfect experience as a visitor due to the improvement in their core competencies.

OneLogin supports the standards of access management and open identity. They provide guidance for the implementation of single sign-on, free toolkits for developers, user provisioning, and more. Their standards are a representation of battle-tested API’s and schema eliminating the need for the wheel to be reinvented for application vendors in the creation of reliable and secure IAM functionality. They have enabled SCIM for their applications.

The History And Uses Of Trabuco

Trabuco is a sort of siege weapon, which dates from the Medieval Period. It was used in smashing the enemies’ masonry walls or shooting projectiles over them. It had its origin in East Asia, China.

During the Crusades, Europeans used the Trabuco, that time it was a terrifying, efficient weapon. In contrast to the catapults, mangonels, and ballistae, the Trabuco doesn’t use any complex mechanism. It became popular because of its simple design, maintenance, and it could launch projectiles that were heavier and at a greater range than most of the similar firearm that existed at that time.

The mechanism of Trabuco is made up of converting the gravitational potential energy (PE) into kinetic energy (KE). Not all the PE is converted into KE; one part vanishes in the form of sound and heat. The counterweight size is ∝ (directly proportional) to v (velocity) of the projectile; the greater the counterweight is, the more powerful projectile is going to be launched. The physical calculations of potential gravitational, kinetic energy and potential difference are linked directly to the operation of Trabuco on

Humans operated the first traction Trabucos. Wu Jing Yao Zong described the biggest documented Trabuco sample in his military monograph as being supplied by 250 people plus casting a stone weighing 140 pounds at 80 meters. That kind of huge machine was rare because of the complex logistics of managing the large operational teams.

The Arab merchants introduced the traction Trabuco firearm to the area of the Middle East. They improved the design, adding more weight to the arm, specifically at the short end; this gave an additional reach to the Trabuco. Records of the hybrid Trabuco that existed during the early thirteenth century are available. The hybrid Trabuco was capable of casting stones weighing 400 pounds at walls of the famous Egyptian city of Damietta.

According to youtube, the Europeans saw the initial hybrid Trabuco at the time of Crusades. They realized it could carry a greater weight and in a short period, by using human strength plus constant weight; this also improved the scale accuracy. The changes gave birth to the firearm called counterweight blunderbuss.

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Those Scandalous Lips

Makeup and hair color has taken on a life of it’s own these days. With the help of social media people of all ages haven taken to the internet giving ideas and screen shots of how they wear it. Lime Crime Makeup and it’s founder Doe Deere, who refers to herself as the Unicorn Queen, has reached millions through the internet with her amazing shades of everything from lip colors to eyeshadows to a new line of hair color. The products at Lime Crime are for those that want more than just a shade available at the drugstore, they are looking for something that is unique and a form of self expression.

The makeup is so cool and there are so many ways to layer and change the colors. So when you purchase something like a lip color in Lime Crime’s Bloodmoon you can add a little of the diamond crusher lip line and have something completely new and one of a kind. The products are a favorite for also being 100% vegan and cruelty free. Both important facts to Lime Crime and their customers.

The Velvetine line of lipsticks are a favorite and there are way too many to name them all. The names range from a deep red called “Wicked”, a light pink “Marshmallow”, to a light blue named “Teacup”. The colors are so cool and varied and can become whatever the wearer wants with a little imagination. Now added to the line is a color called “Scandal” a color that is sure to be a quick seller. The purple-violet hue is so new and will definetly be a great color for anyone looking to walk in a room and be noticed. This color can go from the punk singer in the band, to the lady signing your check. The Velvetine applies directly to lips wet, and then dries to a perfect velvety finish.

What’s great is that Doe Deere is very in touch with her customers and this “Scandal” color is very on-trend for this season and can add a little drama to any get up.

Honey Birdette Increase Sales in the UK and the US

Honey Birdette, an Australian lingerie brand has opened a dedicated US selling site. The firm has revealed its plans of increasing UK stores to 40 before 2018 ends. Eloise Monaghan founded the brand in 2006. The company has experienced a 374% increase in online sales in the US over the past year. The margins influenced it to launch the US e-commerce site to enhance the experience of customers through faster delivery, extended commodity range, and easier returns for the US client.

Market Distribution

It is focusing on America for retail openings with plans of rapidly increasing its UK stall count. Last year the entity opened its first outlet outside Australia in London’s Covent Garden, followed by two other stores in Westfield White City and Leeds’ Victoria Gate. The entity has publicized its intentions of opening more than ten openings in the UK and over 40 stores before the end of next year. In Australia, the brand has 55 outlets with intentions of launching other premium markets in Europe. BB Retail Capital (BBRC) finances Honey Birdette.

Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette was set up as a luxurious lifestyle brand to provide a solution to bedroom wear and accessories. It takes clients through the pleasure parlor using the high-end toys and carefully designed lingerie for the bedroom. The bold and innovative entity gained popularity as the best lingerie shop in Australia. Between 2012 and 2016, it has opened over 40 boutiques in Australia and employed more than 260 staffs. Honey Birdette’s teams are informative, vivacious, and buzzing to offer personalized services to visitors.

The stalls are flirty, unapologetically sensual, and playful with lavish décor. Guests receive a glass of champagne for every visit. They also offer luxurious massage candles, potent perfumes, leather crops, collars, cuffs, and harnesses. The honey plays the leading function in delivering Honey Birdette experience to entertain women. The creative director has led the brand in developing new collections and reaching out to new markets across Europe and US.

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David Giertz – A Financial Guru with Sound Advice to Share

According to financial advisor David Giertz, people should seek a balance between saving wisely and spending on needed things with an equal amount of energy. He offers insights on how to live responsibly without wasting the investments needed to have fun during one’s golden years. Giertz has a lifetime of experience to bring to the table. Positions he served in include Senior VP for Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales. He was also President of Nationwide Financial Distributors in his tenure with the company.

David Giertz has some timely advice to give to people who are saving for retirement. Saving money can become a difficult habit to break once formed. Putting money aside for an emergency may seem like a difficult task at first, but it becomes easier the more a person does it. It becomes a habit that takes root. Social Security should also become a retirement consideration as pensions are dying off and drying up.

On the other hand, some people that have managed to save millions sometimes are hesitant to spend any of their savings as their daily existence may be far from extravagant. David Giertz teaches that it is okay to spend money without feeling any guilt. There is no point in having saved a lifetime and not being able to enjoy it during one’s golden years.

There are a number of things to consider when working toward a sound retirement. Discipline is the key, along with several different savings approaches. A person should decide early on how much money they will need to leave for their heirs as well. They should also make sure enough cash is on hand for any emergencies that might arise. Their plan should also include enjoyment for their own life. It will have made it all worthwhile.