Talk Fusion Announces The December 2017 Incentive Trip To Milan

International video marketing and direct selling company, Talk Fusion has announced its December 2017 incentive trip to Milan. The new luxury trip for independent associates is aimed at motivating them to continue building their business in the coming year. The new trip, dubbed Destination: Milan, is the latest addition to the company’s startling lineup of incentives. They include diamond recognition rings, Rolex watches, Mercedes-Benz and traditional trips to destinations like Maui, Dubai, Florida, Tampa and Orlando. The Milan trip is open to both current and future associates, especially those who are participating in Talk Fusion’s World First Instant Pay Compensation Plan, which is happening in over 140 countries.

In order to qualify, participants are required to share the company’s all-in-one video marketing solution with others and achieve the diamond rank. Being one of the world’s top fashion capitals, Milan is famed for its world-class shopping, cultural and historical sightseeing excursions, and savory Italian Cuisine. The company will cater for air ticket and hotel accommodations for the qualified team.

Bob Reina, Talk Fusion’s CEO, said that the company is devoted to giving its customers and associates unmatched services. He continued to posit that this trip is a proof of its commitment to this promise. The company’s vice president of training & development, Allison Roberts, asserted that most people dream of free quality time with their families. He went on to acknowledge that Talk Fusion is committed to validate their dreams. Additionally, Talk Fusion intends to reward associates with a fully paid trip to Maui, Hawaii. T


About Talk Fusion

Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007. The company assists businesses to increase their sales and profits, attract and retain clients, and deliver innovative services. It achieves these objectives through an interactive, memorable and persuasive ways of marketing. Independent associates market their award winning products. Trials for the video marketing solution are available to any person who is interested in testing the products before buying. Over the years, the company has been supporting different philanthropic initiatives as part of its responsibility of giving back to the community.

How to Choose the Best UK Vintner

There is no shortage of wine vintners and merchants in Britain. In fact, sometimes the diversity of shops and online retails can make it difficult to choose where to buy from. We’ve broken down some of the UK’s top vintners to make your shopping experience easier. Whether you are looking for a shop that specializes in a particular region or want to find the most competitively priced wine selection near you, we’ve compiled a helpful guide to UK wine merchants.

For starters, wine aficionados should not be afraid to check out some the UK’s top online wine merchants. While it is hard to replace the nostalgia for a classic brick and mortar establishment, many online sellers offer expansive inventory that cannot be found in stores. What’s more, most shops offer convenient doorstep delivery. Take The Vinorium for example, they are a Bordeaux specializing UK vintner that ships worldwide and free within the UK for orders over £100. Another great online UK vintner is Wines of Distinction, which has a pleasant website that organizes wine selections by region. For those looking to satisfy their far-reaching palettes, this relatively new vintner offers top-notch choices.

For those not ready to venture into the world of online shopping for their wine needs, there are also plenty of satisfying locations to visit throughout the U.K. Many of these merchants depend on the same wholesalers, who determine the variety and depth of their stock. The Vintner, for example, is one of the UK’s largest wine wholesalers. They have a long established relationship with many vineyards throughout the world, including stock in several Bordeaux region variations. While they deal more directly with the shops rather than consumers, they offer a wealth of knowledge and appreciation for wine. While the wholesaler is often overlooked as the third party in consumer relations, when it comes to wine this middle man can make or break a vintner.

Whether you are looking to shop online or in-person, don’t settle for inferior UK vintners. Consider your personal tastes or how you’d like to expand your wine experience. Whether you are looking for a unique vintage or to stock up for the holidays, let your UK vintner be more than just a retailer. Check out this UK wine buyers’ guide and compare the options nearest to you. There are so many unique wine varieties out there and always new ones on the horizon.

Equities First Holdings-Proving Alternative Lending Options for All

Equities First is a company that offers alternative shareholder financing solutions. The company is seeing a retraction in both stock-based and margin loans especially in the current economic atmosphere where banks and other financial institutions have tightened their lending criteria. Borrowers who need to raise quick capital or don’t qualify for traditional credit-based loans can find comfort in Equities First.

Recently, most financial firms have reduced their lending alternatives and have made the loan qualifications even tighter for their clients. Thankfully, Equities First Holding is taking advantage of this gap to offer alternative lending options for such clients. For instance, during a three-year loan term, one cannot avoid fluctuations in the market; however, stock-based loans offer a hedge since the borrower can lower their investment risk in a downside market. The majority of these stock-based loans carry a non-recourse feature which allows clients to walk away from a stock loan even if the value goes down. The borrower can keep the initial loan proceeds without any obligation to the lender.

Although all kinds of financial transactions carry some risk, the stock-based loans have been ignored as a viable alternative to borrowing. The reason is that some shoddy lenders have dumped borrower’s collateral to the open market and failed to return stocks upon transaction maturity. Luckily, at Equities First, you’ll find an inbuilt business code of integrity and transparency. The company relies on lending legal, regulatory and trading institutions for counsel. The mission is to provide value-added benefits with minimum risk to help clients meet their financial obligations.

About Equities First

Equities First Holdings has been providing customers with alternative financing solutions since 2002. Also, the company has been supplying capital against the publicly-traded stock to help customers meet their individual and professional needs. The company offers capital against shares that trade on public exchanges across the globe. So far, Equities First has completed over six fifty transactions worth over 1.4 billion dollars something that gives clients high value at low fixed interest rates.

Equities First Holding has a global network with some of its offices spread across nine countries. They subsidiaries are in London, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

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Andy Wirth and Squaw Valley Score Huge Victory in Gondola Construction Phase

We’ve seen some major success points in recent weeks for Squaw Valley Ski and CEO Andy Wirth. For one, Andy Wirth was recently appointed to the Reno – Tahoe Airport Authority Board. Wirth brings with him a host of experience and knowledge of working with flights from all over North America thanks to his background in resort management. Next up, Wirth’s Squaw Valley is finally getting the much requested addition that fans and locals have been clamoring for: a base to base gondola that attaches Squaw Valley to local resort, Alpine Meadows.

The addition of a base to base gondola had been a dream of Squaw Valley’s Founder, Wayne Poulsen, when he first got his resort started. Over the past several decades, however, the addition of a gondola seemed less and less likely due to the holding out of landowner Troy Caldwell. Caldwell owns and works the land in between Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley, which he calls ‘White Wolf’, and had been reluctant to allow any sort of construction to begin on it. However, CEO Wirth and Caldwell finally reached an agreement whereupon Squaw Valley would begin construction of their gondola along the western edge of the property. From there the gondola would span a peak and land over in Alpine Meadows.

The agreement to create a gondola is a fulfillment of an almost 6 year promise by CEO Andy Wirth. Wirth had begun talking about connecting the two popular resort mountains back in 2011 but he had always run into obstacles with Troy, who he calls a neighbor. Wirth and Caldwell both had wanted to take care of the wildlife and land without putting anything in jeopardy. When he was younger Wirth had served as a wilderness ranger and he cites that employment as why it is so important to him to reduce effect on certain areas of White Wolf: namely Granite Chief Wilderness and Five Lakes.

When construction on the gondola is complete it will make Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows one of the largest ski areas in the entirety of North America. You can tell that Reno – Tahoe natives are getting excited for the future of the resort.


Relmada Therapeutics’ Lawsuit against Laidlaw & Company

Laidlaw & Company is a U.K. based investment banking firm that offers brokerage advice and personalized banking services to private and public institutions as well as high-net-worth investors. The company became a member of York State Exchange in 1878. Laidlaw & Company’s top executives are Mathew D. Eitner who serves as the CEO while James P. Ahern is the Head of Capital Markets.

Laidlaw & Company is a leading provider of wealth management and investment banking services in the US and the UK. The firm helps clients to raise capital through equity placement in the securities trade markets and initial public offerings.

Laidlaw & Company breaches a confidential contract

In Dec 2015, Relmada Therapeutics filed a lawsuit against Laidlaw & Company and its executives Mathew Eitner and James Ahern. The two officials were accused of not complying with Security Exchange Commission’s regulations. Besides, they issued a false and misleading information in an attempt to take total control over Relmada Therapeutics. As such, Relmada Therapeutics amended its previous lawsuit against Laidlaw & Company’s officials to include claims of breaching a confidential agreement while the company served as its investment banker. Relmada Therapeutics seeks monetary compensation citing financial loss and reputation damages due to the dissemination of misleading proxy materials. Relmada Therapeutics noted that its stock price declined from $4.03 to $1.65 per share after Laidlaw & Company breached a confidential agreement.

Moreover, Mr. Ahern’s education history is questionable. While he claims to have graduated from Assumption College in 2002, college records confirm that he attended school from 1999 to 2000. Interestingly, there is no data to support the claim that he graduated college in 2002. Furthermore, statistics reveal over three customer complaints and two lawsuits filed against James Ahern between 2011 and 2012. Under the leadership of Mathew Eitner and James Ahern, Laidlaw & Company received several customer complaints about poor customer service.

I Am So Glad Securus Installs Better Cameras

I am actually the member of the family who has to check in with my dad because no one else will do it, and I am very thankful that Securus has put in new cameras in places where people make calls to the jails. They have these incredible installers who are working on very special installations that make every new video call clearer, and I know that they have done this to help people just like me. I have to be able to see my dad when I call into him, and I know that I am much better off if I have chosen to use Securus to make the call.


A lot of people might not feel like they are in a bad position when they are trying to call a jail, but the simple fact is that they can call a jail any time with Securus. I place these calls all the time, and they are very clear pictures that I can use to explain to everyone in the family how my dad is doing. Calling someone on the phone is not as powerful as just seeing them on video, and that is why I am happy to be using Securus.


They have gone to a lot of great lengths to get only the best cameras and systems in every jail, and they have installation professional out in the field who are helping in ways that are truly remarkable. They have made my calls to my dad possible, but they have also made calls for other families. It is very simple for anyone to get a call placed with Securus, and they will see their loved one instead of just hearing them. The whole process is far simpler for me, and I hope I can get the family around the camera soon.


Business visionary Marc Sparks changes office to optimize innovative collaboration

About Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is the author, proprietor, and CEO of Timber Creek, LP. He is additionally a creator, humanitarian, and serial business person persistently moving new thoughts toward business.

Marc Sparks, is likewise a serial business person and proprietor of the private value firm, serves business people in forming new organizations into income producing companies.

After over 10 years at its unique area, Marc Sparks of Timber Creek Capital, LP has moved workplaces to a setting optimized for collaboration and very helpful for startup incubation. The procedure of beginning a business starts with building a plan of action and obtaining the assets to guarantee achievement.

He serves as Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Unistar Financial Service Corp., furthermore serves as a Member of Executive and Compensation Committees.

Mr. Sparkles has established, claimed and worked a few protection related companies. He has had broad involvement in the protection, surety holding, premium back, and venture managing an account fields.

Sources of Marc Sparks Inspiration

Having begun many effective organizations, Marc Sparks found there exists an extraordinary stream inside an office that is required to boost collaboration and yield.

In this book, Marc Sparks plots a couple of triumphs, a couple of disappointments, and his trip to taking in the substances of business enterprise. These encounters lead Marc Sparks to begin Timber Creek Capital, LP, which typifies his 35 years of entrepreneurial experience to handle the numerous phases of propelling a feasible business. Flashes goes up against a modest bunch of organizations at once and offers them mentorship and access to assets like keeping money, promoting, capital, office space, and so on.

Marc Sparks Other Works

Some of Marc Sparks’ other work incorporates his philanthropies with Habitat for Humanity developing moderate lodging for families and with his non-benefit, Sparkey’s Kids, giving one thousand smart phones at risk youngsters with American Can Academy.

Flashes has as of now additionally been included since the late 80’s with The Samaritan Inn, a destitute asylum in Texas that houses 160 individuals in need a night

About Timber Creek LP

Timber Creek Capital, LP is a private value firm, that spends significant time in transforming the fantasies of enthusiastic business people into looked for after, income creating start ups.

In its Dallas, Texas office, Timber Creek Capital gives the fundamental capital, office space, gear, lawful, bookkeeping, realistic expressions, web improvement and more than 35 years of entrepreneurial experience to explore organizations from initiation to fulfillment.

Marc Sparks clarified with the outline of Timber Creek Capital, LP that he could have three unique organizations in their office and offer a broad hatching period.

As a serial business person and understudy of what it takes to succeed in this world, he found that a quality, helpful and communitarian workplace is no under 25% of the general fixings important to succeed.

Business visionary Marc Sparks, who has run a car insurance company and a couple of restaurants among his sixty or more new companies in his fruitful profession, knows some things about the significance of value for money.

He says it’s over the top that organizations burn through hundreds and even a great many dollars obtaining a client, and afterward blow off that client with lousy administration after the deal.

His energy is to help business people fabricate their business dreams and aspirations to growth through his experience and guidance.

He values entrepreneurs who hold confidence, enthusiasm, constancy, center, sagacious of adaptation and an over the top feeling of success close to their hearts.

He has seen each level of entrepreneurial achievement and disappointment and this is the reason Timber Creek Capital, LP is so fit the bill to go up against business visionaries’ thoughts and transform them into prosperous plans of action.

Don Ressler’s Impressive Career in Business

There are many people out there who are still struggling to make an impact in the business world. Some of them are on the verge of giving up due to futile attempts to find their feet in entrepreneurship on One of the individuals who identify with such circumstances is Don Ressler, the co-CEO and co-founder of JustFab. As an upcoming businessman, Don had to struggle to overcome a number of obstacles that often presented themselves in business. Through courage and an affinity to try out new things, he endured the challenges and overcame them to become one of the most respected entrepreneurs in the fashion industry.

He is the person behind, a company that controlled a large share of the fitness industry before it was purchased by Intermix Media in 2001. He met his long-time friend and business partner Adam Goldenberg while working at Intermix on Bloomberg. They teamed up to form Intelligent Beauty, an e-commerce beauty fashion outlet. They transformed the company into an internet–based incubator that enhances personal care and fashion in women.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg decided to change the name of Intelligent Beauty to JustFab after the company merged with Lee Kimora’s Enter Kimora. His ability to spot trends and identify potential business opportunities inspired the move to merge so that the company could build a solid base in the market. JustFab operates as an e-commerce entity where clients subscribe to get a wide variety of fashion selections available in its stores. JustFab offers several beauty products such as shoes, handbags, jewelry and denim. The company gives its subscribers a personalized shopping experience designed to meet their needs and preferences.

Don Ressler has guided JustFab in its journey to becoming a successful company in the country. In 2013 alone, the company received $55 million funding from various investors to expand its business territory. Within a span of four years, it had opened outlets in five countries.

Don Ressler is behind the success of the JustFab’s subsidiary Fabletics. Fabletics makes 30% of JustFab’s total revenue. Don has a reputation as a brand builder. Besides JustFab and Fabletics, he has co-founded and controlled several brands. Don Ressler was one of the founders of Brand Ideas and Alena Media. He has made over $1 billion in sales since he started his career as an internet consultant. Don is married to Ginger Ressler.

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Stop Searching for Manhattan Offices For Rent: The Shared Office Space Advantage

With the change of the economy, there has been an emergence of the shared office space, also known as co-working space. The co-working space is much different from the traditional office in a building. The energies are also a lot different as well. This is one of the reasons so many people are shifting their attention towards these office spaces. There are a lot of advantages that come with this set up. For one thing, there is a lot less stress and people are more likely to keep their source of income.

Perhaps one of the advantages that stand out is that the people that use co-working spaces are more likely to see meaning in the work that they do. One of the reasons that they find meaning in their work is that they get to choose the work that they do. However, even people that are looking for jobs also have the opportunity to choose the type of company that they work for. However, people don’t get to experience the freedom to the extent that shared office spaces offer them.

One of the shared office spaces that are contributing to the new environment is Workville, shared office space NYC. It is located close to Times Square. This is one of the shining examples of shared office spaces in that offers a friendly and peaceful environment. As a result, people are more able to focus on their work which is meaningful to them. They will also be able to reach their goals. Workville features offices that are ready for people to move into.

Co-working spaces is something very helpful and suited to the changing economy. With these environments, people will be able to work with increased confidence as well as more creativity. They can make work fun as opposed to it being such a chore and dreadful in traditional working places.

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The Trend of Athleisure

Many women would love to be able to wear yoga pants to work every day and now that wearing comfortable and casual clothes in the workplace is on the rise and even has its own name they may be able to do so. So many companies are going for a more casual atmosphere and this includes what their employees wear, hence the term athleisure comes into play. With this in mind, more and more retail stores are creating a line of athletic wear for consumers.

Out of all the companies producing athletic wear Fabletics has the most to offer. Not only do you have a variety of styles and colors to choose from but they are offered at affordable prices so that everyone can afford them. Bold, bright prints are available along with more neutral tones and solids. You can choose from sports bras, tanks or tees along with yoga pants, leggings, capris and shorts. No matter what size you are, Fabletics has made pants and workout wear that are slimming and hold in the tummy while concealing all the lumps and bumps you want to hide. You can feel comfortable in your attire along with feeling confident.

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Yes, Real-Life Fabletics Stores Just Exist To Sell More ‘VIP Memberships’

The Only Fabletics Review You Need to Read

Fabletics has it all as they offer stylish athletic wear and casual wear at great prices. Having comfortable clothing at your workplace or at the gym can make a difference in how you feel. Women love to feel pretty and confident and Fabletics on Adweek doesn’t disappoint with their clothing when it comes to this. The quality and prices of their athletic wear is unmatched. When you have comfortable clothing that is all appealing to the eye and flattering to the body then you are more motivated to work out on a regular basis.  Now that athleisure is on the rise we should all consider choosing a job where we can wear the fantastic clothing line from Fabletics!

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