Is Insomnia Ruining Your Personal Relationships?

Do you become stressed when you lay down in bed? Of course, that is exactly the opposite of what you want to accomplish for resting. You should feel relaxed.If you have arrived at this “stressful sleeping juncture,” then it is probably due to past problems with insomnia. Man is a creature of habit. You have probably tried to lay down; “you want to count sheep,” but instead you might “count how much you owe on your bills.”If you “toss and turn,” you might wake up, exhausted. But, there is hope. Avi Weisfogel IdeaMensch believes he may have a solution to your sleeping problems.

“Insomnia Strains Relationships”

You might not even know how your sleeplessness has damaged your personal relationships. Are you more likely to shout at a loved one? Have you developed a “short temper” with your loved ones?Because your body has not recovered during the sleep phase, you might be emotionally strained. Your nerves are “stretched to the breaking point.” You need high-quality sleep to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. If you have insomnia, then this could be straining your relationships.

“Insomnia Reduces Productivity”

Are you yawning, every couple of minutes, at work? Your brain cells also need time to recover, during sleep. When you have insomnia, you might also suffer from more headaches.You might try to compensate by drinking more coffee or eating more food, but that is not the solution. When you can’t think, you can’t process ideas, as fast. Insomnia can greatly reduce worker productivity.

“Sleep Apnea Fixed”

Avi Weisfogel IdeaMensch has connected the dots, showing that Sleep Apnea may be the cause for some sleeping problems. Sleep Apnea involves your nasal or throat passages becoming blocked by tissue. When you can’t breathe, you can’t sleep. Your body panics and forces you awake, so you can deal with this emergency.

Due to his experience fixing teeth, Avi Weisfogel DDS has been able to understand how the body’s “breathing channel blockages” can impact sleep. He might have the answer. Get the help you need with the Sleep Apnea Expert Avi Weisfogel.

The involvement of Avi Weisfogel in Medical Charity

Avi Wiesfogel is a dentist who has been renowned for his participation in different medical fields. He runs the Old Bridge Dental Care, which is based in New Jersey. Avi loves conducting research and has been majoring in the treatment of sleep disorders. He became the co-founder of Dental Sleep Masters in 2014, and the organization is currently based in South Orange, New Jersey. His partners were two dentists, and they aimed at assisting patients who suffered from sleep apnea. They offered oral applicators as a replacement of the common sleep apnea cures. Before being involved with the Dental Sleep Masters, Dr. Weisfogel owned the Old Bridge-based Unlimited Sleep Patient. The role of the institution was to educate dentist to offer services to more people by teaching and conducting sleep projects. He also worked as the Healthy Heart Sleep’s managing partner. Avi joined efforts with several other medical professionals to manage sleep labs in different parts of the country.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel has also been giving back to the society. His charity work is primarily associated with the provision of medical care. He currently runs a campaign on his GoFundMe account to raise money that he uses in facilitating the undertakings of Operation Smile. Avi has an aim of treating oral problems such as cleft lips and palates in children and young adults. According to him, it is necessary for every child to have proper medical care. His activities have been assisting the medical charity to deliver medical services in third world countries where most people cannot afford it. He has been receiving support from other physicians in different localities, governments, and nonprofit organizations such as churches. Operation Smile has been offering its aid since 1982 when it was established in Philippine to provide proper medical care to needy children. It is currently a global organization, and through Avi’s help, it has operated on more than 200,000 patients.


Music is also another undertaking that Avi Weisfogel is regularly involved with. He loves Hip-Hop and has been recording his songs when he is not working. Anyone who would like to listen to them can access them on Soundcloud. Avi also associates with people through Facebook and Twitter.

Applying The Midas Legacy to Your Financial Portfolio

Winter Garden, Florida, may sound like a sleepy little town existing south of the Canadian Border, in a little corner of the United States, but located in this spot of the world is where The Midas Legacy resides.

Pumped out over the airwaves is a free commentary referring to the daily stock market detailed in a way even a novice just entering the financial world can understand. Explained in detail is how investing and trading works and how it is applied to your financial future. You will learn how to build a retirement that will provide you with the brick and mortar you need to retire comfortably. Listening to the daily commentary provides the listener with the latest advice about your financial wallet and receiving this information from the trading and investing experts themselves. Straight from the expert’s lips to your ears.

Amazingly, whether the market is up, down, or on the rise, someone, somewhere, somehow is profiting from the fluctuation. Listening to this commentary is the how and why you should be part of the winning platform.

The experts referred to are:
Jim Samson, Publisher. A successful trader, entrepreneurship, and author.
Sean Bower, Chief Editor. Journalist, financial expert, sound predictor of the market.
Mark Edwards, The “health” expert providing truths about common foods and new found health practices information source.

The Midas Legacy is not a financial firm who manages your money, but a firm who provides you with the information you need to manage your own stock portfolio, where and how to invest, the in’s and out’s of insider trading, and how investing works.

In addition to their daily commentary, the experts offer three products on a monthly basis:
The Money Mentor – A newsletter distributed the first week of each month to subscribers.
Stock Code Breaker – Instructing subscribers on both the bull and bear markets.
Stock Raider – A course designed for complete exposure of Wall Street.

The Midas Legacy Code Breaker course teaches its followers how to make winning investments through a little known secret hidden in the market pattern.

Check out The Midas Legacy’s BBB profile to learn more about the company and their services.

YouTube Idol With Wengie

Oh boy how my nephew love this Minecraft show run by a Youtuber named Stampy. The One item he asked from Santa was a book written by his favorite YouTube star. For hours he and his sister would sit on their iPad watching could pretty much be considered 15 minute commercials for various toys and games, enjoying these productions more than movies on the Disney channel. Plenty of times a viewer has uttered the phrase, “That’s the job I dream of. Those YouTube stars have it made”. Is that true? Is there the potential to live the life of a Kardashian from being a YouTube star?


Turning to a YouTube Celebrity, it is time to find out the truth. Vlog sensation and rainbow haired unicorn, Wengie, brings us into the wonderful world of vloggers and the truth behind making a career on YouTube. Taking the internet by storm with her youthful look, bubbly personality and colorful style, Wengie has a following of over 4 million subscribers with videos of upwards of 2 million hits per video. How is it that Wengie survives as the video vixen we’ve all come to know and love?


“This is a full-time business. That means there is no employer paying you for sick leave. You should have a savings should you find yourself injured or can no longer work.” States Wengie on her video “How Much do Youtubers Get Paid“. Exciting, interesting, topical, these are what you need to bring into consideration when creating your video for YouTube. Understanding business and where the money is, is also important when trying to live as a YouTube star full-time. As an example, there are more advertisers for a channel dedicated to ‘beauty’ than there would be for an offbeat channel such as one dedicated to the ‘paranormal’.


Numbers, Wengie advises, is not what is going to let you live comfortably off of YouTube. Subscribers, likes, comments, those are not points that a YouTube star will be paid for. Thumbs up clicks are loved by Vlog celebs as it helps other YouTube visitors find their videos and interact with stars like Wengie to let them know how they are doing on the chosen topic which guides their next video, however it is not where the money comes.


Grab a notebook and watch Wengie’s wonderful video that will tell you what it takes to be the next Wengie on YouTube, and you may be surprised by what she has to say.



The Midas Legacy: As Productive As They Come

When looking at the Midas Legacy, a research services company that focuses on wealth management advisory, it is clear that they are a jack of all trades. They handle a lot, but they like it that way. It makes them more diversified and more appealing to their clients. They want to be able to be the one stop shop for all of their customer needs. In regards to retirement, that is something they really hone in on and focus on all of the time. One of the biggest things that people worry about in today’s day and age is money. They worry if they will have enough of it and if it will sustain them throughout retirement.

The goal of most people is to live a long and fruitful life. They want to be able to get the most out of life and live as many years as possible. Life has a lot of wonderful things to offer and it would be a shame to miss out on any of them. With the Midas Legacy in the corner of their clients, they can make sure they have a plan in place. That is the thing that a lot of people miss out on or forget about and that is having a plan. Without a plan in place, it is hard to get anything accomplished.

Once that plan is in motion and everything is taken care of in terms of retirement, money, and how that is going to hold up, they then shift their focus to making sure that their customers are happy. That was not a typo or a misprint. They want their customers to be happy and healthy. There is an old expression that if someone has their health, they are a rich person. That is true because when someone has their health, they can enjoy everything that life offers them and have no restrictions.

A lot of people also worry about what they are going to do in retirement and how they are going to keep busy. They don’t want to feel as though they are simply existing. They want to feel as though they are getting the most out of retirement and everything is falling into place for them. They don’t want to be clock watching or waiting for the day to end and be over with when it’s all said and done. They want to hop out of bed and be ready to tackle whatever is on their schedule.

Find The Midas Legacy on their professional profiles here:

Talk Fusion Announces The December 2017 Incentive Trip To Milan

International video marketing and direct selling company, Talk Fusion has announced its December 2017 incentive trip to Milan. The new luxury trip for independent associates is aimed at motivating them to continue building their business in the coming year. The new trip, dubbed Destination: Milan, is the latest addition to the company’s startling lineup of incentives. They include diamond recognition rings, Rolex watches, Mercedes-Benz and traditional trips to destinations like Maui, Dubai, Florida, Tampa and Orlando. The Milan trip is open to both current and future associates, especially those who are participating in Talk Fusion’s World First Instant Pay Compensation Plan, which is happening in over 140 countries.

In order to qualify, participants are required to share the company’s all-in-one video marketing solution with others and achieve the diamond rank. Being one of the world’s top fashion capitals, Milan is famed for its world-class shopping, cultural and historical sightseeing excursions, and savory Italian Cuisine. The company will cater for air ticket and hotel accommodations for the qualified team.

Bob Reina, Talk Fusion’s CEO, said that the company is devoted to giving its customers and associates unmatched services. He continued to posit that this trip is a proof of its commitment to this promise. The company’s vice president of training & development, Allison Roberts, asserted that most people dream of free quality time with their families. He went on to acknowledge that Talk Fusion is committed to validate their dreams. Additionally, Talk Fusion intends to reward associates with a fully paid trip to Maui, Hawaii. T


About Talk Fusion

Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007. The company assists businesses to increase their sales and profits, attract and retain clients, and deliver innovative services. It achieves these objectives through an interactive, memorable and persuasive ways of marketing. Independent associates market their award winning products. Trials for the video marketing solution are available to any person who is interested in testing the products before buying. Over the years, the company has been supporting different philanthropic initiatives as part of its responsibility of giving back to the community.

How to Choose the Best UK Vintner

There is no shortage of wine vintners and merchants in Britain. In fact, sometimes the diversity of shops and online retails can make it difficult to choose where to buy from. We’ve broken down some of the UK’s top vintners to make your shopping experience easier. Whether you are looking for a shop that specializes in a particular region or want to find the most competitively priced wine selection near you, we’ve compiled a helpful guide to UK wine merchants.

For starters, wine aficionados should not be afraid to check out some the UK’s top online wine merchants. While it is hard to replace the nostalgia for a classic brick and mortar establishment, many online sellers offer expansive inventory that cannot be found in stores. What’s more, most shops offer convenient doorstep delivery. Take The Vinorium for example, they are a Bordeaux specializing UK vintner that ships worldwide and free within the UK for orders over £100. Another great online UK vintner is Wines of Distinction, which has a pleasant website that organizes wine selections by region. For those looking to satisfy their far-reaching palettes, this relatively new vintner offers top-notch choices.

For those not ready to venture into the world of online shopping for their wine needs, there are also plenty of satisfying locations to visit throughout the U.K. Many of these merchants depend on the same wholesalers, who determine the variety and depth of their stock. The Vintner, for example, is one of the UK’s largest wine wholesalers. They have a long established relationship with many vineyards throughout the world, including stock in several Bordeaux region variations. While they deal more directly with the shops rather than consumers, they offer a wealth of knowledge and appreciation for wine. While the wholesaler is often overlooked as the third party in consumer relations, when it comes to wine this middle man can make or break a vintner.

Whether you are looking to shop online or in-person, don’t settle for inferior UK vintners. Consider your personal tastes or how you’d like to expand your wine experience. Whether you are looking for a unique vintage or to stock up for the holidays, let your UK vintner be more than just a retailer. Check out this UK wine buyers’ guide and compare the options nearest to you. There are so many unique wine varieties out there and always new ones on the horizon.

Equities First Holdings-Proving Alternative Lending Options for All

Equities First is a company that offers alternative shareholder financing solutions. The company is seeing a retraction in both stock-based and margin loans especially in the current economic atmosphere where banks and other financial institutions have tightened their lending criteria. Borrowers who need to raise quick capital or don’t qualify for traditional credit-based loans can find comfort in Equities First.

Recently, most financial firms have reduced their lending alternatives and have made the loan qualifications even tighter for their clients. Thankfully, Equities First Holding is taking advantage of this gap to offer alternative lending options for such clients. For instance, during a three-year loan term, one cannot avoid fluctuations in the market; however, stock-based loans offer a hedge since the borrower can lower their investment risk in a downside market. The majority of these stock-based loans carry a non-recourse feature which allows clients to walk away from a stock loan even if the value goes down. The borrower can keep the initial loan proceeds without any obligation to the lender.

Although all kinds of financial transactions carry some risk, the stock-based loans have been ignored as a viable alternative to borrowing. The reason is that some shoddy lenders have dumped borrower’s collateral to the open market and failed to return stocks upon transaction maturity. Luckily, at Equities First, you’ll find an inbuilt business code of integrity and transparency. The company relies on lending legal, regulatory and trading institutions for counsel. The mission is to provide value-added benefits with minimum risk to help clients meet their financial obligations.

About Equities First

Equities First Holdings has been providing customers with alternative financing solutions since 2002. Also, the company has been supplying capital against the publicly-traded stock to help customers meet their individual and professional needs. The company offers capital against shares that trade on public exchanges across the globe. So far, Equities First has completed over six fifty transactions worth over 1.4 billion dollars something that gives clients high value at low fixed interest rates.

Equities First Holding has a global network with some of its offices spread across nine countries. They subsidiaries are in London, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

For more information please visit

Andy Wirth and Squaw Valley Score Huge Victory in Gondola Construction Phase

We’ve seen some major success points in recent weeks for Squaw Valley Ski and CEO Andy Wirth. For one, Andy Wirth was recently appointed to the Reno – Tahoe Airport Authority Board. Wirth brings with him a host of experience and knowledge of working with flights from all over North America thanks to his background in resort management. Next up, Wirth’s Squaw Valley is finally getting the much requested addition that fans and locals have been clamoring for: a base to base gondola that attaches Squaw Valley to local resort, Alpine Meadows.

The addition of a base to base gondola had been a dream of Squaw Valley’s Founder, Wayne Poulsen, when he first got his resort started. Over the past several decades, however, the addition of a gondola seemed less and less likely due to the holding out of landowner Troy Caldwell. Caldwell owns and works the land in between Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley, which he calls ‘White Wolf’, and had been reluctant to allow any sort of construction to begin on it. However, CEO Wirth and Caldwell finally reached an agreement whereupon Squaw Valley would begin construction of their gondola along the western edge of the property.

The agreement to create a gondola is a fulfillment of an almost 6 year promise by CEO Andy Wirth. Wirth had begun talking about connecting the two popular resort mountains back in 2011 but he had always run into obstacles with Troy, who he calls a neighbor.  When he was younger Wirth had served as a wilderness ranger and he cites that employment as why it is so important to him to reduce effect on certain areas of White Wolf: namely Granite Chief Wilderness and Five Lakes.

When construction on the gondola is complete it will make Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows one of the largest ski areas in the entirety of North America. You can tell that Reno – Tahoe natives are getting excited for the future of the resort.


Relmada Therapeutics’ Lawsuit against Laidlaw & Company

Laidlaw & Company is a U.K. based investment banking firm that offers brokerage advice and personalized banking services to private and public institutions as well as high-net-worth investors. The company became a member of York State Exchange in 1878. Laidlaw & Company’s top executives are Mathew D. Eitner who serves as the CEO while James P. Ahern is the Head of Capital Markets.

Laidlaw & Company is a leading provider of wealth management and investment banking services in the US and the UK. The firm helps clients to raise capital through equity placement in the securities trade markets and initial public offerings.

Laidlaw & Company breaches a confidential contract

In Dec 2015, Relmada Therapeutics filed a lawsuit against Laidlaw & Company and its executives Mathew Eitner and James Ahern.  Besides, they issued a false and misleading information in an attempt to take total control over Relmada Therapeutics. As such, Relmada Therapeutics amended its previous lawsuit against Laidlaw & Company’s officials to include claims of breaching a confidential agreement while the company served as its investment banker. Relmada Therapeutics seeks monetary compensation citing financial loss and reputation damages due to the dissemination of misleading proxy materials. Relmada Therapeutics noted that its stock price declined from $4.03 to $1.65 per share after Laidlaw & Company breached a confidential agreement.

While he claims to have graduated from Assumption College in 2002, college records confirm that he attended school from 1999 to 2000. Interestingly, there is no data to support the claim that he graduated college in 2002. Furthermore, statistics reveal over three customer complaints and two lawsuits filed against James Ahern between 2011 and 2012. Under the leadership of Mathew Eitner and James Ahern, Laidlaw & Company received several customer complaints about poor customer service.