Securus Technologies Takes An Innovative Approach To Curtailing Problems Of Cellphones In Prisons

Securus Technologies has been implementing a number of technological improvements to improve the overall workings of the prisons that they are operational in. These improvements have mainly been with regards to the security of the places and are in place to prevent any illegal happenings in the incarceration facilities. As technology improves, inmates tend to find newer ways to conduct the unlawful tasks that they want to carry out. Cellphones, in particular, are being used as tools to be able to inflict harm on people or to communicate any wrongful activity.


Several reports have started making their waves across news mediums about correctional officers being harassed as a result of something that had happened inside the prisons that they worked in. One correctional officer came forward to talk about how he started receiving death threats after intercepting a package that was supposed to reach an inmate, which contained drugs. The inmate had been selling to other people inmates, and stopping this package from reaching him proved to be a significant setback. At the time, the inmate possessed an unauthorized cell phone, which was then used to coordinate the threats that would be imposed on the officer. Subsequently, after receiving threats, the officer was assaulted by a group of people who claimed to know the inmate. Several such incidents have happened across the country, which would not have been possible if inmates didn’t have cell phones in their possession.


Even though cell phones are banned from prisons, the fact is that inmates often try to sneak them into prisons through some or the other means. Correctional officers can conduct searches, but often, these cell phones are so well hidden that it becomes harder to find. More and more people have been turning towards a direction of using these over the communication services that are provided by the prisons, which can prove to be a real threat to the people inside the prisons, the correctional officers and the public at large.


Securus Technologies knew that if they wanted to bring about change and stop the use of unauthorized cell phones in prisons, they would have to think of an innovative way to take care of the problem. The one way to beat technology is with technology, and Securus Technologies decided to take this a step further by implementing a wireless containment system. This system prevents cell phones and other communication devices from being able to connect to the network, thereby preventing them from being able to communicate with people on the outside. This proves to be a hurdle in the way for those who want to carry out some illegal activity and need their cellphones to be able to communicate them.


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