Susan McGalla: The Example that Women Need

Every group of people that is trying to break free from oppression needs some kind of example to follow. One of the groups of people is women. Fortunately, women have a ton of leaders in business that is helping them get to the top. One of the leaders is Susan McGalla. Susan is someone who has excelled in the fashion industry. This is one of the best industries for women to get involved in because fashion is the type of art that is worn. Another thing is that fashion is one of the best ways to influence mood. This is one of the reasons that fashion has turned out to be a successful industry for women.

One of the companies that Susan McGalla has taken part in is American Eagle Outfitters. When she has started in the company, it was strictly a male clothing store. However, her influence has caused the store to develop lines for women and children. For one thing, she has shown that women are more interested in fashion. They also have a much better talent for putting together an outfit. These factors among many other factors have influenced American Eagle Outfitters to bring forth a line for women.

As a woman and a leader, Susan McGalla has shown that it is possible to work in business without antagonizing others. This was back in a time when women were seen as inferior. Susan has shown women that with a good attitude, they can also achieve tons of goals and become some of the highest paid business leaders. For one thing, the business world is going through tons of changes as more women are taking over. Also, a lot of businesses are going online which adds to the convenience. Now, it is easier to succeed with a business plan.

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