Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert- Brilliant management of UTC

In 1999, Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert was named the President of Pratt & Whitney. Before his appointment, he was the executive vice president of the company and serving as the head of operations. Louis Chenevert had impressed his employers after doing a great job when working with the Canadian subsidiary. He had lowered production cost by 10% in three years. This was a great record that he had made. The management took note of the work he was doing and rewarded him with this position. When he was given this position, the firm was not doing very well and it was therefore his duty to make the company productive again.

Before working in the aerospace industry, Louis Chenevert was working in the production department at General Motors. It is in this company that he had learned the art of growing production capacity of a business. While working here, he was in charge of a production line that was assembling a vehicle in every one minute. With such a job, he had to make sure that everything was going on as per the plan. He learned the importance of paying attention to little details.

After he was appointed P&W President, it did not take long before the new company started recording good results. He explored technology opportunities as well as good leadership skills to make the company great again. He was accomplishing good results just like he did at the Canadian subsidiary. The cost of production came down significantly. His performance caught the eye of senior managers at UTC. Pratt & Whitney was a business under UTC. While the economic conditions were very bad and other businesses were performing badly, Louis Chenevert was getting good profits cushioning the whole business from losses.

Due to the impressive records at PW, Louis Chenevert was promoted to the position of the CEO of the whole conglomerate business in 2008. He was therefore in charge of all the business taking place in all the other companies. Louis Chenevert did not disappoint even after taking over the new position. He performed his role with great precision and left a great track record of huge profits at the time he left the position in 2014.